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In the film Scott's girlfriend leaves him for the lead singer of a rock band played by Matt Damon. In real life a former girlfriend of Matt Damon left him for Lars Ulrich the drummer for the rock band Metallica.
The kegs at the graduation party were filled with real beer. According to the directors, in the scene in which Cooper is thrown behind Scotty after the hot tub incident, Jacob Pitts is quite inebriated.
While filming the nude beach scene, Jacob Pitts would not put his shorts back on, because he was enjoying how uncomfortable it made everyone else.
The first time that Michelle Trachtenberg did her bikini scene, she shook out her hair so much that she got dizzy and fell over.
The name's of the Dominatrix's man servants are Hans and Gruber a reference to Die Hard (1988) villain Hans Gruber.
Ironically, on the Unrated DVD cover art it shows Michelle Trachtenberg taking her bikini off. She's actually the only main character in the movie who doesn't go naked. However, in the outtakes during the credits, there is a brief shot of her being topless (though seen from behind). This was part of a longer deleted scene where she unsuccessfully tries to hitch a ride by flashing truck drivers.
Matt Damon originally did the cameo as the lead singer of the band Scotty Doesn't Know due to the fact that he went to college with Alec Shaffer, Jeff Berg and Dave Mandell. He was in Prague shooting The Brothers Grimm when Alec, Dave and Jeff asked him if would play the part. Due to the fact he was required to wear a wig in his part in The Brothers Grimm, he spontaneously shaved his head for the EuroTrip cameo.
Montecito Pictures originally purchased the film under the title "Ugly Americans", but later changed it so fans of Road Trip (2000) (also Montecito) would want to see it.
The band playing "Scotty Doesn't Know" also wrote and are actually performing the song on the soundtrack.
Producers Alec Berg, David Mandell, and Jeff Schaffer bought a bootleg DVD copy of the film in March 2004, a month after the film's release and included some of its footage on the official DVD release as an ironic joke, (they had ripped off a bootlegger) and on the DVD they tell whoever pirated the movie "Fuck you, pirate!"
While doing rewrites for Out Cold (2001), the writers came up with the hot tub scene but decided to use it later in their own movie.
The newspaper Jenny is reading at the beginning of the train scene says, "Oh shit! Hooligan!"
The original text of the email Scotty receives Mieke actually says: Lieber Scott, Ich war ein sehr trauriges Mädchen, als ich hörte, dass deine Freundin Fiona dir den Laufpass gab. Aber vielleicht ist es so zum Besten. Ich war jedenfalls sehr froh darüber! Ich muss für nächstes Jahr eine grosse Entscheidung treffen. Und da dachte ich, da du ja jetzt keine Freundin mehr hast, könnte ich in die Vereinigten Staaten kommen und wir könnten uns besser kennenlernen. Vielleicht könnten wir ein Treffen arrangieren. Bis Bald, Mieke. Translated, this says: Dear Scott, I was a very sad girl when I heared that your girlfriend Fiona dumped you. But maybe it is for the best. I was glad about it, anyway! I must make a big decision about the next year. And I thought, that since you don't have a girlfriend anymore, that I could come to the United States and we could become better acquainted. Maybe we can arrange a meeting. Until soon, Mieke.
Vinny Jones plays an English football hooligan in the film. In real life, he won 9 international caps for Wales.
During the end credits, the Amsterdam youth hostel owner (Joanna Lumley) indicates that a "fire that may occur due to the faulty wiring of the fireworks factory upstairs". She is referring to an actual dramatic explosion of a fireworks factory in the Dutch city of Enschede on 13 May 2000.
Parents in Ontario complained that the "14A" rating was too loose for this movie (with pervasive sexual content and nudity) so heavy ID checks were used while requesting tickets at the movie theaters.
The title of the film was selected by a target group. Other names were "40 Days Abroad" and "What a Frau Wants".
The word "zussamen" doesn't exist in the German language. The correct word is "zusammen" (together), although it doesn't fit the meaning and the grammatical use of the word "zussamen" in the movie.
At the end of the deleted scenes/bloopers during the credits, the lead singer of the band playing "Scotty Doesn't Know" screams. The scream is from the end of Howard Dean's famous 2004 campaign speech.
Vinnie Jones played for Wimbledon in the Premier League. He was not, and still is not, a Manchester United fan.
As can be seen in the e-mail scene, Mieke's last name is Schmidt.
Notable for featuring lead characters from three fantasy TV series: Lucy Lawless, who plays the dominatrix, is Xena: Warrior Princess (1995); Michelle Trachtenberg is Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997); and Kristin Kreuk, who plays Fiona, is Lana Lang, Superman's girlfriend on Smallville (2001).
The book that Scottie is reading on the train and that his mom is reading on the patio is "Sinners" by Jackie Collins.
The following domain names: scottymail.com and deutchnet.com have both been registered by the same person located in Michigan.
Arthur Frommer's e-mail address, as shown on his business card, is theboss@frommer.com.
When the movie arrives in Germany, there is a white sign "automatische afsluiting" and blue sign showing a car being repaired. Both signs are not German, but Dutch. "Automatische afsluiting" means "Automatic locking".
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The stylized "O" in the movie title in the artwork is a "no parking" sign in most of Europe.
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First letter from Scotty to Mieke real version " To: mieke_schmidt@deutschnet.com Subj: RE: E-card for you

Hallo Mieke, Grüsse von Deinem amerikanischen Brieffreund. Meine Abschlussfeier verlief nicht so wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte . Erinnerst Du dich im Fiona , meine Freundin sie hat mit den Laufpass gegeben. ich glaube , Fiona hat mich schon betrogen bevor wir noch begonnen haben mitelnander ausgehen . Und onkel Meke hat ein kleines Mädchen angeschrien well es ihn komisch angesehen hat. Auf Wiederschen Scotty " english version "To: mieke_schmidt@deutschnet.com Subj: RE: e-card for you

Hello Mieke, Greetings from your American pen pal. My graduation was not as I had imagined. Do you remember Fiona, my girlfriend has left me. I think Fiona has already cheated on me before we even started going out with each other. Meke and uncle yelled at a little girl alot and she has looked at him in a funny way. Goodbye's Scotty"
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Scott's email address is scott.thomas@scottymail.com
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The original, bittersweet ending had Scot declaring his love to Mieke at Vatican City, but she ultimately turns him down (although they part on good terms afterwards). In the released movie, this scene abruptly cuts to Scotty and Mieke having sex in a confessional booth, followed by the extended ending (the Green Fairy making a negative comment on the happy end may be a reference to this change).
Scottie's drunken email to Mieke (when he still thought she was a man) originally reads: "Listen Mike, I don't want to arrange any meetings with you, you sick German freak. I'M NOT into guys like you so please keep your hands off of my genitals and never wright to me again and don't come to America. goodbye, fuckface"

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