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The most highly anticipated supernatural horror film of my life!
ivo-cobra817 November 2015
Constantine (2005) in my opinion is an underrated Comic Book Film and one of my favorite anticipated supernatural horror flicks of my life. Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz reunite in this flick, after 9.years later when they both made together Chain Reaction (1996) one of my favorite sci-fi action flick. Anyway beside End of Days (1999) with Schwarzenegger in the starring role, Constantine is the only supernatural horror film that I know and like. After just watching this film I must say is a far way million times better than overrated The Exorcist (1973) that everyone highly praises that film. I love this movie to death and it is my fifth favorite best Keanu Reeves movie. John Constantine is iconic character that I think that Keanu Reeves did impressive acting performance, including way better job than he did in movies he is doing this days.

I love this film. It has nice, thoroughly believable action for this sort of supernatural fare, and attractive leads in the shape of Keanu & Rachel, supported by Tilda Swinton as god's right-hand, Gabriel (reprising her Orlando persona). It looks great too and does the merging of separate worlds (Earth and Hell) very well. Keanu plays an embittered exorcist with a 30 a day habit and some caustic barbs for anyone he runs into. Rachel Weisz enters as a cop with some private history of her own connected with the occult world, and soon the two of them are drawn towards apocalypse & hell on earth. It's a throughly enjoyable purchase if you like the big theme Good Vs Evil, with the usual blurring, devils, angels, and shotguns firing holy shot. The CGI is also up to scratch, which isn't something you can always say on films being made even in 2008. Very, very enjoyable so long as you appreciate the subject matter and don't expect massive gun-battles, stop frame kung-fu, bullet time etc. An absolutely superb film. Keanu Reeves plays his role perfectly to his characters identity. Interesting throughout I was gripped to this film from start to finish. One of the best comic adaptations without a doubt.

This is the type of comic book movie that I like to see; R rated, good action scenes, badass main character (and in Constantine case he sure is one considering that Devil himself will come to collect his soul), actors who actually do their job right, good direction, good score, no unnecessary bullshit subplots that are not needed and only extend the running time, great cinematography and visuals, and some decent practical effects. CGI maybe doesn't hold up but I personally don't have any problems with it in this case. My only problems with the film are again all the hate that it gets. I still don't get the hate for this film, I love the storyline , the action and the twists. Specially this is Keanu Reeves I see in here. 10.years ago he was a promise actor now he is a sold out washed up actor who just doesn't care about his fans any more. He keeps wearing long hair and he has a beard + he can't act anymore. Watch Knock Knock (20015) and you will see what I am talking about.

Constantine tells the story of John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a man who has literally been to hell and back. When he teams up with skeptical policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldly events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.

That's the basic plot. It is more apocalyptic movie that means end of the world. Gabriel (Tilda Swinton) the archangel believes that by bringing Hell to Earth, humans can become worthy of Gods love through repentance and faith. The movie has everything, ghosts, demons, arch angels it even has Lucifer (Peter Stormare) in it. Rachel Weisz did a perfect outstanding job as female lead in this movie. I seriously love her performance and I love Keanu Reeves. Shia LaBeouf also did a perfect job as Chas Kramer, Constantine's friend and helper, I feel sad that he had to die by the end of the movie and his character was killed off.

Overall I am giving this movie 10/10 because this movie deserves it and it doesn't need to be hated for it by critics or fans. The movie was fun and I have enjoy it!
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Possibly one of the greatest supernatural films of all time
A_Different_Drummer22 April 2017

You need context.

This review penned in 2017, some 12 years after the release.

In this period, Marvel and DC are at each other's throats, each trying to monetize every character, sub-character, plot device and dust bunny from their respective libraries. Regardless of merit. It is all about the dollars.

A story as pure as this one -- penned by Kevin Brodbin -- could never be done today because it lacks the setup for a dozen spinoffs and sequels, as well as the mandatory backstory and product placements.

Sporting two of the most charismatic and photogenic stars of all time, at the peak of their careers, we have a story with no bad lines, no lapses in the arcs, and no time wasted. Just pure, engrossing, film pleasure from beginning to end.

