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Reuben Wilson has an appointment with a couple of friends, who are awaiting him outside his house. Finding it impossible to escape the sharp attentions of his wife, he signals to them with a flag. Finally making a dash for it, he is also accompanied by his suspicious but unrelenting spouse. But his two friends are loyal. They get up a row with Reuben and run away and are, of course, pursued by Reuben, who thus obtains liberty to join his friends in a visit to a masquerade, where the three of them have a high old time. Meanwhile, Mrs. Wilson seeks detective aid in finding her husband. Sherlocko finds the flag of distress, and by some intuitive process, known only to the detective mind, tracks the deceitful Reuben down to the dancing hall, where he is surprised by his wife in the character of Mephistopheles. Sherlocko gains a reputation for acuteness and Reuben has had a good time.

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