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daft, yet fun teen horror flick
Robert Clarke8 February 2006
"Decoys" is a fun low budget teen horror about two guys, Luke and Roger trying to hook up with the (any of) the beautiful girls on campus. But when Luke sees something unusual, he begins to suspect that theirs something not quite right, and some of the girls may be in fact – aliens!

A virtually unknown cast is aided by former Baywatch beauty Nicolle Eggert in a supporting role, Meghan Ory a standout as Alex, the slightly geeky (yet smolderingly sexy) friend of the two leads.

Not to be taken seriously by any means, it's a tongue in cheek, enjoyably daft "B" movie full of cute college girls….need I say more!
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Not As Bad As You're Led To Believe By These Reviews.
BigHardcoreRed1 October 2004
I'll be the first to admit that this is by no means a great movie. I didn't like the special effects with the creatures themselves, but I did like the way they did the corpses. The plot could have used a little more work as well, seems like there wasn't much there.

With that being said, Decoys wasn't as bad as you are led to believe. I'd say this movie was pretty much in the middle of the road, with as much good as bad.

I didn't like the performances by Corey Sevier, Stefanie von Pfetten or Elias Toufexis (they came off as annoying, especially Elias) but thought that Meghan Ory and Kim Poirier did an excellent job. Meghan in particular stood out in this movie. I thought she looked much better than the girls who were supposed to be the best looking, and she probably had the strongest performance of the movie. While I'm at it, I have to say, Nicole Eggert is not aging well. Am I the only one who noticed this? Probably not.

The one thing I can say about this movie without hesitation, is that I didn't see the ending coming. Maybe others did, but it did surprise me, and I'm used to expecting the unexpected in movies like this. As far as that goes, the film makers here did an excellent job. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn't hold up.

Like I said, middle of the road. Maybe worth a rental or waiting for it to come on TV. I'd say around 6.5 out of 10.
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Another Teen Movie
Nisar30 January 2006
This might surprise many, but i stick to what i feel. I liked this movie. The best part of this movie was the perfect background score given behind particular scenes. There was emotion, romance and comedy in it to make it worth watchable.

Agreed there were many similar movies of these types. But one thing i can say, this one is slightly a cut above the rest. There was no stretching of any particular scene. In other words, you wont get bored and say like " Oh Cmon, get moving, isn't there anything else?" In fact there are some instances where you would wish that the scene would go on for a bit more time.

The actors gave a decent performance and the supporting cast also made their presence felt. So all in all i would recommended this movie to teenagers. It is somewhat similar to Trojan War released in 1997.
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Entertaining and fun mix of genres...
"Decoys" is one more of those new low budget horror movies that are coming straight to video these days. However, "Decoys" shines among the rest of b-grade films because of the simple fact that it is quite funny and entertaining despite its clichéd storyline. This is no "Ginger Snaps" (the Canadian horror cult-film) of course, but it is very close to be great.

The plot follows the adventure of Luke (Corey Sevier), a young man in his first year in college, who just discovered that the two beautiful students he just met are actually murderous aliens who kill every guy they have sex with. Of course nobody believes him, and the movie follows his lonely attempt to prove he is not insane. To make things worse, his best friend Roger (Elias Toufexis) is currently dating one of the aliens and is very interested in losing his virginity this year.

With a storyline like that one would expect a cheap and dumb teen movie, but "Decoys" manages to keep the interest and the laughs at a good level without becoming stupid or boring. In fact, it slowly develops the characters and one can't avoid to feel for them. Something quite rare nowadays. This is director Matthew Hastings' first feature and boy he did it notably well for a debut.

The acting is very good for the most part, although Corey Sevier is a bit weak for a lead role. On the other hand, Toufexis shows a lot of potential in a remarkable performance as Luke's friend that goes beyond being a simple comic relief to become a likable and interesting character. The same could be said of Kim Poirier, who in her role of the alien Constance shows that she is more than a pretty face and sexy body.

Of course, like the plot implies, the movie displays its fair share of nudity; not only of Poirier, but also of the beautiful Stefanie Von Pfetten. Fans of these actresses will be pleased.

