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3 Jan. 2006
When Two Worlds Collide: David P. & Maria
The Fab Five help arrange an inter-faith wedding for Jewish David and Catholic Maria.
10 Jan. 2006
Surprise Our Stud with Stag Party: Ryan M
Ryan M thrilled his fiancée Kristen with a beautiful surprise engagement last year. So now she's called in the Fab Five to return the favor by throwing him a surprise bachelor party.
17 Jan. 2006
Expose the Moose for Charity: Stephen G
The Fab Five makeover the Huntington Moose Lodge and a dozen of the lodge leaders for what they're hoping will be their biggest charity fund raiser ever - a nude calendar!
24 Jan. 2006
Make Star's Brother a Star: Michael B
The Fab Five makeover Kevin Bacon's brother, Michael.
6 Jun. 2006
Small Time Entertainer to Big Show Headliner: Max C
The Fab Five makeover a magician in the first of three Las Vegas episodes.
13 Jun. 2006
Marriage, Vegas Style: Asher and Tsiliana
This episode tells the story of New York couple Asher and Tsiliana, who met on a dating website and fell instantly in love. But they had a hard time planning their wedding so as to satisfy the wishes of his orthodox Jewish family, her non-religious family, and their own desires. So they've eloped to Las Vegas, where the Fab Five give them both a wedding makeover before throwing their dream ceremony -- with Carson Kressley officiating!
20 Jun. 2006
Turn a Poker Dud Into a Five Card Stud: Ed M
The Fab Five makeover Ed Miller, a talented but slobby professional poker player, and prepare him for a celebrity charity poker game.
27 Jun. 2006
Bringing Out the Inner Fab: Jeff B
Jeff is gay man living in a straight man's world. The Fab Five step in to help one of their own embrace who he is, while remaining comfortable in his environment.
4 Jul. 2006
Messenger to Model Material: Jesan H
Jesan is handsome and physically fit, with great hair and a beautiful smile. Everything an aspiring male model needs, right? Wrong! He has no idea how to break into the biz, and doesn't even have head shots! His bad wardrobe and busy schedule working three jobs aren't making it any easier. The Fab Five (and model Tyson Beckford!) help Jesan clean up his act, and set up a meeting with a model agency.
11 Jul. 2006
Help Fireman Thank His Heroes: Steve H
NY firefighter Stephen suffered third degree burns over more than half his body, broken bones, and even a coma after being trapped inside a fire during a rescue. Now he's out of hospital, and is learning to live with the changes. The Fab Five throw Steve a wonderful party, to celebrate his recovery and to say thank you to all the family and friends who supported him.
18 Jul. 2006
Groometh Yon Lad for Fair Maiden: Eric Z
Eric Z's two passions are his girlfriend, and medieval history. He regularly participates in recreated medieval events, and even takes part in jousting battles! The Fab Five help him arrange a fantasy proposal -- in the middle of a grand 13th century banquet!
25 Jul. 2006
Give Newlyweds a New Lease on Life: Anne Marie & Michael G
Newlywed Michael G devoted his life to his wife Anne Marie when she was diagnosed with cancer. But she is now in remission, and they are finding it hard to be a normal couple again, instead of a carer/care-ee. The Fab Five step in to reward Michael for all his good deeds, and to give this two lovebirds a fairytale second honeymoon.
1 Aug. 2006
Trans-form This Trans-man: Miles G
The Fab Five help 24 year old trans-gendered Miles, who just moved to Brooklyn from California, embrace his new life as a New York man, and celebrate his new life with a coming out party for all his friends and family.
8 Aug. 2006
Enroll This Trifecta in Domestic Boot Camp: Rotondo Family
Meet the Rotondo family: grandfather, father, and son are all horse obsessed, and the women in the family aren't happy about the lack of care they give to anything or anyone else in their lives! The Fab Five put this multi-generational family through 'domestic boot camp' to help them shape up and learn to take care of themselves -- and their loved ones.
15 Aug. 2006
Turn Dr. Dud Into Dr. Stud: Ron B
The Fab Five help stressed newlyweds Ron and Jodi learn to make time for each other despite their money worries and Ron's busy schedule as a medical student, and set them up on a beautiful romantic evening to put the passion back into their relationship.
22 Aug. 2006
Taking the Stuffing Out of the Lovebirds: Erik and Khadijah
The Fab Five help couple Erik and Khadijah with a diet and fitness program, in the first in a series of weight-loss episodes.
29 Aug. 2006
From Big Boy to Broadway Baby: Eric S
Fitness club manager and actor Eric S enlists the Fab Five to help him do something about his 320lb bulk, in the second weight-loss episode.
5 Sep. 2006
Getting Kicked Out of the Garden of Eaten: Adam & Steve
Best friends Adam and Steve compete with each other to lose weight in the third Queer Eye weight-loss special.
12 Sep. 2006
Turn This Fat Man Into an Iron Man: Todd E
The final weight-loss episode sees Todd E get in shape to compete in a triathlon, helped along by the Fab Five -- one of whom even competes himself!
19 Sep. 2006
Help Widower Learn to Live Again: Jim M
The Fab Five help widower Jim M come to terms with living life and raising his children alone.

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