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Chicago Sun-Times
Not a well-oiled enterprise but more of a series of laughs separated by waits for more laughs. It has a kind of earnest, eager quality, and it's so screwy you feel affection for it.
San Francisco Chronicle
The film doesn't always work, but it captures the buzz of moviemaking, and that's infectious.
Entertainment Weekly
Teetering on an abyss of meta-wackiness, The Last Shot -- a movie about movie fakery, based on a true story about a fake movie -- succeeds modestly where, by all rights, it should fail miserably.
Any movie that would think Calista Flockhart to be the sort of high-strung basket case who'd hurl obscenities down at a dog kennel outside her apartment is worth sitting through.
New York Post
Wildly uneven, but contains moments that are right up there with "The Player."
New York Daily News
But there's no affection in this mean-spirited sendup of "the business" and nothing to mitigate its sour taste.
The Hollywood Reporter
An often funny if slight satire that's never as edgy as it thinks it is or as sharply focused as it needs to be.
Chicago Tribune
Flockhart, as an actress desperate to show the world her talent but lethally unsure if she has any, embodies the obsessively driven personality it must take to make it, or to try to make it, in pictures. She's the personification of what The Last Shot could have been.
Nathanson processes this pungent stew of greed, ambition and self-delusion into pablum so sweet and bland it wouldn't shock a convent-raised idealist.
Never achieves liftoff.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Cross "Get Shorty" with "State and Main" - Hollywood hustlers, colorful crooks, crafty poseurs, and a production crew on location - and you have the stuff of The Last Shot. One other thing: eliminate anything funny.

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