The film has the obvious flaws of a b-movie film, although some of the CG effects are very good. the script its a bit flawed and has some plot-holes, but nothing minor or too distracting. Of course it could had been better, but it is OK for the movie. Also, the film drags a bit by the middle but it recovers its power for a very good and clever ending.

"Decoys" may not be a horror classic, but it is a very funny mix of horror, comedy and sci-fi. Hastings, Toufaxis and Poirier show a lot of talent and probably they'll have a bright future ahead if they continue this way. This was really a surprisingly entertaining film. 7/10
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Nice eye candy with a pretty weak plot
dcobbimdb18 October 2004
To say this movie is average is saying a bit much. However it did have certain aspects that some viewers might appreciate. You've heard enough about the bad in other reviews I'm sure, so I'll be as unbiased as I can and sum up the good, the bad, and the ugly and point out who would and wouldn't appreciate it.

First off this film is for Guys (mainly), and it is for viewers who want to see some nice eye candy as it's filled with beautiful woman including one topless / ass scene and many other sexual scenes. It plays as a horror / action thriller with some suspense. The action scenes are okay, with some decent special effects. It wasn't that suspenseful as it's not that scary (I didn't think) though not a movie for young kids either as the whole movie is of a sexual nature also involving some non graphic killings. Obviously target audience is viewers in their teens / early twenties and though I'm a few years older I thought it was okay. I rented it cause I have a blockbuster pass and had nothing else to rent (if you can imagine that). I wouldn't watch it again, and if I did, it would only be to fast forward to certain parts encompassing about 5-10 minutes worth. Overall it's for guys who want some eye candy and a cheap horror story to string you along. Probably a decent party / date movie for those who want to lighten up the sexual tension (Combo of Species, Scream, and Porkey's). It's not as suspenseful or thrilling as scream, but it's not a spoof like Scary Movie and it more or less tries to take itself seriously.

The story itself sounds like something from a porno movie. A race of alien woman are dying off as they no longer can reproduce, so they come to earth and 'Decoy' themselves as beautiful woman in attempt to impregnate hosts or men in an effort to revitalize their species. Very similar to Species. Problem is they keep killing the men in the process… So the movie is filled with sexual scenes throughout. The two main guys in the movie are new freshmen at some university in a cold state. Keep in mind I did fast forward through some of it and wasn't paying close attention to minor details. Anyway the guys get involved with your friendly neighborhood Alien beauties. The main character pretty much goes on the vigilante rampage trying to prove the aliens existence. He apparently had a sexual past with the woman detective (which wasn't really explained). I must say too that the guy detective was probably the worst actor / character, and the film certainly could have survived with out him. What was up with the Puppy stuff??? The other Main guy falls in love with the Alien, and she as well. The movie comes to a head when the main guy hunts the alien women. The acting ranged from decent to terrible, the sexual and eye candy scenes were pretty good, the action was just okay, the special effects were decent. So overall, a B horror flick. You could do worse and if you miss it, no big deal… You won't hear much about it 6 months from now.
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OK OK... It Wasn't THAT Bad...
CMRKeyboadist28 October 2006
Normally I would never watch a movie like Decoys. I am not a fan of this type of cinema and the description sounded like a big ripoff of the 80's cult flick Revenge of the Teenage Vixens From Outer Space. Since Decoys was given to me as a gift just recently I figured I would force myself to watch it...

Basically, the storyline is similar to that of Revenge of the Teenage Vixens From Outer Space, just the vixens aren't "teenagers" and they don't turn their victims into vegetables. Anyway, the movie takes place on a college campus. Luke is the star of the movie and he witnesses these two beautiful girls turning into aliens before his very eyes. The only problem is getting everyone else to believe his story. Meanwhile, the "vixens" are screwing guys to death, literally, by freezing them from the inside out. What will Luke do to stop this invasion?

Well, as much as this movie looked dreadful, it really isn't that bad. The acting was actually pretty decent and the special effects (for lame CGI) weren't as bad as I would have expected. My two main complaints were the cliché horny college kids and the absolutely awful music played throughout the movie. But, I guess this movie was aimed to more of an early 20's age group. I guess the makers figure that is what people listen to or how they act. Whatever...

