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11 Jan. 2005
A Home to Come Home to: Ray S
Private First Class Ray is in the army, and the possibility of being sent to Iraq has made him fear for the wellbeing of his partner Maria and their baby daughter. The Fab Five throw the pair a beautiful, heartrending wedding ceremony, and play fairy godfathers with a huge array of gifts.
25 Jan. 2005
Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B
The Fab Five have done their best with the straight men of America, and now it's the Brits turn. Former pop star Simon Britton has long wild red hair, a wardrobe of dungarees and bright fluffy sweaters, a tiny house with holes in the wall, and a wicked case of stage fright. Which of these things will hinder him the most as he prepares to release his comeback single? Well, none of them - it's Fab Five to the rescue in Queer Eye's first international make-better.
1 Feb. 2005
An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D
The Fab Five are still in England, but they must be feeling homesick because they're making over another American! Darin is spending a year working towards his PhD at the University of Essex in Colchester. He and his wife Julie miss their native California, so the Fab Five help them get settled in by arranging a romantic night in London, culminating in a surprise visit from their family from back in the US!
15 Feb. 2005
The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L
Brud and Susan met and fell in love twenty years ago. Since then they've married, raised four kids, and divorced. But somehow they're still together and still in love, and they've decided to celebrate with a commitment ceremony. The Fab Five throw a unique, family-oriented ceremony that embraces their commitment to each other and their hippie roots.
23 Feb. 2005
Mike the Mechanic: Mike S
Mike S found in calling in life on the side of the road, in the form of a broken down old motorcycle. Now he owns his own motorcycle repair and customization shop. He asks the Fab Five to help him throw a party for potential investors, and they are happy to help - once they have dealt with more pressing concerns, such as the fact Mike only washes his hair twice a year!
1 Mar. 2005
A Closet Thespian: Alex M
Alex has longed to act all his life, but has only now, at the age of 29, began pursuing it. While his wife Carine is happy to support him, Alex realizes he needs a little more help - and calls in the Fab Five to get him ready for a big audition.
8 Mar. 2005
Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D
John is Assistant General Manager to the Staten Island Yankees and loves his job. But his love life is not quite as fulfilling - yet. John has been chatting on-line with 20 year old Emily for four years and they are just about to take the next step and met each other in person for the first time. The Fab Five help John prepare to meet his cyber beau, preparing a party at the ballgame for Emily and all John's family and friends in his honor.
15 Mar. 2005
From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S
Kord is a cameraman for cable channel NY1, but dreams of becoming a sportscaster. An Achilles tendon injury put him out of action for a while - it's hard to do stand up reports when you can't stand up. But Kord is healthy again and looking to jump start his career, and the Fab Five are right there to help him prepare for his first on camera opportunity.
29 Mar. 2005
The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A
The Fab Five are going on a ROADTRIP! Cameron A is Rush Chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of North Texas. He's a great guy, but his still is blah and their house is squalid and has holes in the walls. The Fab Five take a trip to Dallas to make over the entire frat house.
5 Apr. 2005
An Overdue Reunion: Joe H
Joe is a caring husband and father who spends his time entertaining seniors at a nursing home. Since the birth of his son River, he has found himself thinking about his own father, who he lost contact with as a teen after his parents' divorce. In the second Texan make-better, the Fab Five help Joe prepare both physically and emotionally for a heart rending family reunion with the father he has not seen in twenty years.
12 Apr. 2005
Home on the Ranch: Scott B
The Fab Five finish off their Texan trip with a visit to the ranch. Scott B recently returned home to his family ranch, and he brought a girlfriend and a baby daughter with him. The Fab Five throw a barbecue to help Scott welcome Jessica and Katherine to the family.
7 Jun. 2005
Championship Make Better: Boston Red Sox
The Fab Five makeover the Boston Red Sox.
14 Jun. 2005
Guess Who's Coming to Babysit? Paolo P
The Fab Five help Paolo and his wife Silvia, proud parents of year old quintuplets, setting them up for a romantic evening alone, while the Fab Five babysit.
21 Jun. 2005
Hero on Wheels: Hector D.
The Fab Five makeover a wheelchair-bound Iraqi vet.
28 Jun. 2005
Debut the New Dude: Patrick M
The Fab Five makeover a man who has lost 100lbs.
5 Jul. 2005
Shearing Sampson's Locks: Jim J
The Fab Five makeover a special education teacher who is severely lacking in the romance department.
12 Jul. 2005
A Nude Scary Garcia: Jim B
The Fab Five makeover a nudist.
19 Jul. 2005
Surprise the Super Dad: Lee F
The Fab Five makeover Lee, devoted foster father to ten children.
26 Jul. 2005
A Phenominal 40th: Gary K
The Fab Five makeover a cystic fibrosis sufferer.
2 Aug. 2005
Send in the Clowns: Michael L
The Fab Five makeover the tent master of the Big Apple Circus -- and take to the ring themselves.
9 Aug. 2005
Back to School: Pat M
The Fab Five makeover a high school basketball coach.
16 Aug. 2005
Trump-ed to Triumph: Danny K
The Fab Five help ex-Apprentice contestant Danny Kastner launch his new charity.
6 Dec. 2005
From the Doghouse to the Altar: Joe U
The Fab Five help Joe propose to his girlfriend Laura, in the first of a two-part wedding special.
7 Dec. 2005
From the Doghouse to the Altar: Part 2 - Joe U
It's now a year after the Fab Five helped Joe propose to Laura, and they return to help the lovebirds with their wedding.
20 Dec. 2005
Emergency Room to Emergency Wedding: Christian H
The Fab Five arrange a dream wedding for vets Christian and Suzanne.

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