King Kong (2005) Poster


Plot Keywords

island jungle
gorilla 1930s
king kong vaudeville
play expedition
playwright film director
giant ape actress
dinosaur monster
two word title kaiju
human animal relationship drawbridge
cartwheel central park
herald square new york city starving
lifting female in air slow motion
lifting a woman into the air lifting someone into the air
lifting an adult into the air manhattan new york city
ape abducts a woman escaped beast
times square manhattan new york city new york city
empire state building manhattan new york city central park manhattan new york city
animal name in title disaster in new york
color remake of black and white film monster movie
impossible love director actor relationship
tribute library book
coward bitten out tongue
troubled youth rescue party
monster on display cult film
journey epic
spear through chest barefoot
death animal death
simian fiction wrestling
true love monster as victim
martial arts melodrama
no opening credits remake of remake
kidnapping gas bomb
spear kiss
ravine log
prohibition wilhelm scream
falling over a cliff triceratops
brontosaurus wall
vine taxi
storm at sea stampede
stabbing skyscraper
skeleton seaman
rowboat rampage
rainstorm pier
film studio movie star
ladder indian ocean
human sacrifice giant spider
giant bat gate
film within a film escape
diner cliff
check chasm
chase cavern
canyon broadway manhattan new york city
bridge backstage
airplane accident air raid
machine gun blockbuster
biplane actor
shot in the chest shot in the arm
murder impalement
crushed to death car accident
broken jaw unemployment
typewriter shot to death
shoplifting sea captain
screening room scream
rescue police
panic lost world
giant insect fog
falling into water eavesdropping
eaten alive cook
chloroform cameraman
army acrobatics
rooftop film producer
juggling frozen lake
footprint filmmaking
falling from height dancing
tommy gun steamship
native tribe map
great depression damsel in distress
animal attack tyrannosaurus
giant animal remake
death of friend character name in title

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