Anyway, I got a few laughs out of this movie and it kept my interest throughout. So, I guess it did what it was aiming for. Check it out on a rainy day. 6/10
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"She screwed him to death!"
Backlash00710 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Alien hotties are invading Canadian colleges and it's up to Corey Sevier and Elijah Wood...I mean some guy that looks exactly like Elijah stop them in Decoys. The film (which boasts to be a Sci-fi Channel original) starts out pretty hokey. I actually thought I was watching a rip-off of The Ring. There is a snowy television screen, lots of water, and a few slack-jawed corpses. But it soon develops a sense of humor and becomes quite entertaining for the next hour. Too bad it changes tone again and gets real serious at one point. I don't understand the reason for the transition and there are some plot points that are left unanswered. One alien hottie character has a change of heart, but is later still shown as a villain. I didn't understand the logic there. It never quite recovers from that. And, since I watched it on the Sci-fi Channel, I'm sure I missed out on all the juicier parts. Nicole Eggert and Richard Burgi are the only "name" stars but they have a combined screen time of fifteen minutes. A sequel is rumored to be in development, however, I don't see myself watching it.

"How about belt of O'Fryan'!"
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Killer bimbos from outer space!
Coventry23 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I rated this movie 6 out of 10 and that certainly isn't bad considering it's a new horror film of unknown origin! "Decoys" is a silly but enthusiast production with an okay plot, good looking cast and some really nice gimmicks. The entire production doesn't take itself too seriously and that's a pretty good thing, considering it revolves on a nearly extinct species of female aliens who come to our planet to mate with earthmen. Shaped like ravishing blonde college students, these alien-bimbos seduce all the boys in a Canadian university and literally screw them to death. Our cute calendar-aliens fancy the cold (hence the snowy Canadian setting), they don't have belly buttons and they only show their true nature when exposed to fire. It's up to college buddies Luke and Roger to save the world but….is their will stronger than their hormones??? The screenplay makes a few ingenious twists near the end and there are some nice gags (even though very cliché) involving male-virgins, slutty girls and brainless fraternity chicks. The gore is a lot less outrageous than you would expect while the alien-transformation sequences are cheesy in a good old-fashioned way. The fairly unknown casts of youngsters do a pretty good job (the Constance-character is truly ravishing!!) and there are cool supportive roles for Richard Burgi (this guy starred in about 1001 TV-series) and former Baywatch starlet Nicole Eggert. "Decoys" went straight to the rental-circuit in my country, but it's definitely worth a look if you're into light-headed B-movies and insignificant Sci-Fi. From what I've read on this website, a sequel is already in progress.
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Not sexy or violent enough to get past its awful acting, stupid characters, and tacky story!
the amorphousmachine9 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
(MAJOR SPOILERS) Low-budget B-grade Canadian horror flick is the same vain as 'The Faculty', where aliens disguised as humans have become a part of the campus. Except all these aliens inhabit a college and happen to be hot chicks who love cold weather, and mating men- except, err, the men don't survive the process, and they literally turn into frozen corpses. Of course, this all baffles the police, yet one guy is onto these dastardly hot girls.

And that guy is Luke (Corey Servier), who happens to witness two of the ladies in their room spring tentacles out of their chest. Of course, none of his pals believe a word he says, and they all want to get laid. The Detectives think he did it. And his good lady pal, Alex (Meghan Ory), is the only one willing to help him- and, of course, she actually wants to be with him, but he can't see. Don't get me started on the tacked on ending involving them! If the movie wasn't tacky enough, the ending doesn't save it.

The acting from the guys is generally bad. Corey Servier is a likable hero, but he needs to act better, and the guy who's playing the wannabe homeboy couldn't act to save his life! Elias Toufexis does the best as Luke's virgin frat buddy, who gets involved with one of the so-called chicks, but his performance is up and down. The girls do better acting wise, but then again, they act as the standard cliché eye-candy too. There is an interesting turn in the story, which could have made the film decent- involving Toufexis' Roger, and his alien girlfriend, but the filmmakers ruined it with unbelievable character actions and unconvincing acting. Soon after that, we get memorable lines from Luke such "how about the belt of O-FRYIN!' which really displays the B-grade aspect of this movie.

