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Alternate Versions

German version features the song "From Zero To Hero" by Sarah Connor over the end credits.
In the Australian version, Loretta is voiced by radio personality Jackie O.
Many redubs in the UK version. Loretta is played by Cat Deeley. Mr Gasket, Rachet's father is voiced by Terry Wogan. Eamonn Holmes redubs the two roles of Stephen Tobolowsky (Bigmouth Executive & Forge). Vernon Kay redubs Brian Scott McFadden as the Trashcan Bot. Chris Moyles is credited as Stage Announcer. The name of the large bottomed character has been changed from Fanny to Fan, as the word "fanny" is UK slang for the female genitals.
In the Australian version, the voices of the Watches ("Don't Buy Us We're Fakes") in the train station, were dubbed by 6 kids who had won a competition to appear in the movie. A voice coach trained them to speak with an American accent to blend in with the rest of the movie.
In the Mexican version, at the end credits the song that plays is "Un Héroe Real" (A Real Hero) sung and composed by Aleks Syntek. The lyrics say at one point (translated from Spanish): "I want to be more than a robot, capable of loving and dreaming. I want to be more than a robot, a real hero not a fiction one".

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