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Mexican awards remember docus

Mexican awards remember docus
MEXICO CITY -- Two documentaries, the antiwar Recuerdos and La Pasion de Maria Elena, which explores human rights violations in indigenous communities, shared top honors this week at the 18th annual Guadalajara Film Festival, both winning Mayahuel Grand Jury prizes at Mexico's leading movie showcase. On an evening when many award recipients seized the moment to speak out against the war in Iraq, Recuerdos, which includes a series of interviews depicting the hardships of exiled groups during the Spanish Civil War and World War II, fueled the antiwar sentiment. Recuerdos director Marcela Arteaga and La Pasion director Mercedes Moncada each took home a 50,000 peso ($4,600) cash prize. Recuerdos also won the International Catholic Film Organization prize and got the nod from the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci) for best picture. Julian Hernandez won a golden Mayahuel and 100,000 pesos ($9,700) for his direction of Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor jamas acabaras de ser amor. Mil Nubes tells the story of a suicidal homosexual teen in Mexico City who desperately seeks companionship and understanding.

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