The cinematography and visual effects are pretty decent, and I guess 'Decoys' doesn't take itself too seriously. I wish it did! Even within the context of the plot of the movie. The acting is so unconvincing, that it "feels" like a movie, and the storyline had potential to take an interesting turn, but of course, they had to have that tacky cliché horror-movie ending! Not the worst I've seen, but this was still extremely bad!

*½ out of *****! (1.5/5)
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I wasn't impressed.
Paul Andrews2 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Decoys is set on St. John's College campus in New Brunswick in Canada where Luke (Corey Sevier) & his roommate Roger (Elias Toufexis) are two students just trying to have a good time, while trying to return some loose change to blonde babes Lilly (Stefanie von Pfetten) & her roommate Constance (Kim Poirier) Luke witnesses something strange & terrifying, the two female roommates are in fact aliens. Obviously no-one believes Luke but when Bobby Johnson (Mark Trottier) is found dead under mysterious circumstances Luke is convinced the alien babes are behind it & since he is blamed for Bobby's murder after having a fight with him earlier in the evening Luke has even more reason to expose the alien menace on campus....

This Canadian production was co-written & directed by Matthew Hastings & the feeling I get from the other IMDb comments is that Decoys has divided opinion with some mixed reviews & as I write this the average 'User Rating' on the main page comes to an almost exactly half 4.4 out of 10. While I didn't think Decoys was the worst sci-fi horror film out there I wasn't that impressed with it & overall I would probably have to say I thought it was slightly below average. The biggest problem I had with Decoys is that it spends far, far too much time on boring teen drama issues & at times I thought I was watching Dawson's Creek (1998-2003) or something & the horror is kept to an absolute minimum with a few pinches of sci-fi thrown in there. The script isn't very good either, why would someone during a talent show turn up with a flamethrower, shoot a jet of flame at the crown & then just leave? How can someone enter a room with a flamethrower, use it to fry a couple of aliens & yet none of the curtains, carpet, wooden table, chairs or anything else not get so much as a singe? Why, if one of those aliens saw or even suspected she saw Luke hiding in her closet did she not do anything? After seeing someone in the closet she just leaves yet Luke must have seen her revealing herself as an alien which just makes zero sense to me if your an alien & are trying to stay incognito. Also why was one alien good & the other's bad? How did they get to Earth? How were they able to mimic humans perfectly? Are morgue's in Canada so lax that they allow any old teenager in to take a good look at his dead classmate? Do these very same morgue's leave autopsied bodies just lying around at night on any old table? Are these guy's so pathetic that when a total blonde babe goes down on them to suck their manhood they make silly faces & come up with excuses why the total blonde babe should stop. Right, I know I wouldn't. I also felt there just wasn't that much to the film, it's fairly slow, not that much happens, there's nothing in the way of mystery or surprises & there's a pointless twist ending that paves way for a sequel tacked onto the end. Those are just off the top of my head to, I could go on. I suppose if your looking for a dull teen drama with a few touches of sci-fi & horror then Decoys might be the film you have been waiting for, if not then there are much better alternatives out there that deserve your time & money more.

To be fair the film looks pretty nice with slick production values & better than average but still nothing brilliant CGI computer effects. There's not too many memorable scenes here, there's little horror & apart from a shattered frozen arm & a brief glimpse of a rotting dead body there's no gore whatsoever. Despite lots of opportunity there's not much nudity either, I think there's only one nude shot in the entire film despite several sex scenes which all end up being tamer than tame. The aliens when revealed are nothing special in themselves & look rather dark & drab & to save on the budget very humanoid in shape. AS I have already said the film spends too much time on dull teenage angst & dramatics rather than genuine chills of which there are virtually none. Even though Decoys might have a somewhat glossy look there's very little substance here below it.

