Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

anchorman 1970s
newsroom journalism
sexism panda
news anchor flirting
fashion show dog
cat reference to bob dylan
reference to terry bradshaw bleeped dialogue
sex with coworker co workers who hate each other
sex on first date dental headgear
dental braces hit with a burrito
f word man with glasses
wilhelm scream news satire
improvisation news spoof
haircut picking one's teeth
voice over narration kitchen
drunkenness frat pack
jazz flute mustache
anchorwoman milk
opening narration cult film
male chauvinism whipcracking
tv show in film tongue twister
teleprompter talking to an animal
swimming pool squirrel
split screen slow motion scene
rubik's cube pillow talk
pick up line phone booth
newspaper headline nervous breakdown
motorcycle accident misogynist
male bonding loss of pet
loss of job local news
ladder jumping from height
insult housewife
hibernation gay slur
freeze frame fondue
first date female reporter
fantasy sequence falling from height
face slap fired from the job
double amputee comeback
cigarette smoking catch phrase
banana trident
seashell hand grenade
cowboy hat zoo
what happened to epilogue weight training
weatherman vanity
television reporter television news
surprise after end credits singing
severed arm satire
san diego california rivalry
restaurant rescue
repressed homosexual premarital sex
practical joke pool party
person on fire office romance
new job multiple cameos
mental retardation love at first sight
littering hit in the crotch
gang warfare friendship
flute farce
erection depression
cologne chemical mace
bridge breakup
breaking the fourth wall brawl
bloopers during credits biker
bear bar
animated sequence animal attack
animal abuse character name in title

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