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Season 4

5 Sep. 2006
Cindy Plumb
Burt Landau and his wife are the new owners of McNamara/Troy. Landau requires surgery on his testicles in order to have a physical relationship with his wife. Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara meet a woman named Cindy Plumb, a 50 year old phone sex operator seeking surgery to repair her signature voice.
12 Sep. 2006
Blu Mondae
Mitchell is the boy-toy to Arthur, a gay millionaire. Arthur wants some work done on Mitchell and Christian thinks that Mitchell is still confused about his sexuality. Christian connects with Mitchell because Chrsitian is a bit confused with his own orientation right now. Christian gets Mitchell a lap-dance with a stripper named Blu Mondae. To pay for it, Christian promises to give her a breast reduction, pro-bono. Liz sees Michelle giving money to a suspicious woman and begins to question Michelle's motives at McNamara/Troy. Sean and Julia decides to name their baby ...
19 Sep. 2006
Monica Wilder
After a clandestine video of his sexual performance is posted on YouTube, Christian wants plastic surgery himself. Sean recommends to try first dieting and the gym. There he meets fellow plastic surgeon Mike Hamoui (33), a Brazilian health freak. Sean and Julia agree on young Monica Wilder as her nurse, but after a one-night-stand he prefers to give her a free surgery by way of severance pay. Mike gives Christian posterior liposuction.
26 Sep. 2006
Shari Noble
Christian thinks Michelle desires him, but after flirting she refuses his advances or a sell-back. She's still in debt with her lover/blackmailer, James LeBeau, who forces her to have the doctors to operate on a escort's face by damaging it in front of her. Christian deals with patient Shari Noble's problem -- one of her nipples has been torn off by a pet dog, which has a more subtle cause than she admits to. Christian notices Liz's grumpiness results from sexual frustration and coaches her to date again. She gets picked up - by a surgically able kidney thief. Sean is...
3 Oct. 2006
Dawn Budge
Christian convinces Sean to spend the practice sale profits generously, for themselves, Julia and Matt. Alas Troy gets blackmailed by James, and Kimber lures Matt away to Scientology, so he hires an expensive private specialist. Troy's looks enable him to pump fat, ugly new lottery millionaire Dwight Budge, common as muck, for fortunes of surgery, decoration, advice and even sex, only to learn love isn't for sale. Sean's own remarriage-plan knows its ups and downs while Mat resists kidnapping-back.
10 Oct. 2006
Faith Wolper, PhD
Sean soon discovers that Monica Wilder doesn't intend to leave him alone. Christian's therapist has an obsessive torment to reveal. And Burt Landau proposes an unusual solution upon learning that Christian and Michelle are having an affair.
17 Oct. 2006
Burt Landau
Burt would ruin the practice after Christian refuses to keep 'doing' Michelle as visual entertainment, but Burt suffers a stroke during sex. After her lobe was ripped off to steal a priceless jewel, rich Dawn Budge needs a new ear, so the surgeons order a mouse-grown ear from Dr. Vincent Capler's gen lab. Kimber throws Matt out for being a little frisky in the sauna. Christian pretends interest in her Scientology to get 'loving' sex.
24 Oct. 2006
Conor McNamara
Even Christian is startled when his extremely rich, spoiled and vain client Mrs. Hedda Grubman announces she's going to die from terminal lung cancer but wants him to be the last to touch her, in bed hopefully, but also as a posthumous patient to make her the best-looking funeral star ever. Conor's upcoming hand operation makes Sean so nervous he beats up an offensive boy's father. Marlowe Sawyer makes Julia hold out consent for the operation with specialist Dr. Mugavi on account of 'medical doubts'. Sean is haunted by his own boyhood operation cum family trauma. ...
31 Oct. 2006
Liz Cruz
At the request of Poppy, Liz's new girlfriend, Liz gets surgery to improve her appearance. When James' life is threatened, she uses Christian to lure Michelle into helping her steal another kidney within 24 hours.
7 Nov. 2006
Merrill Bobolit
The past haunts Christian and Sean when Merrill Bobolit returns from prison with a request from another inmate.
14 Nov. 2006
Conor McNamara, 2026
Twenty years in the future, Connor reveals in his therapy session that he still isn't quite emotionally ready for his final hand operation, which a hurricane prevented being done when he was a baby. He successfully follows advice to use it to bring his bitterly divorced parents, Sean and Julia back together.
21 Nov. 2006
Diana Lubey
Heiress Michelle meanly pulls rank in the practice. Nevertheless Christian proposes to her. Sean opposes both to grant French Diana Lubey's request to integrate her late husbands ashes in her new breasts implants. Michelle makes Christian agree to a neutral love-nest. That means selling his apartment, as it turns out to guy friend Dr. Mike Hamoui, despite the many sexual memories it arouses. Grief-wreck Sean takes Troy's advice to try therapy, with Faith Wolper, who betrays her professional secret to play a dirty game on both best friends. Soon the truth about their ...
28 Nov. 2006
Sean drinks to a great extent as he spends a depressing Christmas without his family; Christian gets an surprising gift when a 3-year old Wilber comes back into his life; and James pressures Michelle to help as she takes forceful measures to fill her holiday kidney quota.
5 Dec. 2006
Willy Ward
Christian convinces Michelle they should both adopt Wilber. Then his biological mother, nymphomaniac Gina Russo, tries begging and raging to get access to the boy. So she's the suspect when Wilber is kidnapped, but James LeBeau really needed him for the illegal organ trade. Matt and Kimber seek help with counselor viz. Sean about their 'boring' sex life. Matt finds his own solution, starring in a private porn movie with Kimber. However the professionals he hired don't stick to promises. Ventriloquist Willy Ward asks Sean to make him look like his hand puppet again, ...
12 Dec. 2006
Gala Gallardo
Sean considers selling his shares of the practice to Christian and Michelle, although Michelle's past starts to threaten her future with Christian. Meanwhile, Escobar's wife needs cosmetic surgery.

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