Yes, I know that it was not appreciated in its day. But the future is always the final judge.
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Constantine Comment
angela malzow5 September 2005
This movie was really great in my opinion. If you like the horror/sci-fi genre then this is definitely for you. The effects are great and the make-up is exceptional as well. Keanu and Rachel really compliment each other in the roles they are in. I wouldn't expect something phenomenal but this genre of movies is rarely gifted with such a insightfully plotted movie such as Constantine.The character build is great and the background of the characters isn't completely clouded which is awesome, there's no feeling of confusion when it comes to whats going on. It seems in some scenes the director was going for a certain emotion which made it feel awkward but the action and reactions are nice. Keanu really came across as tough doomed and uncaring, while Rachel came across as determined and brave. There is no reason to not give this movie a chance, if it seems like something you would like, i recommend seeing it. The concepts and setups aren't something of the usual nature so its a welcomed change of pace. I don't rate this 10/10 because is was astounding and mind shattering, a movie of the century, I rate it 10/10 because it was enjoyable and i have watched it many times without feeling tired of it. The score and soundtrack are great as well, providing some depth into certain scenes. The contrast and colors are good, although looking a little too dark in some scenes. The movie takes you to many places, so there is no feeling that you are in one place, sometimes I feel that movies that take place in the same space create a feeling of urgency, not so in Constantine. Some enjoyable aspects is the historical tie ins and use of terminology. All in all, this is an exceptional movie, it moves from scene to scene with little dragging in one spot, and has a great ending.
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Sorry...I liked it...
LAKERS3425 July 2005
This is a's not supposed to be so rooted in reality that we scoff at the implausibilities and the plot holes... We're not watching it to say "look at how that happened" or "why is it all happening here in L.A. when we have these worldwide problems" or...whatever... It has to happen somewhere; either you buy off on the fable and get into the story or you flush it...

While not being Catholic, through theological edification I was able to make sense of storyline, ironies, metaphors, etc... I liked Reaves' character and again, it's a matter of preference - love or hate - but he played Constantine's miserable demon-cop just right - Reaves continues to find rolls suited to his particular, dark style. Special effects were great, and I give the film kudos for not diving in and becoming an effects remains online to the story and where we're going... Weisz as heroine and Peter Stormare as Lucifer himself were well-cast. What can I say? It was great diversion and a fun DVD to watch. Check it out!
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Constantine is another one of those movies that you either love or hate.
Karilee4 September 2005
And I loved it.

I just watched Constantine on PPV, and like all films, it does have its minor flaws, but overall the story was interesting, and the special effects were nothing short of amazing.

Critics have been saying that Keanu Reeves' acting was horrible, but I disagree. Even though I can't deny that this wasn't him at his best, John Constantine is and angry and distant character, so Reeves couldn't display much emotion. All in all, he didn't do too bad.

Rachel Weisz was the star of the movie, giving a heartfelt performance. Gavin Rossdale was good, playing the bad guy card too perfection. And Djimon Housan, and Tilda Swinton were also great in their small roles. Shia LeBlouf, like Reeves, could have done a little better. Peter Stormare was perfect as Satan and my favorite character. He added a bit of humor to his demonic role.

There are some major differences between the comic book Hellblazer and the movie, like John Constantine was supposed to be British and resemble a rocker named Sting. But I've never read the comics, so I can't complain about these contradictions. But it seems to have the Hellblazer fans disappointed.

I do feel I should advise that this movie has nothing to do with Satanism. And to my knowledge, it was religiously correct. Save the part about demons and angels living on earth.

In the end, like I said before, you either love it or hate it. Simple as that.

my rating : 9/10
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Excellent fantasy/horror movie
bonnie915 May 2006
I've seen Constantine three times and I enjoy it more each time I watch it! It is truly well-done and extremely entertaining, and I can guarantee that if you like horror, suspense and/or fantasy you will love this movie! Keanu Reeves plays a very cool Constantine, who is a modern-day exorcist but most certainly not to be confused with a priest, as he has his issues and a burden of sins from his past that he carries with him. Constantine is a very realistic and human hero who is devoid of superpowers but has all the cool gadgets and the kick-ass attitude needed to survive in a world slowly being invaded by demons and scheming angels. He meets Angela (Rachel Wiesz) after she loses her sister, Isabel to the forces of evil. She comes to Constantine in search of an answer on where Isabel has ended up following her apparent suicide. Constantine journeys to other realms/dimensions in an attempt to get those answers, even paying a couple of visits to hell. Needless to say, with such a plot the special effects, acting, sets, script and even wardrobe have to be carefully conceived and executed to make it believable, and they are... in spades.

