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Disappointing and A Unbearable CD
goodbyeleningoodbyestali25 August 2007
It is acceptable this movie has not a coherent line story and has errors in cinematography.

I am a fan of Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar.

But Ajay and Urmila in this movie were Under average. Naseeruddin Shah vs vile role was very good.

songs and dances were nice and beautiful.

Urmila Matondkar looks so young and pretty especially in first song in college.

Cinematography has wrongs and seem don't direct cinematograph.

This Movie had very bad Original CD; and seems unattended Operation in Record this movie on CD. A unbearable and unbecoming Record on CD.

Overall; Bedardi is definitely ; a Weak and Disappointed Indian movie.
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Solid Film, but nothing special
luigi70010 December 2015
This was a solid film, good direction and great action. Naseeruddin Shah gives a great performance in the film and Ajay Devgan delivers some great dialogues in this one. The soundtrack wasn't up to par in this, I'm shocked Laxmikant-Pyarelal worked on the music because in my opinion most of the songs were forgettable, but the film itself was pretty good. Kiran Kumar does another villain role, he does okay but he becomes kind of repetitive with his villain character, he needs to spice it up some more. Urmila and Reena Roy do their supporting roles well. You get to see an early Urmila before Rangeela.

All in all a good film for Devgan fans and those looking for a good movie to watch on the weekends, or if you have free time.
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