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Chicago Sun-Times
Apart from funny supporting work by the inventor of the Mind Control and the guy in the "Q" role, the movie is pretty routine.
New York Daily News
With lots of cool gadgets, plenty of silliness and a clever concept guaranteed to appeal to preteens, this should be an unflagging, high-octane romp.
Stretching what was a cute concept to the breaking point.
Muniz has better secret-agent toys to play with, funnier lines and sidekicks helping him out, and a bit more discerning director in Kevin Allen ("The Big Tease").
San Francisco Chronicle
So the movie's OK in spots, but it's mostly so familiar that even the young target audience may get that deja vu feeling.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Muniz is quite winning as a plucky teen who is constantly being thrown into situations over his head. But the usually reliable Anthony Anderson e-mails in his performance as Cody's handler.
Entertainment Weekly
At bottom, there's just too much spy in young Cody, and too little kid. The writers might've taken (another) page from the ''Spy Kids'' playbook and infused the action with youth relevance.
Chicago Tribune
It's a movie, and certain liberties are bound to be taken, but having Derek stop a moped-driving Brit on the street by pulling out some sort of identification and yelling, "CIA, I need your moped!" is not the way.
The Hollywood Reporter
In terms of inspiration or even the slightest shred of ingenuity, Banks ranks more like an 000 than an 007.
While the canine is a scene stealer, the movie is a dog.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
After 90 minutes of diligently searching the premises of ACB2, no evidence of mass entertainment can be found. Recommend cancellation of all future similar missions.

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