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New York Daily News
Surprisingly sweet and smart... LaBeouf does an excellent job, and the talented Beeney is one to watch.
LaBeouf somehow manages to turn Kelly's self-centered behavior and irritating character quirks into a sympathetic lead, and the well-written script by newcomer Erica Beeney brings a lot of humor to some very touching moments.
If there is a delicate story of forgiveness, friendship and family buried somewhere in Erica Beeney's script, Potelle and Rankin haven't managed to find it under the throes of empty rebellion and painless triumph.
The nice thing about seeing so much time, money and effort go into a bland film is that it makes you appreciate truly inspired filmmaking even more.
The dubious whimsy, devoid of any directorial voice, plays more like a very special episode of Dawson’s Creek.
Entertainment Weekly
Best to experience Shaker Heights for what it is: not a movie, exactly, but the true season capper of ''Project Greenlight,'' a series that finds its very drama on the road to mediocrity.
Chicago Sun-Times
Isn't bad so much as jumbled...You get the sense of too much input, too many bright ideas, too many scenes that don't belong in the same movie.
Although Erica Beeney's script beat out more than 7,000 entries, the screen version dulls her potentially distinctive voice with deadly doses of sentimentality.
The New York Times
May lead to a new axiom: success has many fathers, but failure has "Project Greenlight."
Brain-numbingly innocuous, cliche-soused melodrama.

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