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Ready Movie Review


Director: Anees Bazmee

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin, Mahesh Manjrekar, Paresh Rawal

Rating: **

By Murali Ramachandran

If you love Salman Khan, then this movie is for you. No question ? it is aimed and designed to appeal to his fan following that has only been cemented after Wanted and Dabangg.


Ready is a remake of the 2008 Telugu hit film of the same name. In the Hindi comedy Salman Khan plays Prem Kapoor, a glib, spoilt rich kid who whose only past time seems to be to play cupid and unite star-crossed lovers. His life is turned upside down by Sanjana (Asin) who poses as Pooja, the girl the Kapoor family guru has picked out as Prem?s bride. Sanjana takes shelter in the Kapoor joint family mansion as she hides out from her mafia-men uncles both of who want Sanjana to marry their respective sons in order to appropriate her generous inheritance.
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Review Of Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon: Confusing, Clumsy And Waste Of Talents

Review Of Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon: Confusing, Clumsy And Waste Of Talents
Film: Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon Review; Starring: Yuvraaj Parasher, Zeenat Aman, Kabir Bedi, Helen, Maradona Rebello, Kapil Sharma and Hazel; Director: Sanjay Sharma; Rating: *1/2.

You must have waited for a long time for the movie to get released and too much hype around it urged you think to watch the film as soon as possible. However, if you have not yet watched the film then you fall under the group of those intelligent viewers who will instead spent their money on some fun with family during the weekend rather that watching the film.

There is no need to tell anybody what the movie is all about because the subject of the movie has been in news for quite some time now. The very sensitive issue of homosexuality.
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Dunno Y Review

Dunno Y Review
Film: ‘Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun’; Cast: Zeenat Aman, Kabir Bedi, Helen, Kapil Sharma, Yuvraaj Parasher, Maradona Rebello, Rituparna Sengupta, Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, Asha Sachdev; Director: Sanjay Sharma; Rating: **

As far as scrutinizing a gay relationship is concerned, this isn’t a patch on Ang Lee’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’. But still…it tries.

This fatally flawed look at the dark secrets of an Anglo-Indian family where the single mother sleeps with her cheesy boss for lack of choice and the elder married.
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Preview Of Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon

Film: Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon; Director: Sanjay Sharma; Producers: Movies Masti Magic in association with Shantketan Films; Music: Nikhil Kamat; Cast: Zeenat Aman, Helen, Kabir Bedi, Aryan Vaid, Kapil Sharma, Maradona Rebello, Rituparna Sengupta, Yuvraaj Parashar and Hazel.

Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon is one film, whose lead actors have become very popular and won awards much before its release despite the fact that both the lead actors are newcomers. All these popularity is due to its controversial storyline that deals with homosexual relationship. However, the film hit the screens today.

Director Sanjay Sharma has tried to portray the gay relationship in its best form through this film. His aim.
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India's answer to 'Brokeback Mountain'?

His elder brother Anil Sharma may have made period films like Gadar and Veer, but Kapil Sharma has penned a truly hatke film called Donno Y... Na Jaane Kyon?, which deals with the love affair of a gay couple, portrayed by Kapil himself and Yuvraaj Parashar. Co-starring hi-profile veterans like Zeenat Aman, Helen, Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal and Kabir Bedi, the film is directed by Sanjay Sharma, elder to Kapil, but younger to Anil Sharma. While Dostana wasn't a 'gay film' as such, Donno Y... Na Jaane Kyon? promises to be India's answer to Brokeback Mountain. That's a tall claim, isn't it? "We aren't comparing the two films. All we are saying is that like Brokeback Mountain, Donno Y... Na Jaane Kyon? also talks of two men who love each other unconditionally," Kapil clarifies. What was elder brother Anil Sharma's reaction when he heard the plot? "He was surprised, but
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This is it for Ranbir and Deepika-Couple Calls it Quits

Though rumours of a break-up have been brewing for a while, it.s now clear that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have ended their relationship. Though various theories have been floating about the cause of their break-up, here.s the real reason why the two have parted ways.Immediate speculation will point to Ranbir.s chemistry with Katrina Kaif. It.s hasty to pin the blame on Katrina though, as Deepika had seemed insecure before the pretty actress came into the picture. And it.s not Ma Kapoor that put the spanner in the works either.Ranbir, after all, is a hot-blooded Kapoor. He is a natural charmer as far as women go and sooner or later, Deepika would have heard about his flirtations. Apparently, Ranbir isn.t too modest about it either. Discretion about his less-than-innocent encounters would.ve been highly advisable, but he hasn.t exactly been a posterboy for it so far.
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Ranbir-Deepika’s wavering relationship

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came together quietly under dramatic circumstances more than a year back. There were talks that Ranbir was seeing his first co-star Sonam and Deepika was oscillating between Yuvraaj Singh and M.S Dhoni after her break up with Nihar Pandya.

They have been officially seeing each other for a while but there have been some uncertainties.

Of late there have been talks about Ranbir getting close to his new co-star Katrina Kaif and Deepika being spotted with some mystery man.

In the beginning, Neetu Singh seemed to be confident about her dear Ranbir’s.
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