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A decent DVD extra
MartinHafer18 February 2009
This DVD extra was for the movie PSYCH-OUT--the flip side of the DVD featured another drug-oriented film, THE TRIP. One thing you'll notice right away is that Jack Nicholson does not participate in the film nor does Susan Strasberg (she died of cancer a few years earlier). It stars the producer, Dick Clark, as well as Bruce Dern (who only had a bit role in the film) as well as the director and cinematographer. Despite this serious shortcoming, the film was interesting to learn the background information about the making of the film. It was also interesting to hear from Clark and Dern who seemed to like the anti-drug message (though it was diluted) in the original film.

Overall, nothing extraordinary or necessary to watch, but if you have the DVD anyway, try watching it. The film is only 20 minutes long and does place the entire production in its proper context.
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