According to the IMDb this had a budget of about $5,000,000 which amazes me, although the film does have a nice look about it & decent production values virtually nothing happens & I can't believe that amount of money was spent on this but having said that it's not impossible it cost that much. If it did then Decoys is even more of a disappointment when the amount of money the makers had to play with is taken into consideration. Filmed in Ottawa in Ontario in Canada. The acting is alright but nothing special from no-one I have ever heard of, some of the college girls are pretty hot though.

Decoys is a film that seems to have provoked a fairly mixed reception, some seem to like it while just as many don't. In my opinion I would say it's slightly below average & forgettable & there are better films out there. A sequel Decoys 2: Alien Seduction (2007) went straight-to-video & while I haven't seen it it's meant to be terrible.
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A good concept with mediocre execution
mentalcritic26 May 2007
Genre-blending is a timeless art where regaining the interest of a jaded or exhausted audience is concerned. Unfortunately, it is also a tricky act to pull off thanks in no small part to the delicate balance between the two disparate elements. So while the blending of the sex comedy genre that has been bludgeoned to death in Hollywood with the monster mash genre that seems to have overridden science fiction looks good on paper, it requires a few things at the execution stage in order to work. The first, and definitely most important element to put in place is a clever script that blends the best of the prospective genres whilst shedding most of the worst. A good example would be Aliens, in which science fiction, horror, and action conjoin into a gripping story of human beings fighting their own worst natures. Once a good script is in place, good direction and good actors are really needed to follow. In fact, some attempts to blend genres that lack a good script can even be saved by a good director or a good cast.

The problem with Decoys, in a nutshell, is that it has absolutely none of these things. The director seems content to set his camera in front of his subjects and leave it running whilst they run through their lines. The actors, in turn, seem to be merely reciting lines and going through the motions. This, not unnaturally, leaves the audience standing on the outside of the film's reality rather than entering it. Of course, one could recover from this by making a film that is bad or oddball enough to be funny. This is not even attempted in Decoys. The concept of aliens landing on Earth with the mission of mating with the locals in order to facilitate some sort of continuation of their species is one rife for comedy. Granted, making a credible horror out of this concept is a difficult task, as Species proved in 1995, but the problem in Decoys is that nobody even seems to be trying. The film gives us little in the way of clues as to how to respond.

Furthering the problem is the cast. Meghan Ory steals the show as a potential girlfriend for Corey Sevier's protagonist, but when she is not in the frame, the weakness of the rest of the cast shines through like a desk lamp before the face. Nicole Eggert and Richard Burgi cannot act their way out of wet paper bags, and the latter's attempts to portray a hard-nosed detective who is convinced he is pursuing a new Ted Bundy shatter the reality of every scene he is in. Canada certainly has a better pool of talent available than this rot would have you believe. Every time one watches Bryan Singer's adaptations of the X-Men, one can see that much. The problem is that for every major talent in any sector of the industry, there has to be a dozen or so dregs. The cast of Decoys would appear to be a collection of every dreg that Canada has on offer. Sevier barely possesses the skill to appear in a menswear commercial, and aside from Ory, he is the best element of the cast. Thankfully, this problem was addressed somewhat in the sequel.

Another strike against Decoys would be the terrible writing. At one point, we are given a scene in which one of the aliens tells the human male she is about to attempt to mate with exactly why she and her fellow aliens are there. In the hands of a great director like Bryan Singer or Kenneth Johnson, this could have turned into a plot subthread that would hook the audience as the alien in question struggles with her own nature. Instead, we are simply given more scenes in which sex and death are equated, while a level of misogyny rarely seen outside of America is on display. Granted, a motive for the actions of the characters is provided, but a good motive is like a good engine. If you do not maintain it adequately throughout the time in which you are using it, it will begin to fall apart. Characters begin to follow the protagonist's plan of action without needing to be adequately convinced, motivations change at the drop of a hat, and twists commit the ultimate sin. They are telegraphed in advance whilst making no real sense in light of the rest of the film at all.

