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Best Match was the ladder match
David Harding27 September 2004
This was a fairly good event, the PPV started off with an exciting match Ladder Match: 3-Count vs. Noble & Karagias vs. The Jung Dragons, the winner of this match would go onto Sin to face the WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero.

The buckhouse brawl involving Jeff Jarrett & The Harris Brothers vs. The Filthy Animals was decent, wasn't great, I think what turned me off was that the Harris Brothers was in the match.

WCW United States Title: General Rection vs. Shane Douglas was a good match, Shane Douglas shows that he is still a decent worker, General Rection (Hugh Morris) also worked this match pretty well, the finish helped their feud.

Ambulance Match: Mike Awesome vs. Bam Bam Bigelow for those of us who are extreme wrestling fans, this wasn't a great match, it was your classic brawl match, even though Mike Awesome did try his best, as did Bam Bam Bigelow, but it needed a lot.

WCW Title: Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious I think Steiner tried his best to carry this match, but it was no use, the finish made for an interesting story line going into the next event.

WCW Tag Team Titles: Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak vs. The Insiders was a good match, Palumbo, Stasiak and DDP worked well, even got some decent work out of old Nash. But it could of been better.

Lance Storm vs. The Cat fairly decent match, Storm carried the match.

Kronik vs. Reno & Big Vito this match was a dud.
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Last Starrcade 2000
amanwhorocks2 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
1. 3 Count Vs. Evan Karagias/Jamie Knoble Vs. Jung Dragons - Super match, great bumps, interesting work with 4 ladders! 10/10

2. Lance Storm Vs. The Cat - Cat couldn't even one wrestling move, somebody should finally notice that and don't give him on PPV. Match was....well, about nothing. Lance at least won. 5/10

3. WCW Hardcore Title Match: Champ-Crowbar Vs. Terry Funk - I remember that sick part how they put head in the door and shut them.. In other way usually stuff of hardcore matches, but the greatest disappointment was when Funk WON over Crowbar. 5.5/10

4. Kronik Vs. Big Vito/Reno - Reno turned on Vito. AND!! Pay Kronik.. Jeez Hehehe... hehe..he. 5/10

5. Ambulance Match: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Mike Awesome - Crowd shout boring, match was about nothing. I hardly tried to remember, when was the last time I see good match with BBB. ANd the Finish? He fall through the top of ambulance? Dear. 5/10

6. WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Douglas Vs. Champ-General Rection - Chavou caused DQ by Douglas to retain the Rection's belt. WHat a booking. They put a tough, long action, not so exciting, by the way. 5.5/10

7. Hardcore Match: Jeff Jarrett/Harris Brothers Vs. Filthy Animals - Hardcore stuff killed the action, that this match could have. 7/10

8. WCW World Tag Team Title Match: The Insiders Vs. Champs-Chuck Palumbo/Sean Stasiak - Insiders Sucked. I like DDP, but that team didn't work. Nash is lazy and crowd shouted every time for Hall. 6/10

9. Goldberg Vs. Lex Luger - Totally no-exciting, repetitive match from Mayhem 5.5/10

10. WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: Sid Vicious Vs. Champ-Scott Steiner - Steiner became WCW champ in a times, that nobody really cared. Match was average, with some cheap ending, and Steiner of course won, I guess it was better choice. 6/10
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