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Very Impressive and Funny As Hell
E998 January 2004
I saw this at the San Diego Film Festival in September 2002. The fact that I'm writing this over a year later tells you something about this film. It was made with great skill, yet is goofy as hell. Boy Scouts everywhere should watch this film. The Elevation 9000 team is wise beyond their years. Great job guys.
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The Boy Scout is a solid production with great humor!
numberonefilmfestfan20 November 2005
I have to say that in a world of short films that sometimes can take an all too serious tone, this film was not only funny but well done. I had the pleasure of seeing this film at a festival and was impressed with the on screen professionalism in performance (another thing that sometimes lacks in short films) The real bonus is the stunts - a short film with stunts - rocks! Thank you to this team for putting a film into the world that shows some heart without being too serious. Ward Roberts shows great promise as a writer/director and actor - what a triple threat! I can't wait to see his next film, Little Big Top, - Sid Haig - the Circus - AWESOME!!!
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Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooozeeeee fest
TrueFilm25 May 2004
For a fourteen minute short this goes on too long. Filmed in beautiful 35mm film this is a short that looks GREAT. But constantly I was thinking "who cares?" I received a copy of this short from someone who worked on it and it cost something like 60 grand maybe more but the joke of a grown man as boy scout has been done before and might be funny with people who have an eye for comedy. The makers of this short had fight scenes, locations, dogs performing tricks and a stale script. Ultimately the money they spent should have been put into working on a better script. Oh well, who needs a good story when you have money, right?

Warning: NOT FUNNY and a waste of time
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