As I have hinted earlier, some of the problems with Decoys were corrected in Decoys 2. Aside from the addition of better cast members, better humour, and a more developed story, Decoys 2 also delivers a bit of mild suspense. Another problem in the original Decoys is that any suspense or interest is destroyed for storytelling convenience. The susceptibility of the alien race to heat above room temperature is probably the biggest problem that these characters suffer. While it is not as idiotic as making the aliens in Signs fatally vulnerable to water, it does beg a few questions. Granted, I am not familiar with Canada in any sense, but surely they must have days when one does not require an ice pick to breathe out. Even Norway has those from time to time. But by now, you might have noticed I am picking all sorts of myriad details apart regarding Decoys. And that is the biggest point I wish to make here. A good film has plot holes, but manages to distract the viewer from them. A bad film displays its plot holes and even exaggerates them by force of numbers. Decoys is therefore a very bad film.

I gave Decoys a four out of ten. Two of those points are for a touching scene in which Kim Poirier demonstrates a third dimension to her character, and Meghan Ory. The rest of the film is a damp squib.
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So so ingredients, intolerable mix
Warning: Spoilers
This attempt to mix two genres of American pie type and alien type does not mix well. And it seems this is due to lack of trying rather than difficulty of mixing. Such waste of time both for makers and viewers of the movie .The movie tries to follow clichés of both genres but the result is not convincing like the guy who stipends relieving of his virginity, and more unbelievable that is the caring and responsible alien type who think for a species that their survival is based on their distinction. Another unbelievable thing is the police that in camp with so much strange happenings does not suspect anything. These type of movies success is based on viewers suspension of disbelief. But unfortunately here this disbelief cannot be suspended. And this is because of lack of try on writers and director's side
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A Great Surprise
Claudio Carvalho7 March 2005
In St. John College, the freshmen and best friends Luke (Corey Sevier) and Roger (Elias Toufexis) meet the sexy blond cousins Lilly (Stefanie von Pfetten) and Constance (Kim Poirier) in the laundry of their building. They are next-door neighbors, and the experienced girls invite the young men to visit them anytime. Lilly forgets a package of coins in the laundry, and Luke goes to their room to return it. The room is empty, and he sneaks around, when the two girls arrive. Luke hides himself in the wardrobe, and through an opening, he sees Lilly with many tentacles on her breast. Luke tries to convince his friends that the girls are aliens, planning to attack Earth, but nobody believes in him. Meanwhile, some friends of them are found dead, with the internal organs completely frozen.

"Decoys" was a great surprise for me. I bought this DVD because of its low price and the beautiful cover, but without any reference. When I saw IMDb Rating, I thought that I might have lost my money. However, although having some flaws in the story, the movie is very funny and attractive. In the end, I found IMDb User Rating very unfair and "Decoys" very underrated. The surprise in the last scene was excellent. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Decoys"
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Truly mediocre and forgettable horror/comedy.
HumanoidOfFlesh2 September 2005
Set in a New Brunswick college town,our heroes are a pair of easy going roommates named Luke and Roger.After sneaking into a sorority girl's room to return some quarters,Luke spies the girl sprouting tentacles in front of her friend-who's casually huffing liquid nitrogen.Luke reasonably comes to the conclusion that the two are aliens-though none of his friends believe him(he was drunk at the time).After a pair of suspicious deaths,Luke becomes convinced he's right and begins investigating."Decoys" is loaded with fake scares and plenty of bad CGI imagery.The almost complete lack of gore and violence is also hard to forgive.There are some mildly humorous moments,but the pace is rather slow and the acting is weak.So if you want a proper and intelligent Canadian horror watch again "Ginger Snaps" or check out late 70's slasher classic "Rituals".
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Beware the beautiful blonde babes from outer space!
Woodyanders29 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Flirtacious Lily (the stunningly gorgeous Stefanie Von Pfetten) and aggressive Constance (the equally foxy Kim Poirier) aren't your standard run-of-the-mill tasty hot blonde college babes. They are actually dangerously alluring and enticing extraterrestrials who have come to Earth to mate with human males. Unfortunately, these delectable intergalactic honeys cause men to freeze from the inside out while having sex with them. Plus they sprout icky tentacles when aroused and don't have navels. It's up to aimless slacker freshman Luke (winningly played by Corey Sevier) to stop them before they turn every last libidinous party hearty dude on campus into giant frosty popsicles.

