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Rolling Stone
Witherspoon has nailed it before, notably in "Election," but her portrayal of June is astounding in its vitality and richness.
Entertainment Weekly
A big, juicy, enjoyable wide-canvas biography with a handful of indelible moments.
This movie has a driving plotline that "Ray" lacked - a love story. To me, that's what elevates this film.
Walk the Line is a strongly acted, musically vibrant, conventionally satisfying biopic of country/rock/blues legend Johnny Cash and his second wife, June Carter.
An engaging biopic that would totally lack surprise were it not for Reese Witherspoon, and a healthy touch of ambivalence about the populist myth that bound The Man in Black to his adoring public.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
There are too many musical performances in this movie, even for a country fan such as myself, to keep the city slickers engaged. This bespeaks great faith in the charisma of the stars, who merit it. They also, however, deserved a better script.
I couldn't imagine anyone better suited to play the role. But this movie is a lot less interesting than it might be. Though it's not bad--in fact, it's rather sweet--it's too simple a portrait of a very complicated and calculating entertainer.
Village Voice
In no way obsessive, Walk the Line is more sincerely--which is to say, more boringly--sincere. It doesn't leave you with much to think about, except maybe the empty vibrato of effective ventriloquism.
The A.V. Club
Ends up being another one of those life-of-an-entertainer films that reduces an artist to his most embarrassing moments.
Dallas Observer
For all the affection Mangold feels for Cash and Carter, the movie feels oddly dispassionate.

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