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Turns out to be a grade-A B-movie that grounds its thrills in particulars of time, place, and character, so that when the time comes to make the leap into the wholly preposterous, we do so willingly. This is a movie that earns our trust -- and then happily abuses it.
This is a movie that earns its suspense and validates its emotions, especially its examination of the bond between mother and child.
Chicago Tribune
The stylish and imaginative imagery in director Joseph Ruben's film, not to mention the parapsychological twists and mysteries, evoke the work of director M. Night Shyamalan.
Entertainment Weekly
A thriller of carefully cultivated murk. It's enigmatic in the worst sense, in that every explanation for what's going on holds less water than the last.
San Francisco Chronicle
The picture never comes out from under the weight of its dreariness, despite fine acting, foot chases and conspiracy theories galore.
The Hollywood Reporter
Sustains a few icy chills, but a mix of genres muddles the story.
Chicago Sun-Times
The Forgotten is not a good movie, but at least it supplies a credible victim (Moore).
All this dreary movie has is a terrible whodunit payoff.
New York Daily News
The last act, when the movie falls apart like a cheap toy, is both a deus ex machina and an anticlimax.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Tedious and incoherent thriller.
Wall Street Journal
It's "The Sixth Sense" as nonsense, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" without the sunshine. Or the mind.

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