Director/co-screenwriter Matthew Hastings has an absolute infectiously inane ball with the enjoyably ridiculous premise, skillfully blending raucous humor and off-center horror into a highly amusing and entertaining synthesis. Moreover, Hastings keeps the pace speeding along at a brisk tempo, elicits spirited acting from a fresh, attractive and appealing young cast, and stages the shock scenes with rousing go-for-it aplomb. Daniel Villeneuve's crisp, fluid cinematography, the catchy, thrashin' rock soundtrack, the nifty special effects, a smidgen of nudity, genuinely likable characters, the shivery'n'spooky score by Daryl Bennet and Jim Guttridge, the stirring conclusion, and a dandy surprise twist ending are all up to par. Elias Toufexis is an amiably goofy hoot as the sweet virginal Roger, Meghan Ory registers strongly as Luke's scrappy'n'spunky best gal pal Alex, former "Baywatch" TV show regular Nicole Eggert pops up as a feisty lady cop, and Richard Burgi jerks it up delightfully as a gruff homicide detective. Good, solid tongue-in-cheek Grade B sci-fi/horror fun.
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Best Christmas movie ever
h3athrow30 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Not really, but a sleeper holiday flick for your Xmas party back pocket. I hadn't even pegged it as a holiday film until the ultimate scene. Nice! Stefanie von Pfetten is a scream queen gift to the masses -- one I need to catch up on -- and the movie, while not awesome, combines horror and humor elements to good effect. The loss of the hero's friend isn't overly convincing or deserving of much mourning, and the exchange student scene at the sorority house is slightly unnerving, but on the whole, this is a fun flick worth watching once. I don't really understand IMDb's 10-line text limit for reviews. Is it 10 lines of written text -- in form? -- or on screen? I guess I'm about to find out. May the 65% of this review actually commenting on the movie serve you well.
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even for Canadian movies, this is bad.
knifeintheeye7 March 2006
I think I must be feeling generous giving this movie a 3. It's probably not even that good. A good measuring point of a movie is how many time you pause it or walk away WITHOUT pausing it. I did each several times.

The movie did get to the point / horror of the movie quickly, which is good. Unfortunataly, a movie about blond alien women who 'love' dudes to death, better have some serious nudity. Sadly, this was missing.

Missing as well, was a plot, characters you can believe or truly gorgeous women. (Why would Nicole Eggert sign onto this movie? She's good looking, but she's in a freakin' parka the whole time!) Did I mention the FX? No, that's because they're better left unsaid.

The twist at the end...never saw that coming...

Skip this flick.
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A complete hoot
kandutvla28 June 2004
I always love it when a few angry wanna be filmmakers jump on IMDb and critique other people's work. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you COMPLETELY MISS THE JOKE, the joke is actually on YOU. What part of hot college chicks from another planet led you to believe this was going to be Schindler's List?! Obviously, the people who made this movie meant it to be goofy (DUH!). Too bad you can't lighten up and just enjoy the silly film that it was clearly made to be. It's entertainment. Mindless fun. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. And if you think you could do better-- move out to LA and make your movie instead of working at the Grab and Gulp.
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sethgecko-12 March 2004
People who bash the one liners and crazy shots in this movie just don't get it. It's waaaay over the top and that's why it works. It's an over the top horror comedy. I thought it was hilarious at times. The only problem with it is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. It's really funny and every actor does a great job, but then it switches to serious and that stuff works too, but it doesn't work in comparison. That's my only problem. It's a fun, stupid movie. Anybody who doesn't see that has something to prove. Whatever happened to people just enjoying a popcorn movie. The audience I saw it with was laughing at the crazy over the top lines like "BELT OF O FRYIN!" because they were supposed to. Who would write a line like that unless it was intended to be laughed at?
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Trite, Overused Tripe, but for Elias Toufexis
Enrique Sanchez12 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin, to tell the story of how bad a movie can be?

Here is a list of the tripe which makes this movie a sham:

1- College-age sex scenes masked as drama.

