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Good independent but mislabeled on DVD art...
SLVSteve29 May 2006
Do not let the DVD art convince you it is another Lampoon title with no heart. The cast and overall story actually make for a great independent film that deserves better. As described on the case, it is a story about a man that finds himself truly evaluating his life as he turns 30 in suburbia. To make a long story short, the friendships and themes of the movie are very relevant and believable. And yes, the endless throngs of party scenes, a few naked women, and high school pranks add to the bigger theme of finding a way to be happy with the results of your decisions made in life.

A few of my customers have already set it back down on the shelf thinking it is another dumb party film with no substance, but I have actually been recommending it so now I am going to have to order more. Some people do not like any film with the main character narrating to the viewer while on-screen, but they actually pulled this one off well enough to where you believe the background people are not hearing it.

As to what I meant regarding the DVD art, I have always been frustrated when the DVDs I carry have different art than the actual film represents to try and make it sell...(the cheerleaders are not the ones in the film, the two gals wearing bras and pouring drinks on the back cover - never happens, the hot gal in the inside cover art is never in the film, and "unrated" doesn't mean you see anything more than a standard "R" film).

I think you will laugh quite a few times, hear some decent modern music, affirm the life lessons and pitfalls shown as being very real and the film can make one wish they had friends like that through their own life...and as always with some of these independents (the deleted scene cuts are dated) it shows how long it can take for some of these films to make it to distribution (over three years for this one). Very good ending and be sure to watch through all of the credits.
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Definitely destined to be a classic
carnagewrecker7 June 2006
This film was a major find among the soup that passes for comedy these days. Found it at my Blockbuster in new releases and picked it up thinking I'd give it a shot. Wow. Although it appears this film was made as one of those indie shoestring types, the quality that shines through makes it top on my list of great films seen so far this year.

You get to follow this main character, Connie, around the 24 hours surrounding his birthday, seeing him get in and out of painfully funny scenarios and realize why he and most of his generation have a hard time committing to growing up. I don't think it matters how old you are - everyone can relate to not wanting to get older or things to change, and this film makes you feel better about that invisible transition that has to happen. But the best thing about the film is that the ingenuous comedy overflows into honest and heartfelt scenes, creating that perfect balance of resembling real life and bringing home a real story that you don't usually get in most comedies. Reminding me of an early Cameron Crowe or "High Fidelity" kind of film.

The characters are recognizable instantly without being tiresome and Joe Egender, who played Connie really draws you in, I haven't seen him in other films but have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more about this guy in the future.

Mostly what I liked about this film is that after watching it I wanted to call up my friends, go out for a beer and just hang out, soaking up whatever it is we've all grown up into. Deft writer/director Mitchell Altieri puts love into his characters, and it shows. It's one of those films when you're done watching it you just want it to continue going.
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A Great Funny Film!
miketcash12 September 2006
This film is honest, funny and the lead is fantastic! I connected with this film all the way. You get tired of comedies that have no reason or heart. This one has a big one!

The characters are original and the dialogue is witty. It has that "Clerks" feel but way more west coast. I can see a lot of these actors making it big. For a small Indie they give big performances!

I think you should go out and see it with your buds and some beers! Everyone will relate to the movie and you'll be laughing non-stop! I grew up with all the same guys so I know how it feels… I guess the people who don't get just didn't have the buddies we did!
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Not the comedy you're looking for.
Andrew_Fields2 June 2006
I recently watched "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," then "Grandma's Boy," which I though were both great comedies. So I go to the movie store and come across another one of these low budget films thinking it will be just as funny as the others... My mistake allowed me to add another one of those "I just wasted an hour and a half of my life" movies to the list.

This movie probably isn't all that bad... if you can relate to being 30 years old and still not holding a job, and partying in the same small suburbia town with the same folks you have continuously partied with since high school. But it just seems like the movie is trying to turn all of those funny personal jokes that you had with your friends back in the day into movie punchlines, which all fail pretty miserably. The movie also goes at an incredibly slow pace at the beginning which leaves you a bit bored, and some of the script seems a little too uninteresting for a comedy.

But on a positive note, there were definitely parts we can all relate to, and some parts that do make you laugh a bit; and it does finish faster paced and a little more on the redeeming side; however, In the end, the movie is just not near as funny as any of the quotes on the sleeve make it sound.

So unless someone has already rented it and it's laying on the coffee table, save your money for something else.
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Fantastic movie
TightheadProp10 September 2006
Yes, it is low budget. Yes, it is simple. But, it is a great story about a guy turning 30 who is at a crossroads in his life and makes a decision at the end you may see coming, but you know is the right one.

Don't rent this looking at the DVD cover and thinking it is some frat-boy comedy. It isn't. It makes you think and actually makes you think a little about your life and where you are at right now.

Every character in this movie can be related to an experience in my life and being a 31 year old man, I can relate a little to the main character. 30 was the point in my life when I decided to "grow up" so to speak.

