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Season 5

26 Jun. 2005
Episode #5.1
First Ashton's team grows to 40 builders to pour concrete in rapper The Game's garden pool. Next posh American Idol-panel judge Simon Cowell's replicated Rolls Royce, a $400,000 black Phantom, is staged in a car crash during valet parking. Finally fake disabled-reserved parking.
3 Jul. 2005
Episode #5.2
In two shifts, Jermaine O'Neal and other legitimate party guests are denied access by Ashton's 'Secret Service' team. Next Rubin and Todd pose as City officials pretending that half of TV show title star George Lopez's house is to be torn down. Finally Michael O'Hara and Peter Abbey play a 'mob delegation' negotiating to finance producing a lame film script by Tyrese Gibson.
10 Jul. 2005
Episode #5.3
Ashton enlists Tony Hawk's own, normally well-behaved pre-teen son Riley so his team can play police and EMT team rescuing a woman supposedly wounded by fireworks planted in a toilet by Riley and his friends. Next singer-artist Jesse McCarthy (a minor) gets an accomplice as limo driver, who makes him get out and instruct driving by motorbikes which are deliberately rammed, so the macho gang supposedly threatens both of them. Finally Britanny Snow's inexistent parking skills are staged into a nasty accident.
17 Jul. 2005
Episode #5.4
Siblings Bolt and Thora Birch are tricked into believing there's a baby abandoned in a car on a parking lot. An accomplice smashes the window and tells the owner it was their idea. Dixie artist T.I. Harris (7 years probation!) gets a fake airport security visit, thorough and absurd. Actress Sofia Vergara is granted an audition for a fake Bond movie and implicated in an even faker wheelchair accident. Her story is even dumber!
24 Jul. 2005
Episode #5.5
Rory Thost plays a kid who throws eggs at a car, so Benjie McKenzie is dragged in to catch the kid. His 'dad' then goes mad and wrecks the boy's favorite bike and demands the victims help him egg the boy's head! Justin Bateman's actor friend Danny Comson causes minor car damage, so the Punk 'police' can grill them and test Jason's loyalty. Last time's good sport Jesse McCarthy is invited to help the team trick clueless musician Akon into reading a ridiculous 'Japanese commercial'.
31 Jul. 2005
Episode #5.6
Adrien Brody's car is blocked by a teenager who 'accidentally' hits another driver and gets his dad, who turns on Brody. Ashton's Ukrainian That 70s colleague Kunis claimed to impossible to punk, so she's allowed to get away once, only to be fooled the second time, with a (toy) dog fallen down a drain. Basketball star Lisa Leslie gets it with a space heater, too high for normal people to reach.
7 Aug. 2005
Episode #5.7
Generally beloved Texan nice kid Ryan Cabrera (22) has producer Joe Simpson's Porsche on loan. The Punkers stage it to roll against a crane, causing it to dump an air-co on a Ford. Ja Rule's squeaky clean SUB (made for dirt, says Ashton) is 'accidentally' sprayed with fake, allegedly dangerously corrosive sewage. Kushner's former That 70s Show co-star Laura Prepton's mate Travis pretends it's his first day as waiter, yet treats her to a fake birthday dinner for which he is then 'fired'.
14 Aug. 2005
Episode #5.8
Basketbal star Shaquilele O'Neall stupidly bragged he can't be punk'd, so even his wife is in league with Ashton's team to prove the contrary. He's tricked into 'stealing someone's parking spot, then blamed for the apparent consequences. Wrestler 'Triple H' is staged to knock a door against a bride's instantly bleeding nose. The photographer refuses to be paid without working, the couple cancels the wedding.

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