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Constantine's line in which he says that he doesn't want Angela to be another ghost following him around is a reference to the comics, where he is haunted by the ghosts of friends who have died because of him.
The look of Hell was based on old footage of nuclear tests, specifically the sudden shockwave immediately after the blast that disintegrated anything in its path, hence the crumbling landscape.
The original title, Hellblazer, was changed, because it was too similar to Hellboy (2004). The movies were scheduled to be released within a short space of time between them, and it was decided that having such similar titles would hurt the sales of tickets. Therefore Hellblazer was changed to Constantine.
Keanu Reeves bought the Holy Shotgun prop, and gave it to director Francis Lawrence as a gift.
The Nazi flag used to wrap the Spear of Destiny was destroyed after shooting, to prevent it from falling into the hands of Neo-Nazis.
The "Spear of Destiny" prop is the same one as used in Hellboy (2004).
According to the Director's Commentary on the DVD, Constantine's brass knuckles are made from gold, that was blessed by a Bishop during the Crusades.
The character of John Constantine was originally created by Alan Moore, during his run on DC Comics' "Swamp Thing". However, following his negative experience with From Hell (2001) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), Moore decided to reject all money and credit from Hollywood on any adaptations of his work. Thus, he gave all the money he would've gotten to the artist who drew the character with him, and rejected his own "created by" credit from the film.
According to the Director's Commentary on the DVD, the rag that Constantine lights on fire to defeat the flying demons, is a piece of Moses' shroud, given to him by Beeman.
When the possessed girl crawls on the ceiling early in the movie she says, "Papatayin natin sila!" This is a Tagalog (Filipino) phrase meaning "We'll kill them all!"
Originally, Tarsem Singh was attached to direct, with Nicolas Cage to star. However, the director said that "with Cage, I cannot make the film I had wanted to". Soon after Singh left the picture, Cage did as well.
The "Holy Hand Grenades" were actually Christmas ornaments filled with water.
During the course of the movie, John Constantine is seen smoking thirteen cigarettes, generally regarded to be an unlucky number.
The tattoo on Constantine's arms is the alchemical symbol of the Red King, which was worn (by him) for protection. It is "the fire triangle with three radiating arrows below represents the 'Perfect Red King,' the Sulfur of the Philosophers."
Ravenscar Hospital is named for a mental institution that features in the Hellblazer comic book series. John Constantine spent four years in and out of Ravenscar, after he had a nervous breakdown, due to a botched exorcism.
Aside from John Constantine, the only characters to survive the transition from comic to movie are Ellie (a demoness mostly cut from the original theatrical release), Papa Midnite, Chaz Kramer, and Gabriel. All of the other characters were invented for the movie.
In the comic book "Hellblazer", on which the movie is based, the character of John Constantine is from Liverpool, England, and is drawn to look like the singer Sting. In the movie, the character is from Los Angeles, California. It is widely believed that the change was made specifically for Keanu Reeves. The truth is, the original script retained his nationality, but got no response from producers. So the writer changed him to an American, and the script quickly gained attention.
In the scene where John meets Hennesy for the first time, there is a television with a cartoon playing. At the end of the conversation, as John goes to exorcise the demon from the little girl, he leaves the room and shuts the door. The cartoon in the movie shows a cloud of smoke shutting a door at the exact same time as John leaves and shuts the door.
Besides being addicted to smoking cigarettes, Constatine is seen drinking "Ardbeg" - A Scotch single malt, with a powerful smoked flavor.
In the lower right-hand corner of Isabel's toe tag, there's the number 616. While some people interpret the Mark of the Beast to be 666, others interpret it to be 616, hence its appearance on the toe tag. In the Book of the Revelation, the Number of the Beast is "six hundred, threescore, and six." (666)
On the movie's local premiere at Bergen Cinema, Norway, it had 666 visitors.
Rachel Weisz went to the morgue as a part of the research into her character.
Reunites Keanu Reeves with Rachel Weisz after Chain Reaction (1996).
The original script had hell as a black void with a floor covered with oil.
The cigarettes that Constantine smokes in the movie are not real Chinese-made cigarettes. The name means "Yangtse River" and the package was a special design for the film.
Shia LaBeouf was recommended to producer Akiva Goldsman for the role of Chaz by Will Smith following his impressive performance in I, Robot (2004). The three of them worked in that film, with Smith and Goldsman as producers.
In a deleted scene, Angela is looking over Constantine's arrest and booking report, it lists his date of birth to be 09.02.66, or September 2, 1966. Additionally, it lists his height at 6-1 (or six feet, one inches), weight of 180, hair color as Blk (Black), eyes as Brn (Brown), Complexion as Fair, marital status of Single, and U.S. citizenship. Report details that he was pulled over for a broken taillight, and upon search of the car, gun parts were found, along with a Bible, Catholic cross, and some type of water bottle. Ultimately it was determined there was "insufficient evidence to prosecute".