I don't think anyone younger than 25 will appreciate this movie for what it is, that is just my opinion.

It is well-acted, well written and deserving of a rental.
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Terrible Movie
nickrock2323 October 2006
This was the worst movie i've ever rented in my life. my biggest problem with this movie was the acting. i mean, they weren't given much in the dialog department, but still. the lead in the movie, Conrad, played by Joe egender, had his moments. but in the end, you can call him a poor man's Giovanni ribisi. a very poor man's. in the beginning of the movie, there's a part where one of Conrad's roommates, Frankie (a female), offers to make Danny breakfast. Conrad asks 'what about us?' and she replies, 'no but i can make you a glass of shut the ---- up". right there i knew it was going to be a disaster. this movie was so cliché in so many ways. the time-line seemed like a ripoff of 'clerks'. i was wishing the movie would end at 12:00AM but it drags on for 7+ more hours. Conrad is turning 30 and his friends are throwing him a party. he manages to run into 2 of his ex girlfriends in one night, one who has 2 kids, one named Conrad(!). she's walking out of a bar alone, yeah that's believable, and ends up macing Conrad, then having him over her house. believable again. his friends hire 2 strippers, and when the hot one offers Conrad a BJ, Conrad refuses. she berates him and leaves, only to return 3 hours later to 'check out the party'. they hook up. again, very believable! one big thing missing from this movie is a climax. if there was one, i didn't notice it. the movie dragged on at the end, and it was predictable anyway. the movie looked like it was filmed on a $300 digital camera. it was bad. the audio was OK, i didn't have a problem hearing the characters for the most part. the music was very good, but that's about it. but even that was misused in most parts. i could never figure out where the movie took place. one of his friends worked in 'the city', and NYC is mentioned a few times, however, the neighborhood itself did not look like long island, Westchester, or any parts of new jersey. it could have been Rockland county, i don't know. most of the characters went to college, but none were mentioned except 'state'. the only character i liked was the Mexican landlord who doesn't say a word of English in the movie. perhaps he should have landed the lead here.
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Tired, re-used and abused story
threatcondelta15 June 2006
I hated this movie, from the first minute to the last - truth be told the last minute I watched was at about the 60 minute mark, during the party. I didn't expect much from this movie, but man, did I get less! The characters are so obvious and clichéd, same as the story. A movie about a party animal and his immature friends is nothing new, and the ones where one of them suddenly realises his crazy lifestyle must come to an end are just as old. That scene at the beginning where they are sitting in the back of the truck drinking from a keg was sssooooo lame I wanted to smash my TV. And the sex-crazed friend character was worthy of a bullet. The way this movie has the main character spouting used bullshit at the camera about the pressures and responsibilities of the real world ( some of the statements are almost true ) while at the same time showing the friends o-so-casually carrying out crazy pranks without batting their eyelids makes me want to puke. Try some originality next time
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enjoyed movie and recommend
girle2 January 2007
for an "indy" film with a low budget, i found this film enjoyable and funny. as a chick, it looks like a guy movie, but i wasn't grossed out or annoyed and was able to appreciate the funny interactions and the emotional experiences of the characters. this movie looks at how guys can be going through midlife stuff and how it can be hard for them to make commitments and get out of that college phase of life without ridiculing anyone for doing so. the DVD box cover art makes this movie look cheesy and stupid and prepares you for a "porky's" style adventure, but it's not like that at all. one additional perk of this movie is that it has a great soundtrack with some really good modern music that is not played out. unfortunately, the soundtrack is not available. another perk is the lead actor, Joe Egender, who does a great job at leading us through the movie and is not hard on the eyes for any female viewers!! overall, this is a good story of some friends trying to grow up and figure out who they are and we get to come along for the ride and see the various processes that they go through and get some laughs along the way...
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A cut above the rest...
stexislove7 June 2006
After watching this film, I was excited that it wasn't just another comedy that had no meaning. This film actually made me care about the characters in the film and the storyline was true to life.

Most comedies are carbon copies of one another. I love the fact that this film took it a step above. It wasn't one fart joke or pot smoking joke after another. It actually made real life funny, which to me makes the difference, and had me laughing non-stop!

Watching a film about morons with no plot maybe for some but this film is about morons with a great story behind it. It's definitely worth your time! The characters are great, the story is real, and most of all it's not a copy of anything lame.
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Doesn't get much better than this one!
Mickey Angel15 September 2006
Awesome Flick! Awesome Acting! Awesome Story!

This film was my life! I'm a little older now but when I turned thirty a handful of years ago that's when I changed my life to become an adult. I got married, etc...

This movie meant a lot to me and I think it would mean a lot to many people. I showed it to my brothers and they loved it, even the youngest.

The actors were great, I got a buddy just like Sean. It's a must see, I can't say enough about it. And the Mexican landlord! The characters are all so cool.

I dig it!
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