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Season 4

6 Mar. 2005
Episode #4.1
Jesse Metcalfe tricks passenger and Desperate Housewives-lover Eva Longoria, jumping from his car when the 'police' arrives, who claims he has a criminal alias and she must be his accomplice. 'Penelope Cruz' drags Bandidas-co-star Salma Hayek to a restaurant toilet for an unsavory bragging stunt. R&B singer Mario is 'treated' to a naked crone in the hotel room where he was supposed to meet his manager.
13 Mar. 2005
Episode #4.2
Jesse Metcalfe is invited for a 'superhero audition'. Despite the ludicrous body-suit and nightmare tackle, he does a great job, only to discover the technician's 'safety alert' is part of the hoax. Kirsten Dunst's friend lure her into a dinner with too much alcohol, then the team's 'cops' order a a sobriety test and the girls hit their police car. In a convenience store, 'tough' actress 'Michelle Rodriguez' panics when a rumble causes shelves to tumble and apparently crush a shopper.
20 Mar. 2005
Episode #4.3
Zach Braff's Scrubs-co-star Faison lures him to a parking lot where his $100,000 Bentley is sprayed by knaves, one of which is caught but protests his innocence and invokes exemption as a minor. 'Ron Pinkston' supposedly kidnaps a baby by driving away with his verbally abusive 'aunt' Julia's car, after which Serena Williams eagerly sides with her. Chris Elwood plays the 'unfaithful' boyfriend of Zoe Saldana's friend, finding Zoe excessively hostile in the name of loyalty.
27 Mar. 2005
Episode #4.4
NBA-star Dirk Nowitzki's child-friendly patience is tested in a restaurant by insatiable knave Rob Pinkston, who keeps asking his alleged hero to sign ever more souvenirs, even from other players. O.C.-star Rachel Bilson's dog supposedly got away again and caused a mail car to crash into a hydra, good for heft bills. Jadakiss's driver leaves the car in the middle of a roadblock, after which two female drivers viciously insist and intrude to have it removed, regardless of his protests the keys are gone with his driver.
3 Apr. 2005
Episode #4.5
Driving tennis star Andy Roddick to Jay Leno's studio, driver Chris Elwood is supposedly trapped between two road-blockades after mud slides and ignores Andy's instructions to comply with orders, yet Andy and his girl are rudely abused too. Sopranos-actress Siegler's husband AJ 'forgets' tipping off their restaurant waitress, an obvious fan, who treated them to the house beef at her expense but is fired just for inquiring about the absence of a tip. Former victim. Omarion Grandberry punks his mate Marques Houston with a supposedly pregnant girlfriend.
10 Apr. 2005
Episode #4.6
Dan Heddar, in cahoots, takes his twin brother, equally married Mormon and rising actor Jonothan 'Jon', to their first party. He didn't add it's in a brothel, where LAPD Vice arrests everyone. English actress Joss Stone accepts to mind 'lost child' Rob until his step-mother arrives in the antique shop she's in, but he repeatedly knocks over expensive stuff and runs away. Rapper Howard 'Chingy' Bailey Jr. nods to have a 'bothersome' fan removed by his bodyguard, who beats him up outside. Both are in cahoots with Punk'd cops who arrest Chingy and get cold denial of ...
17 Apr. 2005
Episode #4.7
Life ain't so simple for Nicole Richie when she gets a waiter fired for hitting on her.
25 Apr. 2005
Episode #4.8
Wrestler Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin's reputation as defender of the common man is tested when his parking valet Jordan is fired for allegedly loosing the cellphone in Stone's car, even after it's found. Rufus 'Proof' is stung when an ATM seems to cause of problem with his alias requiring police attention. Actress Ashlee Simpson visits an art gallery, so Punk'd prepared for fire and no less spectacular extinguishing, supposedly set off by her.

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