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Season 3

25 Apr. 2004
Episode #3.1
Ashton takes particular pride in cahoot Howard Deutsch bringing rightly suspicious 'Matthew Perry' to an improvised car sale, to pick a Porsche at half price 'from a movie'. A scary sheriff then raids the place and arrest everyone, telling Perry he'll only get off without fencing charge for celebrity's sake if he makes a false statement against his mate. Also in cahoot, Benjie McKenize takes The OC-co-star Adam Brody to a restaurant where a supposedly married super-fan ends her excessive flirtation with a note suggesting an adulterous meeting, only to have her '...
25 Apr. 2004
Episode #3.2
Chris Klein is most cooperative with the fake SWAT team when told an unknown girl is held hostage in his home by an equally unknown vandal. Jeremy Sisto patiently and politely allows an equally fake beat cop to put him trough elaborate, absurdly hard physical and verbal sobriety tests just for being a drunk mate's passenger. A cahoot makes fellow 'models' believe she's about to give birth during their photo-shoot.
9 May 2004
Episode #3.3
Actress Julia Stiles is an easy mark, being caught less than clued up about the Dutch royalty she plays, so she's set up supposedly tearing apart an irreplaceable queen's garment during a photo-shoot. While Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson practices a movie dance, his luxury trailer is completely blown up, after which an elaborate discussion starts about insurance and liabilities. Kayley Cuoco has her car valet-parked and gets blocked in the front by a trailer, which she has towed away, but is the process gets destroyed, and supposedly is a nuclear poor family's home.
16 May 2004
Episode #3.4
Brother Ira David, in cahoots, helps set up Evan Rachel Wood during a photo-shoot for a fake auction of Mayan artifacts, one of which they break while posing. A fake director discusses a possible action movie lead with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but 'betrays' being deep in gambling addiction debts. Tampa player Warren Sapp is worried by a self-righteous waiter who expects his party to pay for a skinny 'diet'.
23 May 2004
Episode #3.5
After reading some absurdly self-absorbed suggestions from fans, Ashton shows how it all started with a candid camera test-run, in which he himself was punked by a metal detector security agent who has him stripped to his boxers and even sagging those. Next a very early stunt Dax pulled, as fake limousine driver, on Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra, and later again on Tara Reid. Finally an early one with Ashton and Dax as mourning friend of fictitious Kruger, reproaching hired 'mourner' actors at a funeral wake.
30 May 2004
Episode #3.6
Ashton dedicates this episode to his favorite reality show, 'Cops'. Mike Shinoda parked in front of a fire hydrant, so the team's 'fire department' smashes his window to pass a hose trough, then the 'police' books and tows him. Brandy Norwood's brother helps planting diamonds in her car so she can be arrested. Mekhi Phifer's car window is smashed by a 'thief', who files an injury complaint, which puts the cocky actor in a most uncooperative, yet non-resistant mood.
6 Jun. 2004
Episode #3.7
Movie director Joseph Reitman holds a fake audition with nasty surprises for prospective star Patrick Fugit. While NBA star Carmelo Anthony is out, his buddy in cahoots helps fake a party with an under age girl, for which the 'hotel staff' (amaganer and security agent) presents a 'standard' $10,000 damages bill and considers legal action.
13 Jun. 2004
Episode #3.8
Actress-model Tyra Banks is told the restaurant she chose has a notice that anyone inside is to be filmed, as turns out by a film crew for Coed Girls Gone Wild. Ambitious musician Kanye West sees his second) ever video ($500,000) confiscated by the 'LA Film Commission' because the permit doesn't allow a Christ time on Sunday. Good Charlotte band twins Benji and Joel Madden have their Land Rover towed away incompetently and now face multiply damage claims.

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