Constantine achieves what all great movies always do: it takes you into another world that makes you forget everything about your own world the whole time you are watching it. And really, in the end, isn't that what great cinema is all about?
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Awesome Movie
kingofchighs4 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
All the actors in it did an amazing job minus Shia LaBeouf who, as usual, did a crappy job in a crappy role. Gavin Rossdale has an excellent performance as Balthazar and plays the role to its fullest. Rachel Weisz also puts out an awesome performance. Heres where I will likely get flamed but...Keanu Reeves also played the part of Constantine to its fullest I believe. Many have said hes too "Batman-ish" however I disagree. Constantine is a man who knows hes doomed to spend eternity in hell. Anyone who's less giddy about it than Keanu acts in the movie would appear to be rather fake. I think he did a wonderful job and is still a great actor, even though he kind of flopped it in the second and third Matrix.
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Either you love it, or you don't
lovtrekvist28 June 2005
Constantine is one more of those movies that are adapted from a comic series. Now, people in comics' stories often seem pretty wild in the eyes of watchers or readers. Just think of Batman. Isn't Gotham City crazy? Constantine, I think, is a most excellent picturisation of the comic stories. It is full packed with action, the story is quite entertaining, there is wit, the actors are amazing, the way of filming is great. Just watch these pictures and camera stills. Beautiful! Constantie is worth going to a movie theater. The pictures may blow you away. It is stunning.

Go and watch it, make your own point of view. "My name is Constantine. Joe Constantine. ***"
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See it! You won't be sorry!
Belinda (kevinspaceysgrl)20 February 2005
"Constantine" is a dark, yet dazzling film. A terrific story backed up by spectacular special effects and great cinematography pull us into a dark and dangerous world - a world where half-angels and half-demons whisper to us mortals as God and Satan use us as pawns in an apocalyptic game of chess. Cursed with ability too see these spirits, John Constantine finds himself right in the middle of this showdown.

Keanu Reeves gives a fantastic turn as John Constantine. He infuses Constantine with a grim sense of purpose and dark humor. He is the ultimate anti-hero, and Reeves deftly takes Constantine from being someone we simply root for to someone we actually like and respect.

Rachel Weisz is terrific as well. Her tortured and soulful performance is the best of the film. Shia LaBeouf also blew me away.

I have not read the Hellblazer comics, but standing alone "Constantine" is a great film. This one is a must see!
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Loved It!
marcos_oliva16 May 2005
If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves then you'll love this movie. Of course, he plays a similar character to this other roles but so do most actors. I believe most actors are merely personalities and Keanu has a cool one at that.

The special effects were great and there were many picturesque scenes that will leave an imprint on your mind.

Even though I had never read the comic book I really appreciated this movie for it's religious theme. I think anyone can relate to the movie's notions of Heaven and Hell, good and evil.

The movie was funny, had just enough action, cool weapons, and breathtaking scenes. Most importantly, watching it, I easily felt transported into that world.

Great movie overall. I hope there is a sequel.
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Decent combination of occult and modern visual.
Ryu Shinozaki14 April 2013
Personally, this movie is really a memorable one to me. I was 15 when I watched it in theater. And totally stunned by the visuals and world of it.

The stories of "Exorcist and Devil" have already been told thousands of times by many kinds of media. Even in the era of Jesus Christ himself. "Constantine" proved that with such a classic theme, filmmakers can still make something different from others.

With great visual effects, it shows us the world of hell, which is something you might never forget. Even the movie itself was released in 8 years ago, still, they are fascinating and unique enough to stand the test of time.

The plot is nothing special, to be honest. It is another "kill the bad guys" stuff. However, props and directions are successfully making diversion to it. You can't miss one single moment of scenery that is full of gadgets and super-natural being dancing in the dark street of Los Angeles. And of course,Keane Reeves. He is taking control of whole atmosphere of this film. I think the role of John Constantine is definitely settle with him.

