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The early timeline of the current Iraq war

Author: Steve West from Adelaide, Australia
17 February 2005

I thought plans for the Iraq war began when certain members of George W. Bush's first term cabinet came into power. This documentary makes it clear that people were forming plans to invade Iraq even in the Clinton era. It's not just Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld who came up with the idea, there was a clear desire for the US and ally Britain to remove Saddam by military means fairly soon after the first Gulf war, in UNSCOM's early days.

Ritter does not narrate the documentary but his interview footage appears extensively. "In Shifting Sands" was made before the 2003 Iraq invasion, but it illustrates and fills in the background of how the war came about, even if this was not it's intention. Another thing highlighted is how the UN has become corrupted by one or a small group of nations (The United States and allies). UNSCOM became a US tool, UNMOVIC even more so although that didn't last long. If the US and Britain were prepared to let the matter of Saddam remaining dictator drop, Iraq would have been correctly declared as WMD free a decade ago, sanctions would have been lifted, the UN would still have it's integrity and a war would have not been initiated. Maybe Saddam would have acted up again, who knows, but if UNSCOM had been allowed to give its final verdict on Iraq WMDs, the West would have known Saddam was not a threat. I applaud Scott Ritter for making this film and think a lot more highly of him (after the unflattering remarks about him when he resigned) having seen it.

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And now it turns out...

Author: Jim Armstrong (pettyfog) from United States
27 March 2008

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That this film was apparently partially funded, $400,000, by Saddam's Oil-for-Food vouchers, via a terror linked operative in the US.

Google 'al hanooti' 'ritter' I harbor doubts about Ritter in the first place. The smell of 'Judas' occurs to me every time I read anything he says or writes, since the contradictory expressions from earlier in his career.

Let's face it.. sanctions especially LONG-Term ones Don't work and encourage exactly what we found in Iraq. Looking back at the evidence compiled suggests we should have gone all the way into Baghdad the first time.

Some will always believe propaganda, especially if it fits overall political views, and Ritter did his bit.

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