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Chicago Sun-Times
All heart and has the best intentions in the world, but what a bore. It's a beat slower than it should be, it makes its points laboriously, and the plot surprise would be obvious even if I hadn't seen the same device used in exactly the same way earlier this year in "Chasing Liberty."
San Francisco Chronicle
First Daughter can be measured in degrees of Holmes' discomfort... There's never a moment when she doesn't appear as if she'd rather be in a different movie.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Is there a limit to this incessant princessitude?
New York Daily News
There are plot holes you can fly Air Force One through.
Miami Herald
Just one more in the plague of weak Cinderella stories released in the past year. It's too sugary to be good for you, but in the end, its over-the-top sweetness won't kill you.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A dull, formulaic romance comedy with an ulterior motive and a sly message. Remarkably, the message is this: "Please Re-elect George Bush."
Entertainment Weekly
The role of a poised daddy's girl is a dull one for Holmes, who looks pained, in a nonspecific way, throughout her capers; the movie itself, with a screenplay by Jessica Bendinger and Kate Kondell, is a dull one for director Forest Whitaker.
Chicago Tribune
It's a glossy, well-mounted, slickly done but almost stuporously predictable affair, both formula-bound and utterly illogical.
Charlotte Observer
Has any movie this millennium had less reason to exist than First Daughter?
The Hollywood Reporter
A bland, formulaic picture where romance and comedy are noticeably absent. A more wooden and uninspired effort from talented people behind and in front of the camera is difficult to imagine.
New York Post
Directed without wit or energy.

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