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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 2003 | 2005

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Moving Targets

3 May 2003
When a uniformed sergeant and a criminal are gunned down in a drive-by, the team first has to find which was the intended victim in order to find the killer.

Season 1, Episode 2: Daddy's Little Girl

10 May 2003
When a three year old building is demolished the perfectly preserved body of a nineteen tear old cancer survivor is found with a crushed skull.

Season 1, Episode 3: Rubbish

17 May 2003
DI Friend and the team investigate the murder of a young boy who is found in collected refuse. The autopsy reveals that the boy had his heart cut out. Although no children have been reported missing, they manage to trace the victims parents who are from West Africa and have sought sanctuary in a church to avoid deportation. They thought their children were in the care of a nanny selected by their pastor, but it seems they had run away. The focus of the investigation quickly shifts to finding the victims younger brother.

Season 1, Episode 4: Reading, Writing and Gangbanging

24 May 2003
The team investigates two inter-related deaths. In the first a teacher, Martin Ramsay, either jumped or was pushed out of the upstairs window of his house. In the second, a tramp is found floating in the river with his head bashed in. From the evidence and the time line, it appears that the tramp may have come across Ramsay's body, helping himself to his shoes and his wallet, but it is unlikely he had anything to do with his death. Suspects in Ramsey's death include his wife, who was divorcing him; a fellow teacher, Kirsten Hughes who was ending her relationship with him; and Raoul Jimenez who had been harassing him for some time. As the investigation progresses however, the police discover a completely different motive arising from activities at his school.

Season 1, Episode 5: Red Heads

31 May 2003
The MIT investigates the murder of Penny Wake who is found by the river. Forensic evidence shows that the woman was strangled and had been dead for several days and that the body had been moved. The killer also went to great lengths to clean the body before disposing of it. They immediately focus on the woman's husband Neil Wake, who says he has been away from home for a week or so on business but it turns out, was actually on leave having spent a few days with his girlfriend. The investigation takes a different turn when a second abduction victim, Kathy Monroe, is found wandering the streets in her underwear. The key however is that both women had red hair.

Season 1, Episode 6: Lambs to the Slaughter

7 June 2003
The team investigates the murder of Dominic Morton a pedophile who was recently released from prison. He's found in his home stabbed and emasculated the result, the police believe, of vigilantes. When they identify calls made from Morton to a Peter Taylor they also find that both men look exactly the same. The puzzle becomes a mystery when they are unable to locate Morton's victims or any probation records for him. When they learn he was an undercover police officer trying to infiltrate a pedophile ring, the police start looking for a rent boy he was trying to get information from. The case comes full circle when they learn another police officer may be involved.

Season 1, Episode 7: Models and Millionaires

14 June 2003
The squad investigates the murder of Natasha McKay, found dead on the banks of the Thames. She was severely beaten but actually drowned. Natasha was an attractive woman who modeled in the soft porn industry and had frequently been a page 3 girl. Her wealthy property developer husband has a cast-iron alibi for the time she disappeared but DC Rosie MacManus has her own reasons for pursuing him, which causes DI Friend to question her judgment. The investigation focuses on Simon Crookshank, a friend from her schooldays as the police conclude they were having an affair.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Bigger the Lie

21 June 2003
The vicious murder of an investigate journalist exploring an old hate crime takes place in the same Dengaledesh neighborhood.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Episode #2.1

4 February 2005
With DI Trevor Hands now in charge, the team investigates the stabbing of Ed Vilarin who collapses on the street, stabbed with an ice pick. There are several lines of enquiry. The police suspect that the he may have been involved in selling stolen mobile phones. He may also have been killed as part of a game of phone tag. Also, the victim had only recently reconciled with his estranged father who needed a kidney transplant. The use of a stolen credit card leads them to the killer. The team welcomes a new DC, Eva Sharpe who works on the case and proves to be a top notch cop.
Lindsey Coulson ... DS Rosie MacManus
Diane Parish ... DC Eva Sharpe

Michael McKell ... DI Trevor Hands

Will Mellor ... DC Jed Griffiths

Richard Hope ... DS Barry Purvis

Abhin Galeya ... DC Simon Tait

Meera Syal ... DCI Anita Wishart

Kenneth Cranham ... Ray Morgan

Oliver Cotton ... Artyom Biartoulis

Henry Goodman ... Cameron Pattison

Clare Higgins ... Lesley Pattison
Alexandra Fletcher ... Lola Biartoulis (as Alex Fletcher)
Hugh Sachs ... Dr. Charles Renfield

Stacey Roca ... Mags Alderton

Angel Coulby ... Lee Allanson
Sara Gleeson ... Katie Peerman

Ricky Grover ... Dave Day

Ramon Tikaram ... DI Vince Ruddy

Raza Jaffrey ... Kareem Dobar

Mark Donovan ... Wetboy

Harry Lloyd ... Matt Pattinson

Bruno Lastra ... Ed Villarin

Helen Oakleigh ... Sarah (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 2: Episode #2.2