The Spear of Destiny has featured in many DC titles such as The Spectre, but oddly enough has never been prominently featured in the Hellblazer series.
On the side walls of Beeman's bowling alley there is a logo of three balls each having a line that juts off from them, looking more like 666 than anything. This can be seen at the beginning of the scene where Beeman discovers the truth to the demons trying to pass over.
The original script had the opening in Istanbul, Turkey but had to be changed to the present location because of budget restraints.
According to an interview with The A.V. Club published on August 28, 2017, Peter Stormare came up with his own costume design for the appearance of Lucifer - the off white linen suit with tar dripping down from his feet are specifically mentioned. The producer and director had initially wanted "leather pants, bare-chested...a dog collar with spikes" and tattoos over Stormare's face and chest.
Peter Stormare originally auditioned for the role of Balthazar.
The score credit in the film was originally only Brian Tyler, but Klaus Badelt was brought in by producers late in post-production to help enhance the comedic aspects of the film. Tyler and Badelt share a dual credit in composing the score.
Mel Gibson and Kevin Spacey were considered to star as John Constantine.
The Spear of Destiny is a plot point in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow (2016), which is a spin-off of Arrow (2012); in a crossover with Constantine (2014), the John Constantine character appears in the season four episode "Arrow: Haunted (2015)".
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The shape of the swimming pool in the mental hospital is a cross.
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(Cameo) Michelle Monaghan, she can be seen briefly in the hospital scene, Shia LaBeouf has a small role as Chaz. Michelle and Shia both star together in Eagle Eye (2008).
When John states that the wicked shall inherit the earth is a reference to Jesus's sermon on the Be attitudes "blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth"
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There are two cars with the number 274 in the scene with the EZ Mart.
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The film is included on the film critic Roger Ebert's "Most Hated" list.
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The swimming pool in the hospital is in the shape of a cross reflecting the cross on the side of the building as seen through the skylight.
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Domino Harvey: the model and bounty hunter, basis for the movie Domino (2005), makes a cameo at Papa Midnight's Bar. She is seated at a table as an angel, with a demon nibbling her ear.
R.A. Rondell: As Man in Land Cruiser.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Ellie, a demon who was Constantine's lover, was almost completely cut from the film. Francis Lawrence stated that she was left on the cutting room floor, because he wanted Constantine to be completely alone when he meets Angela. Ellie was played by Michelle Monaghan. Her scenes can be seen in the deleted scenes section of the DVD. In the theatrical cut, she can be seen briefly in the hospital scene; when Constantine sets off the sprinkler system, she's the one who exclaims, "Holy Water!"
Constantine slits his wrists, starting with his left, and Lucifer reaches out to claim him with his left hand, in keeping with the traditional depiction of the left ("sinister") side being associated with evil.
In the original script, Father Hennessy was supposed to die of overeating, and get thinner, the more he eats. The scripted death was inspired by a character in the first issue of Hellblazer, who died the same way.
A life-size replica of Rachel Weisz was made and used as the corpse of Angela Dodson's twin sister Isabel, who committed suicide.
The character of Father Hennessy is a mixture of three of Constantine's allies from the comic book. They are Nige Archer, who was a psychic, Rick the Vic, who was a priest, and Header, who was a portly substance abuser, and, like Hennessy, all are killed for being associated with Constantine.
Special features on the DVD, reveal that it wasn't really Rachel Weisz in the scene where her character flies backwards through the building. A small replica of her body was made which then was "shot" backwards through a miniature office, adding light and wind effects.
If you slow play the part where Lucifer is walking through the broken glass, almost right after breaking it, some of the shards appear to almost form a crown on his head.
When Gabriel is at the hospital explaining her and Mammon's plans to John, you can see on her right wrist the tags that say "Sorrow" and "Passion".
In the finale between Mammon, Gabriel, and Lucifer when Constantine cuts his wrist, his watch stops at 05:19. When Lucifer leaves, the clock in the background reads 05:20. Which means that the final battle takes no more than a minute in the world, despite the scene taking up much longer.
In the scene after Beeman's death, the man holding the Spear of Destiny walks by a billboard in the background that says "got faith?" With a water facuet that pours water into wine in the wineglass mimicking the "got milk" advertisements.
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When John and Angela discuss the crucifixion story, John says that Jesus was killed by a soldier's spear not by being nailed to the cross. However, some historians speculate that people who died of crucifixion died of starvation from food and water as well as their wounds. Some soldiers would even offer water engorged sponges on sticks to them. Longinus, the Roman soldier, supposedly pierced Jesus's side to see if he was still alive. Assuming this is true, it contradicts what the characters said.
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This is the second movie in which the Angel Gabriel is stranded on Earth as a human. The first being The Prophecy II (1998).
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