It's not the movie liked by everyone I suppose, however it's not cheesy B-class film either. It's well directed and modernized occult movie. If you like dark fantasy or anti-hero style story, it's definitely the one for you to watch.
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Very Very Good
angieray7136726 July 2005
Gosh, people spend so much time bashing Keanu Reeves. This film is actually quite good and the plot is quite good. Great special effects, enough religious creepiness to make to think, and a lot of action. Not quite as good as The Phophecy but damn close. Don't trust Keanu haters. It wouldn't matter how grand a film was, if he's in it they will trash it. Just rent the flick and judge for yourself. Yes, it's dark, and yes Keanu is wooden in his dialogue at times, but the movie is fantastic to watch. For anyone who has ever doubted religion, spirits, and our place in the world with them, then this is the movie to see. Great supporting cast, starting with Shia LeBouf who I like more and more with each role he takes on.
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Could've been better but still a fun ride!
CharmedAlice21 February 2005
My first sort-of mistake was going to see Constantine at 11:30 A.M.; this would have been a much better experience in a nighttime atmosphere I feel. In fact, I'm thinking about going again this weekend at night.

That being said, I still enjoyed this movie immensely. For starters, I actually thought Keanu was quite good in the role, and it didn't take long to forget drawing comparisons to Neo. I haven't read the comics, but I thought Keanu did a great job with the role... I laughed and winced right along with him, not at him! All the supporting actors (yes, Shia LeBeouf included) were great, and my only issue is that they didn't get enough screen time to explore their characters further. Djimon Hounsou was especially cool as Papa Midnite... with a name like that, how can you not be?! Finally, Rachel Weisz deserves the "better than the movie" comments she's been getting in reviews. Yes, she is that good, and she's pretty foreign to genre work (but should definitely do more)! I can't believe I'd only seen her in About a Boy before this; her magnetism had almost got me to pick up Confidence and Runaway Jury at the video store (which I have not. Yet). For one, she does a damn good American accent - I had forgotten that she's British. I'm sure many other reviewers will put this in better words than me, but she really adds a whole new level to this movie. Her performance is easily the most daring and heartfelt of the bunch, and I'd even go as far to call it subtly exquisite... a phrase I don't hesitate to equate with the actress herself. If Rachel Weisz had not been a part of Constantine I wouldn't have liked it half as much as I did. Even if you're not a Keanu or genre fan, I'd still check this movie out if you (like yours truly ;) have a thing for gorgeous, talented under-the-radar actresses.

Onto special effects. Pretty darn impressive, if you ask me. NEXT! I'm definitely very tempted to check out the Hellblazer comics because I really love the mythology and style of the Constantine universe. I mean, Hell as a parallel dimension to our own world? How cool is that? Certainly less banal than most movie versions of Hell. The story is based around Catholicism, and it's just how I like my organized religion -- all twisted! All in all, Constantine was made up of a lot of things that I really love in my movies: detailed fantasy universe, fun characters, good effects and action, and of course, the vulnerable-but-butt kicking woman. Yay! The major problem with the film, I feel, was bringing all of its elements together. Throughout the film I kept thinking to myself what I would've done differently. There was so much crammed into it that every single character and plot point felt underused and ignored -- not one thing was explored deeply enough for my satisfaction. They should have chosen just a few elements of this complex universe and story arc for this movie and left the other stuff for subsequent Hellblazer flicks (which I hope there will be!).

So basically, the parts here are very interesting and cool and worth a look-see, but the whole just can't service all of them. Which is a damn shame. I left the theatre wanting MORE, wanting to know more about the characters and what living in their universe was like. MORE, darnit!! While Constantine is fun and nice in its own right, I would've really liked to see it expanded to its potential. Oh well! At least there's the fantastic Rachel Weisz, so I can't complain further ;) Last words: I want to see it again! Maybe not buy the DVD but definitely rent it. Oh, and those rumors about an extra (albeit short) scene after the credits are true, so STAY through them!
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Very well done, with great special effects.
xBriarRose26 March 2005
I have to say, I went to see Constantine because Shia LaBeouf is one of my favourite actors. This may have made me biased before I even entered the cinema, but I thoroughly enjoyed this film anyway! The plot is a little hard to follow especially if you don't listen and watch carefully for the clues. It centers around John Constantine (Reeves) who helps "save the world" from demons. He's not the usual sort of superhero because he is very reluctant to fit into that kind of role. The supporting actors are very well cast, and Rachel Weisz deserves all the praise she gets for her part. Tilda Swinton as Gabriel portrays the angel perfectly as not quite male or female. The film presents interesting views about heaven, hell and death, it's very thought-provoking. In a way, Constantine reminded me of I,Robot because it has a male lead who meets a female lead, and also has LaBeouf as sidekick again. But other than that this was a good film, and I think I will buy or rent it on DVD when it comes out. Here's a tip: wait until the credits ends, there is an extra scene!
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Great movie
guynaba15 June 2009
This is certainly one of the best religion/thriller movie ever. It's so full of creations and alternative stories based in reality and in the Bible, that you have the sensation it's an alternative world. Maybe that's why so many people hate Constantine, and many that love - like me.

