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10 Apr. 2002
After receiving a player-killing Guardian monster from an unseen entity, Tsukasa is led to a hidden sector of the game in which a sleeping girl resides.
17 Apr. 2002
Subaru, the leader of the Crimson Knights guild, meets with Mimiru, Bear, BT and Sora to discuss Tsukasa's activities and a possible connection with a rumored all-powerful item: the Key of the Twilight.
24 Apr. 2002
Despite restrictions placed upon his character, Tsukasa has been logged into the game for 10 days straight, and rumors fly about a player-killing monster running loose. At Sora's suggestion, Subaru and the Knights declare Tsukasa a wanted player throughout "The World".
1 May 2002
Crim, an old acquaintance of Subaru, returns to the game after a long absence. Meanwhile, Sora tips off the Crimson Knights on how to lure Tsukasa into their grasp.
8 May 2002
Subaru manages to negotiate a truce between Tsukasa and the Knights. But there is another problem: an invincible, player-killing monster independent of Tsukasa is reported to be creating havoc.
15 May 2002
Mimiru encounters a weak yet adventurous newbie player, A-20, who goads Mimiru into taking her into a challenging dungeon for unknown reasons. After a verbal scuffle, Mimiru ruminates upon her own motivation for playing "The World".
22 May 2002
Mimiru, after careful consideration, resolves to do anything she can to meet Tsukasa again and be near him as much as possible. BT and Crim discuss a partnership to gather information on the Key of the Twilight.
Bear joins Mimiru for an event held in the Dungeon of Nankoflak, a newly reopened dungeon known for giving rise to many a legend in the past. But Mimiru isn't there for the experience points or the treasure, but rather memories of one of her first experiences in The World, and the players she met there.

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