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Factual errors 

In the scene where Trevor is fleeing Miller's house, trying to keep up with Ivan, one intersection has both a RYG traffic light and a stop sign.

Character error 

When Trevor is digging for the picture of Ivan in his wallet at work and yelling at his coworker, his native accent can be heard.
When playing "Hangman," a part of the body is drawn only after a wrong letter has been guessed; in the movie, Trevor draws a body part before filling in a letter.


In the bathroom of The Boiler Room, Trevor knocks down the right soap dispenser. However, in the next shot it hangs on the wall.
In the driving sequence after Trevor is asked if he has had any head injuries, the cigarette lighter position changes between the time it is pushed from when it pops out.
When Resnik pulls up in his truck outside Miller's house he parks a couple of feet from the curb, when he returns the truck is tight against the curb.
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Crew or equipment visible 

While sitting in his truck at the airport terminal car park (1hr 19 mins) the feet of the cameraman can be seen briefly in the truck's metallic wing mirror.
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Errors in geography 

Trevor can be seen washing himself above a bathroom sink branded "Roca". This brand of Spanish origin is not distributed in the United States, where the movie is supposed to take place.

Factual errors 

When playing the game "Hangman", if a correct letter is guessed, all appearances of that letter in the word get filled in. However, about halfway through the movie we see the "Hangman" post-it note with only one 'L' filled in, even though the final answer had two 'L's in it.

Revealing mistakes 

The energy bill that Reznik opens, 20 minutes into the film, shows the unlikely meter number of "123-456789". Presumably it was hoped this would not be spotted with the distraction of the large FINAL NOTICE above it.
The same RV that is in front of Miller's house, is used in another scene, where Trevor is existing the tunnel, and nearly hits an RV. It is the same RV.
After Trevor is hit by the VW Bug, the arm he lands on disappears somewhat into the street, making the CGI obvious.
(at around 55 mins) Trevor flips the light switch a couple of times. The last time he does so, he flips it down, even though it is already down. However, a added clicking sound can be heard.
Though the film is set in a West Coast American city, the pavement markings in the streets are European, e.g. no center yellow stripes.
When Resnick is standing in front of the DMV, preparing to get hit, he looks down the street and the sign in the roundabout is European.

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