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Season 3

20 Sep. 2005
Momma Boone
After Christian's Carver attack, Sean must look for a new partner to keep the practice going. Sean has to surgically separate on a 600-pound, super-obese woman from a couch she has spent the past three years on. Meanwhile, Julia realizes that she has to make a decision about the future of her marriage.
27 Sep. 2005
Christian and Liz operate on a female gorilla who must have a facial scar removed before she mates, whilst Sean operates on a former thug who wants to go straight. Meanwhile, Matt discovers the truth about Ava and releases his inner anger on a transsexual he picks up at a bar.
4 Oct. 2005
Derek, Alex, and Gary
Christian and Quentin operate on a group of frat guys, two of which have had their faces stuck to the butt of another. Meanwhile, Sean, Julia and Christian come to blows over what to do with Matt, and Christian has trouble in his three-way relationship with Kit and Kimber.
11 Oct. 2005
Rhea Reynolds
Christian and Quentin treat the latest Carver victim, but Christian has suspicions. Matt gets a restraining order against Sean, and social services become involved. Sean operates on an elderly woman who wants to look young again, in order to help her Alzheimer's-affected husband remember her.
18 Oct. 2005
Granville Trapp
After another woman is attacked by "The Carver", Christian is suspected to be the serial killer himself. His ex-lover Kit suspects him of killing all these women and making up the story that he has ever been attacked himself. She has also found crucial evidence that he in fact could be the killer. When being suspected Christian finally meets his biological mother for the first time. While suffering from the accusation of his partner and not knowing what to believe, Sean has do surgery on a man who has aids.
25 Oct. 2005
Faced with a lack of clients following the Carver controversy, Sean and Christian agree to pro bono work taking apart a Frankenstein-like woman assembled by a dangerous necrophiliac. Meanwhile, Gina returns and proposes a business venture with Julia.
1 Nov. 2005
Ben White
Christian faces a question of ethics over a man who wants his leg amputated for personal reasons. Sean joins the FBI to perform procedures on people in the witness protection program, and meets a woman on the run with her son. In order to gain publicity for Spa De La Mer, Julia, Gina and Liz market a face cream to Joan Rivers made of semen. Christian makes a bold move in his relationship with Kimber.
8 Nov. 2005
Tommy Bolton
After helping a Woman and her son change their appearance through surgery, Sean lets the two of them stay at his house for awhile until they can settle somewhere else. He becomes very comfortable with the idea of having a family again, however he soon discovers the truth about them. Chritian helps a boy with Down syndrome look more like his family. Christian also met up with his biological mother, who still is having second thoughts on having a real relationship with him. While business is sky rocketing for Julia, Quentin finally decided the "McNamara and Troy" join ...
15 Nov. 2005
Hannah Tedesco
After finding out that Nicole isn't exactly what she said she was Sean isn't sure what to think, but Nicole convinces him otherwise.Sean is also having thoughts of giving up his life for Nicole, by making a new identity. Christin and Qentin are getting ready to operate on a girl who is getting a face transplant, a very hard but credible procedure. Which is exactly what their business needs. The only problem is that Christian found out that Qentin is a cocaine addict and is not ready enough for the surgery. So Christian thought to bring in Sean for extra help, but Sean...
22 Nov. 2005
Madison Berg
Matt meets a girl who is completely against plastic surgery, but in a very prejudice way. Christian and Kimber are getting ready for their wedding and Christian decides to make Matt and Sean his best men, which causes problems to their already strained relationship. Kimber is beginning to have doubts for her wedding. The stress of the wedding and thinking that Christian may still have feelings for Julia are bothering her. Sean finally decides to come back to the practice with Christian.
29 Nov. 2005
Abby Mays
After being left at the alter, Christian has to move on with his life including the surgeries he has to do. A woman comes in asking to look beautiful. Christian takes his anger out on her and tells her all the other things that are wrong with her. He also tries to find solace in other ways. A solder from Iraq comes and asks to have his war wounds fixed. Quentin is up for the job, Quentin also seduces the young man and Sean walks in on them. Sean tries to tell Julia about Quentin having an affair with a man, but Julian chooses not to listen. When Quenitin finds out ...
6 Dec. 2005
Sal Perri
When Julia's mom comes to visit and to look at Julia's very popular upcoming business, Julia's mom has nothing supportive to say, which made Julia very angry. Julia explodes at her mom telling her to take the next flight out and to stay out of her life. Later that day Julia hears that the plane that her mother took crashed right when it was taking off. Julia rushed to the air port to go see if her mom was one of the only few survivors, she quickly called Sean to come and help look and to help perform surgeries on the passengers who were trying to live. Julia also got ...
13 Dec. 2005
Joy Kringle
Its the Christmas season and McNamara/Troy get a couple of very merry patients. A man and woman who's profession is to be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. They decided that they wanted to give their characters a new thinner image for children to know. When Julia is help putting up Christmas decorations she collapses. Julia goes to Sean to get her blood checked to see if there is anything wrong. She thinks it has to do with the stress of firring Quentin and getting divorced. But Sean discovers later that day, that she is pregnant. While Matt and his girlfriend Ariel are at ...
20 Dec. 2005
Cherry Peck
When Chrsitian receives a very mysterious package covered in blood, he figures out that his ex-fiancé is being held hostage from "The Carver." Kit comes back to investigate Quentin who is their number one prime suspect at the moment. A transvestite comes to get work done for her mangled face, and wants her surgery free because Sean's son is the one who beat her up and made her face look worse. Seans asks Julia to move back into the house, but Julia declines his offer. When interrogating Quentin, Kit finds a very shocking fact about him.
20 Dec. 2005
Quentin Costa
After nine women are attacked by "The Carver," Kit knew that he was getting very desperate and they had no leads on who the carver could be. Sean and Christian thought it was still Quentin, however he was attacked the same night as the nine women. Matt decides to break up with Ariel, but finds out that she and her dad wanted to mess with him for being friends with a transvestite. In this very shocking and nail biting season finale we find out who "The Carver," really is.

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