For sure, this is the best movie Keanu Reeves has ever made. He suited perfectly in the character (John Constantine), a sarcastic, black-humored and supernatural detective that fights against demons to receive his salvation from hell. Rachel Weisz is also very convincing as the sensitive policewoman Angela Dodson and works very well with Keanu.

People that don't like to see supernatural stuff or alternative imaginative stories probably will hate it. But all the rest certainly will enjoy a lot Constantine.
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Fantastic effects + decent story = It works people!
MinorityReporter25 August 2005
Despite what people say this film is actually quite good. Sure it had some flaws and the story kind of dragged on but the effects were very good and the acting (which is pretty amazing) didn't suck. Keanu wasn't as bad as he usually is and Rachel Weisz does a very good job with what I think is a well written part. The must annoying actor in the film is in my opinion not Keanu but Tilda Swinton. The actor who I felt brought most passion and enthusiasm to his role was Peter Stormare who obviously enjoyed playing Satan and the scenes with him are admittedly some of the most interesting in the film and even though he is only on screen for something like 5 - 10 minutes he should almost be credited as a main character thats how good he is.

Now story wise the film had some issues but they weren't as serious as many people claim they are. As I stated previously the film does drag a little and it does take a long time for the film to actually reveal its point but its the little things that are really interesting. The exorcism scene is very well done and the effects are generally very well made. Effects doesn't make a film, however, and in spite of the issues the film actually succeeds in telling the story it wants to and the ending is indeed a climax.

I haven't read the comics so I didn't really have any expectations when I saw the film. I have heard that the avid fans of the comic books complained that Keanu Reeves doesn't fit the role. That might be true but to me he really didn't seem that bad. He still has a very clear well defined body language which I feel makes up for his monotonous voice (at least to some degree). I went in to the cinema and saw the film with an open mind which is what I advise future viewers to do and not rely too heavily on what the critics say.

All in all an excellent film

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Fantastic atmosphere and cinematography ... Loved it!
Fizzwizz27 March 2005
Though slightly Neo-Esq Keanu does an excellent job of portraying an extremely strong character in what for me was an engrossing film.

The film worked so seamlessly its hard for me to disseminate it into pieces and give an appraisal of each so here is a brief bullet-point of why I thought it was so good.

Strong character played by Keanu, Excellent cinematography, A unique approach to an old story-line, Thoroughly engrossing

The negatives were Keanu was very Neo/Matrix like and his dialog with Lu at the end was a little unconvincing.

Watch this one!
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Not a bad film at all
phill-monk6 April 2005
this film was had an OK sort of storyline to it, and even had some good visuals in the forms of all the dead people, and how hell was portrayed as a parallel world i thought that was great...

as for the characters, keanu reeves played his very well...a good one from him, same for rachel wizse (sp?) she played an excellent part or two in the form of her twin sister...although hard to make out that it was two different people.

i would say that the support cast were also good, which they were. and thats about as much as i can say without spoling the plot any more. and it says that i have to have 10 lines, so i think that about does it.
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Excellent movie for those who enjoy religious themes and cynical viewpoints
tahoenevada11 February 2006
One of my very favorite movies, I have watched "Constantine" numerous times and still appreciate it. Perhaps I enjoy it so much because I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school -- the movie contains many religious themes that any former Catholic will enjoy and relate to. Old-school Catholics may not like this movie at all but anyone who has questioned beliefs (which this movie does not do)and has questioned God's Will or asked "Why?" or "Why Me?" is really going to like this movie! As I said this movie does not question beliefs but builds on them in a very cool way. I'm not sure a non-catholic can appreciate this entire aspect of the film though.

