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  • Monroe "Eagle" Cole is a former U.S. President ready to settle into a quaint little town named Mooseport. He's ready to take in the lion's share of endorsement deals and speaking engagements while developing his own presidential library. Meanwhile, Handy Harrison is a local hardware store owner with a girlfriend ready to throw in the towel on their relationship. Just as Monroe is offered the local mayor's position, he's found an unlikely opponent in Handy. But ultimately, both men have a lot to lose when the stakes are raised and a simple competition turns into an all out war.

  • After his term comes to an end, the former president retires to a small New England town. His neighbors convince him to run for mayor, but, in an effort to keep things honest, the owner of the local hardware store opts to run against him. Naturally, what should have been a fair race turns into an all-out war.

  • The president of United States of America Monroe "Eagle" Cole has just retired and divorced. His wife kept their house in Baltimore, and he decides to move to the small town of Mooseport, in Maine. His arrival is the motive for a great party in Mooseport, and the local authorities invite him to be the next Mayor and he accepts the invitation. However, the simple, shy, honest and clumsy local citizen Handy Harrison had previously accepted to be the Mayor, but he decides to decline the position. However, Handy decides to run for the election when Monroe invites his girlfriend for dinner. Their dispute and debates are broadcast and the place becomes a national sensation, with the press covering the movements of the candidates.

  • A US president who has retired after two terms in office returns to his hometown of Mooseport, Maine and decides to run for Mayor against another local candidate.


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  • Former President Monroe "Eagle" Cole (Gene Hackman) must move to his vacation home in Mooseport, Maine, because his wife is getting the mansion in the divorce. After being the most beloved President with an 85% approval rating, Cole plans to write his memoirs, speak for large sums of money at corporate conferences, play golf, and build a very large Presidential library. The mayor of Mooseport has recently died, with no one applying for the position, so the town fathers ask Cole to run for mayor. To help in his divorce case, Cole accepts the offer. Later, Cole finds out that he is running against Harold `Handy' Harrison (Ray Romano), the owner of the local hardware store, and his plumber. Harrison only put his name in the race because no one wanted the job. Cole asks Harrison to withdraw, and at first he agrees. Cole unknowingly asks Harrison's girlfriend for a date and the race is on. Cole has never lost an election, but he finds himself running against a locally popular and honest man. Cole brings in his campaign manager and spends millions in advertising to make sure he wins. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

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