Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) Poster


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Peter Gunn (1958) (TV Series)
the theme song is palyed
The Magnificent Seven (1960)
Instead of using the theme from "Bonanza" during the "Bonanza" spoof, Michael Moore uses the theme from "The Magnificent Seven".
The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) (TV Series)
A line in the film "quicker than you can say 'black gold, Texas tea' "
Fahrenheit 451 (1966)
The title of Fahrenheit 9/11 is a reference to the movie/book Fahernheit 451 (the temperature at which paper burns). One of the taglines even says "The temperature where freedom burns"
Taxi Driver (1976)
When Robert De Niro appears, he is described as "that Taxi Driver guy"
The Blues Brothers (1980)
When the truck leaves with a bunch of taliban people escaping, the snippet of music playing is from The Blues Brothers
The Greatest American Hero (1981) (TV Series)
It plays the theme song when Bush is on the ship and there is a "Mission Accomplished" banner.
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
When the article from USA Today is shown, a photo of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill: Vol. 2 is shown at the top right hand corner of the paper.
Soul Plane (2004)
When the article from USA Today is shown a poster for this movie at the top right hand corner of the paper.

Referenced in 

Michael Moore Hates America (2004)
Critical documentary on the filmmaker and Fahrenheit 9/11
Gilmore Girls: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (2004) (TV Episode)
Poster in Lane's bedroom
Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004) (Video)
This documentary has been produced as a response to some of the allegations in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11, and includes interviews with many of the people featured in Moore's film.
Gilmore Girls: But Not as Cute as Pushkin (2004) (TV Episode)
A poster for the film hangs in Paris and Rory's dorm room.
Last Laugh '04 (2004) (TV Movie)
Greg Giraldo references this in his act
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2004) (TV Movie)
Referenced by name
Pressing the Public Opinion (2004) (Short)
Michael Moore references the film while talking.
The 77th Annual Academy Awards (2005) (TV Special)
Telma demain (2005)
Movieposter can be seen
This Divided State (2005)
The title is referenced several times as an example of Michael Moore's work.
Gilmore Girls: Always a Godmother, Never a God (2005) (TV Episode)
Lane has a movie poster in her room.
The 50 Greatest Documentaries (2005) (TV Movie)
Referenced by title
De wereld draait door: Episode #1.31 (2005) (TV Episode)
Van Jole talks about the scene where Bush is reading a children's book while the first plane hit one of the Twin Towers.
Gilmore Girls: The Perfect Dress (2006) (TV Episode)
A poster for the film hangs in Paris and Doyle's apartment.
Gilmore Girls: Bridesmaids Revisited (2006) (TV Episode)
There is a poster for the film hanging on the wall of Paris' apartment.
Gilmore Girls: I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar (2007) (TV Episode)
Rory has a poster for this on her apartment bedroom wall.
Blue State (2007)
mentioned in dialogue
Gilmore Girls: Lorelai? Lorelai? (2007) (TV Episode)
A poster for the film hangs in Lane and Zach's apartment.
Aftenshowet: Episode dated 27 August 2007 (2007) (TV Episode)
mentioned in interview with Michael Moore
Slacker Uprising (2007)
It is mentioned, and the boxcover can be seen.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 23 April 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Mary Katharine Ham makes reference to this film during the 'Policing the Net' segment.
WarGames: The Dead Code (2008) (Video)
one of Annie's favorite movies listed on her Facebook
Family Guy: Love Blactually (2008) (TV Episode)
poster seen
Family Guy: FOX-y Lady (2009) (TV Episode)
A person said that Michael Moore directed this movie
Cleanflix (2009)
Onscreen crawl of movies edited by Cleanflix
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.2 (2009) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Michael Moore directed the film
Jeopardy!: 2010 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal 3 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of an $800 clue in the category "Palme d'Or Winners"
Final de partida: George W. Bush (2011) (TV Episode)
a scene is showed at the introduction, after that Julio Patán mentions the film in his presentation.
Conan: Tell My Wife I Love Her, and Tell My Secret Wife I Love Her Even More (2011) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned while introducing Michael Moore
Yankoheit 27 (2012)
The actual movie's title spoofs that of Michael Moore's film.
The Manure Film Project: A Crappy Documentary with Absolutely No Budget (2015)
Mark says a sort list of some of the most popular documentary film subjects and says "9/11" as a reference to "Fahrenheit 9/11"


Nosferatu (1922)
features a clip of the film.
Meet the Press (1947) (TV Series)
Today (1952) (TV Series)
Dragnet (1954)
features a clip from the color 1954 movie.
The City of the Dead (1960)
Features a small snippet of this classic, gothic horror film.
Good Morning America (1975) (TV Series)
ABC News Nightline (1980) (TV Series)
Larry King Live (1985) (TV Series)
Your World w/ Neil Cavuto (1996) (TV Series)
Wolf Blitzer Reports (2000) (TV Series)
Fox News Live (2000) (TV Series)

Featured in 

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Movement in Time (2004) (TV Movie)
the film is discussed in this special
36th NAACP Image Awards (2005) (TV Special)
clips shown during nominees
The 50 Greatest Documentaries (2005) (TV Movie)
Clips are shown
Manufacturing Dissent: Uncovering Michael Moore (2007)
Footage from this film is featured in the documentary
Aftenshowet: Episode dated 27 August 2007 (2007) (TV Episode)
footage used in between interview with Michael Moore
George W. Bush Battles Jesus Christ (2008) (Short)
Clips from "Fahrenheit 9/11" (2004) appear re-cut and/or reconfigured in "George W. Bush Battles Jesus Christ" (2008).
De wereld draait door: Episode #7.25 (2011) (TV Episode)
A fragment is shown.
The Story of Film: An Odyssey: Episode #1.15 (2011) (TV Episode)
Clips shown
Brows Held High: W the Movie (2012) (TV Episode)
recalls jabs taken at George Dub-Ya


Bonanza (1959) (TV Series)
spoofs opening credits of show, with Bush, Cheney, Blair, and Rumsfeld taking the place of the Cartwrights

Spoofed in 

Fellowship 9/11 (2004) (Short)
Michael Moore's documentary is parodied throughout
Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
Alec Baldwin's character stops his shooting activity to talk to the press and express his concern for the people who all lost their jobs and then states, "Now watch this shot." As he steps away and returns to his shooting. A spoof of the similar scene in Fahrenheit 9/11 where Bush is interviewed while playing golf. There's even a "vacation" remark.
Family Guy: Petergeist (2006) (TV Episode)
Peter parodies the Dubya line "We're gonna get those terrorists. Now, watch this drive."
SSI: Sex Squad Investigation (2006) (Video)
Dubya parody President gives an order then says "Now watch this drive" as he golfs
Crap Shoot: The Documentary (2007)
Using bullhorn to read script from moving vehicle in front of Paramount Studios.

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