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Season 8

7 Apr. 2007
Episode #8.1
Pro skater, Bucky Lasek, takes his wife to their anniversary dinner. She throws a glass of water over Tom Cruise (actually a lookalike), who supposedly made an indecent proposal towards her. Canadian Nelly Furtado is labeled 'careless' when she abandons her Chanel purse during a bomb alert, only to see a fake LAPD bomb squad blow it up. Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere is charmed by a man and boy (fans) who approach her in a restaurant, until his wife attacks her.
17 Apr. 2007
Episode #8.2
When Hillary Swank holds a signing session at Comic-con (comics fanatics convention) and has a go with a remote control robot, it hurtfully knocks over a Canadian fan's brother. Highschool musical actress, Ashley Tisdale, visits a hospital kids ward, where the 'coma patient' (Jonathan) suddenly wakes up. Rapper Chamillionaire believes that a producer is offering him a male film lead. His party is accosted by the 'Spanish' restaurant manager for 'inappropriate behavior'.
24 Apr. 2007
Episode #8.3
Lost-stars Lilly Evangeline and Harold Perrineau are made to believe they destroy their party host's window and art just by using a CD remote. Extreme fighter Chuck Lidell is stopped by cops on the way to a fake Jay Lenno interview with his manager (in cahoots), as hit and run suspect. When Highschool Musical-star Zach Efron picks up free clothes with a friend, he is made to believe he witnessed a cash box theft.
1 May 2007
Episode #8.4
When Freddy Rodriguez comes pick up his dog after a grooming, it's switched and the management claims he doesn't recognize it from a differently colored one. He's not the only victim of the messed-up pet log. After Molly Sims's parked car is buried under rubble after they ignored somewhat flippant workmen, she abuses everyone herself. Magic Johnson's son André's sticky ex takes revenge for not being called back- on dad's car.
8 May 2007
Episode #8.5
Megan Good helps a senior cross the street, only to see her own car stolen and be scolded for bullying, false accusations and lying to the police. Jewel ignores a restaurant's builders crew's orange 'no parking' cone, supposedly causing an accident. Her friend, professional bull rider Ty Murray, is in cahoots. A fake Michael Jackson receives a young artist for potential collaboration. Luiz play a die-hard fan who initiates him in the king of pop's ludicrous 'audience protocol', and hands him chocolates which turns out to be a 'nut-poisoned' gift.
15 May 2007
Episode #8.6
Joanna 'Jojo' Levesque visits a hospital children's ward. During thumb wrestling with a (fake) 'bubble girl', the gloves give way, exposing the kid. Beyoncé's band-mate has a limo ride with Ben, who stops to pick up his son Colin. Colin then has a 'hygienic' accident. When Jason Ritter enters a baseball batting cage, the machine is disconnected, and then refuses to launch any balls. Somehow he gets shouted at when it bombards the next user, and he actually apologizes.
22 May 2007
Episode #8.7
Musician Pitbull is supposedly this year's guest celebrity to hand out Thanksgiving turkeys to school kids. Then they're told the turkeys are out of date, and must be replaced by fresh chickens. In his own reality show, rapper Too Short visits a 'revealing' charity bikini car wash. Then the organizing priest turns up, but contacts the cops as the girls are supposedly under age. Singer Kelis is 'fashionably' later for a motivational book's author's convention for kids, only to find everyone has left already.
29 May 2007
Episode #8.8
Rockers A.J. and Ally visit a zoo for a shoot with the bear Bam-Bam. They are easily made to believe the giant is suffocating because they fed it two tiny chocolates. The driver (Luis) of Farmhand and John Cena's limousine crashes a hearse, so the coffin drops out in sight of the police. Kerr Smith's girl drags him to an Antiques shop to buy a painting. First they test a water bed, which starts leaking. A lying customer claims they jumped on it till at broke. Another client makes a bad falls and causes more damage.
Jun. 2007
Episode #8.9
Punk'd star-presenter hosts and accepts (as everyone was 'otherwise engaged'), the first 'annual' prize for various stars. Categories include: 'Best Reaction', 'Best Destruction of Personal Property', 'Best Foreigner', 'Most Clueless' and 'Breaking Up is Hard To Do'. Others include 'Most Brutal Dude' and 'Best Male Tears'. Finally the Audience wins an unspecified award, the end credits become the last prank.

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