I am not a fan of Keneau Reeves at all, but I thought he did a very good job in this role, he was believable in the part except that he looked far too young and healthy for it. The acting in the movie was excellent and the actors (and actresses) were very well cast.

Guys will love Rachel Weisz' wardrobe, indeed, all the wardrobe was excellently done, not something I usually care about or notice particularly but in this movie most viewers will agree.

The only negative about this movie is the bathtub scene (seen in trailers). I would hate to see anyone try this one at home, although I'm sure some half-bakes are sure to do so eventually.
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OK eye candy but it's a disgrace to the comic book.
kitormitsuug8 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Keanu Reeves plays the title character in this adaptation of the cult DC/Vertigo comic book called Hellblazer, and while the movie does have its merits, it's not very faithful to the source material that it came from. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as a gumshoe whose specialty is in dealing with the occult. He specialty draws the attention of a police detective played by Rachel Weisz, who asks for his help in her investigation of her twin sister's suicide. A suicide that she thinks that is more than it appears to be. In due time, they both will encounter what lies under the surface of their world which is inhabited by both the angels of heaven and the demons of the underworld who are both fighting their own war for the fate of mankind. The movie is shot beautifully in the way it tries to capture both of the landscapes of good and evil that lives in this film's setting and the special effects does the film justice in its interpretation of hell that looks like an apocalyptic version of downtown Los Angeles, which is the setting of this film by the way. Unfortunately, the script is so unfocused that it hurts what this film trying to accomplish and the dialog itself lacks conviction for the material itself. The climax of the film is a major letdown because it just takes all the serious aspects of the film and just tosses them out in favor of a brief Matrix like a gunfight that undercuts the movie's tone and an incoherent ending that leaves more questions than answers. I'm not as hard as a lot of people are on the acting abilities of Keanu Reeves and he does his role well but his performance lacked something here in this film and it felt more phone in than genuine. Rachel Weisz on the other hand delivers a strong and moving performance that does deliver the goods but you will end up thinking that she is giving more to the film that it deserves because her performance is way too good for this movie. She's so good in fact that if the people who made this film wanted to make a faithful adaptation of the Hellblazer comic book, they could have cast her in the role of Kitt, Constantine's one true love. Now being a casual reader of the comic of whom this film is based on, the character of John Constantine is not well represented in this film and the script makes him look like a shill who wants to redemption which is the polar opposite of who the character is in the comic book who only served himself. The character also had a slick side to him that gave you the impression that he knew more than he let on while the character in the movie is flying by the seat of his pants during the whole film. Plus he relied on his wits to defeat his enemies while the character in the movie has a gadget man who makes him weapons (The brass knuckles scene in the movie is a joke because the John Constantine of the comic book can't handle himself well in a fight). The cancer subplot in the film only serves as a footnote while in the comic book, it had more of an impact and certain characters who show up in the film are just watered down versions of their comic counterparts. The most offensive of these characters is Chaz, who is John Constantine's best friend (and is a grown man with kids) but he is reduced to a street kid who is basically a lap dog for Constantine to pick on. The only character in the film that closely resembles the comic book is Papa Midnight, who's really more of an adversary in the comic than the friend he is in the movie. Judging this movie on it's own merits, It's a passable popcorn movie that has a better than deserved performance by Rachel Weisz. Judging the movie as an adaptation of the comic book, it's a letdown.
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Angels and the Cosmic battle for Souls
thinker169125 July 2005
The Film Constantine, directed by Francis Lawrence, written by Kevin Brodbin and staring Keanu Reeves has only been out a short while and already has garnered enough acclaim to rank itself as a modern classic. The exciting, action loaded film follows the continuing saga of dark soul John Constantine, demon hunter. Punished by God to wonder the streets of Earth, for an attempted suicide, he now must 'earn' his way back into the grace of the almighty. To do this, he must hunt down and 'excorcise' every sort of demonic beast that plague's mankind. Aiding him are a host of penitent souls who have sinned and wish to redeem themselves. To make matters worse, is the Archangel Gabriel who want to step up the 'final' conflict and match powers with Lucifer (Peter Stormare) himself. Caught in-between their cosmic battle is Constantine, who must atone for his sin with self-sacrifice and brute power over the army of the dammed. Extremely good film and exciting from beginning to end. ***
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Loved It!
Angela_Ray7136712 May 2006
I loved this film. I thought the special effects were amazing, thought the plot was amazing and thought all the actors involved did a great job. Of course there are a lot of comments that talk about Keanu Reeves acting abilities, but I think he did a grand job. The character Gabriel in this film is so intriguing. I was a little disappointed with Gavin's role as Balthazar. His role could have been expanded a bit. But all in all eerie, and definitely interesting. People who bash Keanu Reeves are more upset with the fact that he gets paid $30 million a picture even when the film isn't so great! But this one is great. I own it and everyone I have shown it to has absolutely loved it.
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Supernatural intrigue about confrontation between angels and demons
ma-cortes22 December 2005
The movie deals about John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) , a tough detective in charge of exorcisms and throwing out supernatural beings and bizarre creatures toward hell , employing only as weapons a shot-cross and holy water . He has ability to go and back from inferno . He is helped by a sympathetic apprentice (Shia LaBeouf). Constantine teams up with a gorgeous policewoman called Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) to resolve the rare suicide of her twin sister (also interpreted by the same). They try to investigate the deeds at whatever risk . In the beginning , skeptical Angela doubts on the mysterious events are happening but she is caught up by ominous demon . Both protagonists will confront against forces of evil , the devil , Balthazar and underlings (Peter Stormare , Gavin Rassdale) . It's a horrible struggle between Angels- Gabriel (Tilda Swinton)- and demons developed in contemporary city Los Angeles .

