World Championship Wrestling: New Blood Rising (2000) Poster


Lance Storm: After wrestling for rude and obnoxious crowds in the US, I finally get to wrestle for some real wrestling fans, in the greatest country in the world!

['US Sucks chant']

Lance Storm: If you're wondering why the security entourage it's because I've become a marked and hated man in the US. Despite claims of being a patriotic nation they spit on me for defending my own country. It is irrational American thinking like that that has me worried of a terrorist attack in the back. It's not my fault that Americans think they rule the world. It's not my fault that I threaten to shatter the illusion. It is not my fault that I defeat yet another US hero-Mike Awesome. Now in accordance with the Canadian Championship Bout I invoke Rule 32-B and name a special referee to oversee the enforcement

[HUGE Bret chant]

Lance Storm: to oversee the enforcement of the Canadian Rulebook. I give you an honourable true Canadian- Jacques Rougeau! Lets do this right one time. All rise for the playing of the Canadian national anthem

["O Canada" plays]

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Disco Inferno- The Filthy Animals: [Before the four-corners tag team match involving Kronik, Misfits In Action, the Natural Born Thrillers and the Perfect Event] I'm the in-ring official, Rey, Tygress, and Juvi are the ringside enforcers, and if any of you bums lay one hand on any of us. Not only will you be suspended, and not only will you be heavily fined... but I'll have your asses wrestling polar bears in North Alaska for the next six months.

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