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3 Apr. 2006
Episode #7.1
Matchbox 20-musician Rob Thomas is set up as 'break-in thief' when his wife Marisol pretends to get stuck in a restaurant lavatory. During a zoo visit with his girlfriend, who leaves him without car keys while she takes a leak, boy band star Ashley Parker Angel is bothered by a man running for (fake) gorilla Mabel. Then the 'escaped monster' and two bickering 'zoo guards' reach her. Michael Sheen volunteered to punk his wife Kate Beckinsale: a fan bothers her while in a restaurant with her friend Mike.
Apr. 2006
Episode #7.2
Doug Robb is fooled with a mailbox. Ne-yo is made to believe he finds a kidnapped child's ransom, then swamped, involved by police and SWAT, then accused. Ashton's team punks gentle "One Tree Hill" cutie Stephen Colleti who accompanies his real girl friend to a beauty parlor for a tanning session. They are set-up to believe she is being watched and photographed while undressing by two construction employees, stirred till one of the alleged peeping toms is pushed and pretends to be seriously wounded falling from a ladder.
17 Apr. 2006
Episode #7.3
Tennessee Gansta-rap Three 5 Mafia is invited to a 'Hollywood producer' family dinner to be confronted with their vile lyrics and a dirty accident. Stacy Keibler get an increasingly weird taste of fan crowd control. Elisha Cuthbert and partner find an abandoned baby on their truck.
24 Apr. 2006
Episode #7.4
Chris Brown's ma pretends in a restaurant with him to get food poisoning. Tina, also in cahoots, blames a waiter. A (fake) cop takes the manager's side. P.O.D. is stopped by a massive 'emergency force' (Punk'd team) supposedly containing a chemical spill. Even after a public decontamination, shorts only, Sonny chooses a repeat and days of quarantine over a haircut. A woman asks rapper E-40 help get her dog from a car. The owner and cops treat him as a presumed car-thief.
1 May 2006
Episode #7.5
An American Football college champ hoping for a pro contract is set up by a fake Hollowood whore. Although he only gave her $5, a 'vice cop' insists on arrest and publicity. Elija Wood's driver dumps his cigarette bud in a cola can- it explodes in a waste pile. The 'cops' cry crime.
8 May 2006
Episode #7.6
Michelle Trachtenberg proves women can't measure, by directing her mate's car straight into a water pipe. With her husband Michael Bolton as accomplice, 'Desperate Houswife' Nicolette Sheridan is drawn into a fake young couple's restaurant wedding proposal, where he drops the ring. Motor cycling champion Travis Pastrana's mate has him date his date's friend, only to find himself next to her getting naked when her husband walks in.
15 May 2006
Episode #7.7
Johanna Blake's first date goes to the lavatory while the waiter trips, allegedly over his dog and damages a man's laptop. The underage lovebirds are expected to pay up or loose the pooch. Sugar Ray Leonard's son takes a ride in his car and calls him after a staged crash into a real cable TV pole, which isn't done causing damage. The police and cable company keep running up costs.
22 May 2006
Episode #7.8
Segment #1 - Rihanna and her friend stop and hear some street performers and when her friend gives them a $100 instead of a $5 they exchange it and the kids accuse them of stealing so Rihanna puts in $10 and walks away. The uncle gets the cops and they tell her she is going to jail so she wants to give them the $100 and her album. Segment #2 - Hugh Jackman gets a tour of a director's house and is asked to turn on the grill but nothing happens so they leave for a restaurant only to return to the house on fire. Firefighters tell them that houses next to it was caught on...
27 Jan. 2006
Bad boy Benjamin McKenzie gets egg all over his face and his car. It's his move when Jason Bateman gets Punk'd in a hit and run.
10 Apr. 2006
Episode dated 10 April 2006
Doug Robb, Ne-Yo, and Stephen Colletti get Punk'd.
21 Jul. 2006
15 Aug. 2006
Marques Houston
Ashton lobs an overhead smash to Andy Roddick when he gets stuck on the way to the Tonight Show. Soprano's Jamie Lynn-Discala gives a bad tip and gets a waitress fired.

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