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Plot Keywords

nazis german
soldier france
jewish colonel
actress jewish american
military german army
scalping theatre
lieutenant spy
revenge missspelled title
stabbing a pillow pistol
graphic violence grisly shootout
street shootout bar shootout
nonlinear timeline blood spatter
knife fight brutality
exit wound shootout
gun sau gun kata
gun fu gunfight
combat fistfight
bloodbath bullet ballet
bullet time slow motion scene
slow motion shootout blood splatter
reference to berlin olympics reference to jesse owens
black african defenestration
hermann göring racism
racial slur sole survivor
mutilation black dress
nazi hunter war hero
beaten to death with a baseball bat hit with a baseball bat
garrotting threaten with a baseball bat
anti semitism torture threat
lens flare rear entry sex
man strangles woman dead woman with eyes open
woman strangled to death dead woman on floor
shooting a woman camera shot of feet
kiss leaves lipstick projectionist
historically inaccurate evil man
special forces hand kissing
thrown through a window anger
tension danger
red dress dog
reference to charlie chaplin italian
suspicion film projectionist
axe multiple perspectives
village bell tower
nickname golem
record player telephone call
milk sergeant
bayonet escape from prison
newspaper flashback
hiding under floorboards murder of family
film critic autograph
farm film reel
basement champagne
exploding building flash forward
gun movie theater
film projection booth machine gun
investigation corpse
waitress strudel
farmhouse lighting cigarette for woman
peasant translator
sniper whipping
baseball bat bag over head
uncle niece relationship held at gunpoint
detective truck
bar winston churchill
austrian fire
waiter knife
fake identity film projector
whipped cream betrayal
love dairy farm
person on fire metaphorical language
restaurant wilhelm scream
general rat
search escape
violence blood
title appears in text fear
splicing film aunt niece relationship
stabbing torture
forest secret mission
veterinarian sister sister relationship
english subtitles in original alternate history
epilogue title appears in writing
throat slitting strangulation
self sacrifice scar
multiple languages interrogation
historical fiction bomb in public place
voice over narration unsubtitled foreign language
sadism psychopath
paris france murder
massacre holocaust
gore explosion
death death of family
carving into human flesh beaten to death
african american secret military operation
nazi propaganda bomb
reference to adolf hitler intentionally misspelled title
cult film nazi
germany world war two
1940s actor shares first name with character

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