From the start to the finish the action-packed and suspense is unstopped . The movie is spectacular and exciting and the supernatural plot is narrated in stimulating and moving manner . The film is plenty of tension , thriller , terror , grisly murders and is developed in fast moving and for that reason results to be entertaining . Picture has a plethora of special effects created by computer generator describing catastrophic series of of otherworldly happenings and weird entities ; they are realized by the master Stan Winston for animatronics effects and for the make-up ; besides the visual effects are created by Phil Tippet (Starship Troopers and Jurassic Park) . Colorful and sensational cinematography by the French Philippe Rousselot . Exceptional as well as lively musical score by two excellent musicians : Klaus Badelt and Brian Tyler . Motion picture was well directed by Francis Lawrence . The flick will appeal to Keanu Reeves fans and fantastic thriller enthusiasts.
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Not bad at all
zelvopyr9 April 2005
It seems to be rather a provocative concept of the cold war between the Hell and Heaven (who knows who's good or evil...)... The heap of mystery, exorcism, action and the necessary explanations is surprisingly well balanced.

Keanu is a bit uneasy in the character I guess, but keeps quite consistent "him" through all the story. Many of other actors performed really over-the-standard! What I really liked -- a handful of very decent jokes or against-the-cliché scenes, like the few last seconds.

I am not a fan of Hellblazer so .... being intact of this "purity or deviation from the original".... I found the movie really mind-inspiring... Not that bad, just perfect 9!
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Even with the strong and complex performance of Rachel Weisz, Keanu still finds a way to suck the life out of the movie.
cryingandlovingagain11 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Decent yet very incoherent adaptation of the Hellblazer comic lacks that book's sense of humor and complexity and goes for the gusto in stupidity with a very bad performance by Keanu Reeves, who manages to make his last two matrix films look like masterpieces compared to his work here. He not only sucks the life out of every scene he's in but manages to bring the film down to his level of acting in certain scenes. Director Frances Lawrence tries hard but lacks focus in certain scenes and lacks a sense of continually with his work. He steals from the best but lacks the substance to pull it off. The only redeeming things this movie has to offer is the performance of Rachel Weisz, who manages to give a strong, complex and moving performance despite the fact that the movie is not worthy of it. I would have liked to have learn more about her character and her relationship with her sister, which would have been a much better movie than this film was if they just could have based the film around her character instead of John Constantine. Djmon Hounsou, who was so great in the film " In America" only has a bit part here and he does well with it but I would have rather had him play a much bigger role than he was allowed to play in this film. Peter Stormare, who was so great in the movies "Birth" and "Chocolat", gives quite an unusual take of the devil. Unfortunately, he's not in the movie very much at all. The special effects are good but the way hell is represented here is more a variation of the sets that was used in the film than something completely original. It's a decent film if you're in the mood for this kind of movie but I you will end up thinking that it could have been better once it's over.
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