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Extremely pleasurable and well worth seeing.
The film is entertaining if contrived. It is not as cleverly structured as Roos' best ensemble comedy, "The Opposite of Sex," which also co-starred Kudrow. But it does have humorous moments.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Bills itself as a comedy but unfolds as the drollest of dramas, an extended-family album for the age of abortion, adoption and donor sperm. It's a cheeky story about turning the other cheek.
There are marvelous moments and dull ones. The best asset is first-rate acting; the worst liability is Roos's overuse of cinematic gimmicks.
The Hollywood Reporter
A real audience pleaser, so long as that audience is mentally agile and adult, for it comes at you from odd angles and features three distinct story lines and 10 main characters.
Maintains a certain level of intrigue, and occasionally bursts into life.
The film rambles, but rambling with the mischievous Roos is still a tricky and winning proposition.
Chicago Tribune
Roos does an admirable job balancing the tragedy and comedy, but he bogs down every character with so much baggage that it's impossible to render them honestly without the captions.
New York Post
Way too long, too convoluted and too peppered with title cards...Even so, it's hard to dislike Don Roos' "Magnolia"-inspired triptych of interconnected comic tales about lies, sex and video.
Entertainment Weekly
There are pleasing outcomes for almost everyone in Happy Endings, and that's not good news.
New York Daily News
The themes are about the power and consequences of sex, but the stories are too glib and episodic to leave any impression.

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