11 February 2005
The team investigates the death of Gerrard Anderson, a doctor at a local hospital who either jumped or fell off the hospital roof, crashing through a skylight on to the floor of the hospital canteen. Anderson was well liked by almost all of the hospital staff but one doctor in particular, Stewart Masters, doesn't have much good to say about him. The police believe that Anderson may have stumbled on to a drug dealer in the hospital but the case takes a different turn when they learn that he was investigating the case of a young woman who died after routine surgery.
Lindsey Coulson ... DS Rosie MacManus
Diane Parish ... DC Eva Sharpe

Michael McKell ... DI Trevor Hands

Will Mellor ... DC Jed Griffiths

Richard Hope ... DS Barry Purvis

Abhin Galeya ... DC Simon Tait

Meera Syal ... DCI Anita Wishart
Hugh Sachs ... Dr. Charles Renfield

Anthony Head ... Stewart Masters

Jonathan Coy ... Gerrard Anderson
Cathy Tyson ... Val Purser

Amanda Ryan ... Helen Cousins
Melanie Thaw ... Isobel Kael

Andrew Buckley ... Vinnie Maitland
Clare Burt ... Janice Masters

Katie McGuinness ... Becky Hamilton
Paul Ridley ... Commander

Kieran Bew ... Gareth Frears
Toby Merritt ... Karl Anderson

Pui Fan Lee ... Solicitor
Victoria Shalet ... Nurse
Claire Oberman ... Margaret
Ruby Milton ... Woman

Season 2, Episode 3: Episode #2.3

18 February 2005
The team investigates the death of Sean Reynolds who is found dead at the wheel of his car. Reynolds was a professional footballer and the autopsy reveals that he died from a severe blow to the back of the head. His wife confirms that her husband had been receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls. As he was about to leave his football club as a free agent, it was put down to irate fans. The investigation leads them to a particularly rabid fan, Jason Phelps, but his information leads them right back to a more likely suspect.
Lindsey Coulson ... DS Rosie MacManus
Diane Parish ... DC Eva Sharpe

Michael McKell ... DI Trevor Hands

Will Mellor ... DC Jed Griffiths

Richard Hope ... DS Barry Purvis

Abhin Galeya ... DC Simon Tait

Meera Syal ... DCI Anita Wishart
Hugh Sachs ... Dr. Charles Renfield
Jack Ryder ... Sean Reynolds

Rebecca Lacey ... Ruth Baxter
Emma Ferguson ... Lisa Reynolds
Georgina Hale ... Woman
Naomi Benson ... PC

Chiké Okonkwo ... Marlon Raines (as Chike Okonkwo)
Tim Healy ... Regan
Robbie Earle ... Interviewer

Stephen Graham ... Jason Phelps
Jason Speake ... Heavy Built Labourer
Jordan Long ... Foreman

Amelia Lowdell ... Karen Phelps
Vinnie Hunter ... Luke Phelps (as Vinni Hunter)

Rick Warden ... Michael Brown

Paul Antony-Barber ... Mr. Davies (as Paul Anthony Barber)
Corrina Preece ... Janine
Lucy Bayler ... Ms Stephenson

Bruce Mackinnon ... Forensic Scientist
Jason Bailey ... Identification Officer

Season 2, Episode 4: Episode #2.4

25 February 2005
The team has a sexual predator on their hands when a dead woman is found gagged and strangled in her flat. The woman was a crimes scene examiner and well known to them. There are several obvious suspects including an ex-boyfriend. The case takes a particular twist when a second woman is killed. There are many similarities with the first murder, but there are a sufficient number of discrepancies to convince them they have a copycat killer on their hands. The problem is that both physical and cctv evidence points to DI Trevor Hands as being the most likely suspect.
Lindsey Coulson ... DS Rosie MacManus
Diane Parish ... DC Eva Sharpe

Michael McKell ... DI Trevor Hands

Will Mellor ... DC Jed Griffiths

Richard Hope ... DS Barry Purvis

Abhin Galeya ... DC Simon Tait

Meera Syal ... DCI Anita Wishart

Danny Dyer ... Marc Sharaff

Lee Ross ... Andy Nash

Vincent Regan ... Paul Harris

Andrew Tiernan ... Gary Shale
Hugh Sachs ... Dr. Charles Renfield

Priyanga Burford ... Sally Markham (as Priyanga Elan)

Andrew Greenough ... John
Christine Garner ... Trudy Warner
Tim Berrington ... Technician

Jaime Winstone ... Hannah (as Jamie Winstone)
Rosalie Craig ... Officer (as Rosalle Craig)

Amanda Foster ... Diane Caine Medical Examiner (uncredited)

Les Loveday ... Barman (uncredited)

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