2- Aliens coming out of any orifice of one's body. (Writers, please stop writing movies with this as a plot element. It is so overused that only a writer with no imagination would be tempted to use this now stock piece of "alien occupation" as anything even remotely approaching originality.)

3- Bevy of blondes and bimbos used as an element to demonstrate the cultural diversity of the average population. (Here it comes off more as an element to bring in the little boys and their salivating glands..if not a cringe or two from this viewer.)

4- An ending which is so predictable to be almost blasphemously criminal. (Who of you who have seen this movie did NOT see this coming?)

5- Hard-rock soundtrack in place of a real one.

6- Direction and editing which strikes a new low in vapidity.

Only one scene even approaches the word "good":

***********PERHAPS A SPOILER***********

I am talking of the scene where Elias Toufexis has a sensitive encounter with an alien near the end of the movie. In this scene and in this scene only does one get a taste of the acting abilities of Toufexis. He demonstrates a very believable range as a young man who will do just about anything for real love. I hope we see more of Toufexis. He shows real promise.

************END OF SPOILER*************

Othewise, this movie was a terrific waste of an evening. I do not recommend it for anyone but the youngest sci-fi aficionados who may not yet know the difference between a sci-fi movie and a sci-fi film.

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A horrible horror? movie
superc0ntra6 May 2005
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The story was full of plot holes, the camera and cutting was confusing at best and with the acting on level with kindergarten Christmas plays I cannot recommend this film to anyone but the most masochistic viewers. Avoid it like the plague if you want horror. You might find some enjoyment in watching it if you're a C-movie buff but not otherwise. I often found myself laughing but it was laughing at the movie and actors not with them. Maybe I missed the whole point and it is not intended to be a horror movie at all but a comedy on pair with "Not another teen movie" and the likes but if that is the case there were 3 of us in the room that missed the point. A very small + for the alien suits which looked quite good, but you cannot base a movie on 10 seconds of rubber suits.
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Alien and The Stepford Wives Go to College
Roland E. Zwick17 February 2005
In the cheapjack horror flick "Decoys" - which might more accurately be entitled "Sorority Chicks from Outer Space" - aliens disguised as blond co-ed bimbos terrorize a college campus by turning horny frat boys into freeze-dried fudgsicles. Luke is the freshman who uncovers the plot but can't get anyone to believe him.

Set on one of those college campuses in which the students pursue everything but their academic studies, "Decoys" can't seem to decide whether it wants to be a straight-ahead horror outing or a parody of the genre. Unfortunately, it fails miserably at both, being neither scary nor funny, just idiotic and lame. Although there's a reasonably diverting twist at the end, the movie can't overcome its silly script and cheesy special effects. Send it to the trash bin.
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jsteele0212 December 2004
I saw this movie last night with a bunch of my friends because we all thought the movie cover was crazy. This was possibly one of the funniest movies I ever saw just because of how poor the quality was. That's how amazing Canadian film is?? Damn, I know Canada has good things, like hockey, beer, free health insurance. They have awesome musicians coming out of the woodworks. But off the top of my head, I can't think of a Canadian actor/actress. I'm sure there are amazing ones, but definitely not in this movie. Poor acting, bad CGI effects, the only decent thing in the movie was the funny line "Belt of Orion, how about the belt of O-Fryin'". That made me laugh, I enjoy humor. Movies of stupid humor are funny, poor quality movies such as this one make me sad.
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Pretty good, had some flaws
rockstar200229 March 2004
On the whole, this was a pretty good, pretty fun movie. It definitely made me laugh out loud a bunch of times, and I thought the comedy was great. The horror was not really terribly scarey, more funny, which I kind of thought was the point, although I guess some people on this board disagreed. Although I really liked the comedy, there were some scenes that seemed out of place; everything with nicole eggert was just odd and that scene in the ambulance was kind of over the top. Some of the acting was really great. For example, Corey Sevier. And the girl who played Alex was amazing. Some of the acting left a lot to be desired though. Like the girl who played the goth sorority chick, she was just a horrible actress who made me cringe. But you know, it was a movie not made for a lot of money and I think on the whole it did a great job. If you have the chance, you should check it out.
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