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Tell No One's plot thickens in about five ways at once, but they're all connected. The issue of how is a riddle that does more than tease --gives you an itch you won't want to stop scratching.
Thrillers aren't always so thrilling, but Tell No One is -- and absorbing, sometimes perplexing and often stirring as well.
The Hollywood Reporter
Spicing up the entire package is a screenplay by Canet and Philippe Lefebvre that bristles with wit and energy.
Even when it's baffling, it's never boring. I've heard of airtight plots. This one is not merely airtight, but hermetically sealed.
The movie brims over with action -- check out Alex's run through traffic on the Paris beltway -- but Canet scores a triumph by plumbing the violence of the mind.
A terrific mystery, equal parts haunting love story and nimble thriller.
The result is one of the twistiest thrillers in recent memory.
It just does everything really well: perfect pacing, lovely camera work, spot-on acting and an ingenious plot.
Chicago Tribune
Enough talk; enough flashbacks. Sometimes the best thing a mystery can do is give its protagonist a reason to run like hell.
Canet and Lefevre pruned subplots and fixed the novel's ending -- it's now merely preposterous rather than patently absurd - but it's the cast that makes the genre clichés feel vivid and even fresh.
It's difficult to enjoy a thriller in which the big reveal is such a clunker, but if there's an exception to that rule, Tell No One might be it.

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