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A series hard to review
Ersbel Oraph25 December 2015
This is the regular French fare. It is shallow documented and generally looks like the production team got together over a cup of coffee and considered the issue at hand as a nice idea. Than the makers went over, gathered all the paperwork, as this is done in Europe and without a stamped paper you can't pass wind. Finally the filming team went over and started filming hoping for the best.

Yet the subjects are quite revolutionary for the very conservative French society. I guess some episodes might start a stir even in 2015, over 10 years later.

The camera is usually low quality. The film employed is cheap and it shows. The lighting is bare bones. But I like how the individuals are the ones doing the talking. Something very unusual in a country where the culture is made by logorrheic talking heads with a voluptuous need to display their ignorance.

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