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The result is by far the most original comedy of the year. Russell might alienate some audience members here--but it's possible they literally won't know what they're missing.
Among the most insane mainstream movies ever released.
Charlotte Observer
Watching I Heart Huckabees was like taking my first Manhattan cab ride with a madman behind the wheel. As the skyscrapers whizzed by, I thought, "What a view! I just wish we'd slow down, so I could take everything in."
Best of all is Mark Wahlberg as Tommy, an angry post-9/11 firefighter so against Big Oil that he rides to fire scenes on his bike.
A risky, foolish, intelligent comedy.
What emerges is part screwball comedy, absurdist farce, social satire and earnest self-exploration. If it had the unwavering focus and clear-eyed vision of Russell's previous two features, I Heart Huckabees might have been brilliant.
The Hollywood Reporter
Despite the unique premise and some truly inspired casting, the picture remains stuck in an existential rut of its own.
Entertainment Weekly
What in the Buddha's name is going on in I Heart Huckabees? Russell has come up with a grab bag of ideas that don't stick with you because they don't stick together.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Overstocked farce.
New York Daily News
The cinematic equivalent of the mad-scientist experiment gone awry. It seems to be grooving on its own strangeness, at the expense of its connection with a paying audience.
Wall Street Journal
Huckabees is godawful, a mirthless, bilious bore in which the vividly focused fury of "Three Kings" has become free-floating anger at the follies of human existence.

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