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Chicago Sun-Times
The long closing sequence is virtuoso, redefining what went before and requiring Murphy to become a more complex character than she gave any hint of in the opening scenes.
Chicago Tribune
Though trailers for Little Black Book try to sell it as a zany romantic comedy, don't judge this book by its cover. Those who stick with it will be surprised and maybe even laugh in between a tear or two.
Actually an above-average farce, at least as featherweight chick flicks go.
The Hollywood Reporter
A teen comedy that possesses a wickedly satirical streak.
Hunter is far too talented to waste her time with such mediocre material, as is co-star Kathy Bates, who plays Kippie Kann, an overbearing talk-show host.
New York Daily News
A screechy chick-flick relationship comedy with a lot of things working for and against it - mostly against it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Looking for plausibility in a farce is like looking for a million dollars in a box of breakfast cereal, but elements of real life can make a comedy resonate instead of thud. Little Black Book does the latter.
Wall Street Journal
"Working Girl," is also heard in Little Black Book; it serves only to remind audiences of that far more winning story of triumph in the office. But there are many reminders of what a tiresome effort this is.
Entertainment Weekly
The big climax isn't climactic, just hysterical and incoherent. Murphy, with her bug-eyed, love-me mugging, is simply too slight and gawky to play the Everygirl.
Here's a comedy of punishing tedium that pretends to be hip when it's so five minutes ago.
San Francisco Chronicle
An awkward and aggressively unfunny film.

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