Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
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29 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

It's like being there.

Author: shivermetimbers15 from Needham, MA
5 July 2004

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR for short), has been heralded by some as being the greatest Star Wars game ever made. After having played this game, I think that the people making those claims may be right.

The events in KOTOR take place about 4,000 years before the events in the films. It is a time of galactic war, between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. For me, at least, the setting is what allows the game to be so rich; instead of being bogged down by having to tie into the films, it can have its own unique story, while still retaining most of the familiar details of the Star Wars universe. The aspect of KOTOR that so many have found most appealing is the ability to play as light or dark. It give the player the ability to develop the already unique story in the way they see fit, bringing the player as close as they have ever come to being their own Star Wars saga. There are thousands of choices to make, and they can affect your alignment, the story, and the gameplay.

The gameplay of KOTOR is an interesting experience. While it is an RPG, the combat takes place in real time, with the all the calculations and dice throwing taking place behind the scenes (though that information is readable). The attacks are basic, so the character building often has more to do with statistics and equipping. However, you and a few other characters play as Jedi, giving you Force abilities which can have a range of powerful effects. However, using the Force drains your Force Meter, which recharges gradually. Also, force alignment affects the cost of using the powers; using the Force to choke the life out of your opponent will cost more if you are playing on the light side. There is a pretty quick and efficient targeting system, but going through the inventory and using items is not all that fun, especially in a battle. There are a few out-of battle statistics as well that allow you to open locked doors, disable mines, and hack computers, but those duties generally fall on NPCs. There are also three classes to choose from, both at the beginning and when you become a Jedi, and both affect gameplay.

The main quest of the game takes you to several different worlds, inhabited with many different characters. Coming along to help you in your journey is a variety of NPCs: Bastila, a young Jedi with the power of "Battle Meditation", Carth, a Republic soldier who isn't quick to trust, Mission, a teenaged Twi'lek, Zaalbar, her Wookiee friend, Canderous, a Mandalorian warrior turned mercenary, and T3-M4, an astromech droid. More characters will join your party later, but I don't want to spoil the story.

There are many sidequests within the main story, and their are several choices and endings in each of them, as well. Most of the NPCs have their own character-specific sidequests as well. You gradually learn more about each character's past through talking to them, and you can pursue either Carth or Bastila as a romantic interest depending on which gender you selected for your character. Once again, you determine your relationships with the characters.

This game is full of dialog, all of it scripted and spoken by actors and actresses (except for your character). In many instances you can be talking to aliens and they will use the same generic alien sounds over and over to convey different meanings, but at least there are unique words for every character, and an extensive dialog branch for each. And of course, there's the classic Star Wars music, which is always great to listen to. Throughout the game, you get to experience a big taste of what the Star Wars universe is like. You discuss the matters of the Force with other characters, and learn about the recent history of the galaxy. Each world has its own history and problems that you learn about, and you often get to directly experience the native cultures in interesting ways. While I said before that KOTOR creates its own story without tying in directly to the movies, some of the things you learn during the course of the game can actually help you understand them better.

You may have noticed I did not mention the game's graphics or level design. There are some nice-looking indoor and outdoor environments, and flashing lightsabers, but many characters look the same, and the in-game animation doesn't always look that great. The levels do not allow for extensive exploration, and they always lead you back to the story.

Which is why I guess I really love this game. It is totally driven by a story that you create, a story that takes you to places you've never been before, yet are so familiar that you may find yourself wanting to learn all that you can about them. It's a quest across space to save the galaxy, and for the very first time, it's starring you.

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22 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Would be the third best movie

Author: klchu from California
8 June 2006

If KOTOR were made into a movie, it would be the third best movie behind only episodes 4 and 5. It's easily better than any of the prequels and even "Jedi." The story is excellent and the characters are real and fun and you care about them. Being part of the story is fantastic.

KOTOR I is still better than KOTOR II (Sith Lords) mainly because the story in "Sith Lords" doesn't really flow as well. Both are fun, but if you haven't played either yet, play KOTOR first since KOTOR II spoils some of the plot.

I'm sure the graphics will become dated over time (they already are) but the story and game play will stay top-notch for a long time. The music is also excellent and is as good as anything John Williams ever wrote. In fact, it blends with the original Star Wars music seamlessly. The game engine does a very good job of playing the correct thematic music at all times.

The re-playability factor is also good because you can be both good or evil, and male or female. This gives you four versions to play. I recommend saving often just so you can go back and try different things. There is no penalty for saving games and it's fun to see what happens.

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28 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

The best star wars if not the best game I have ever played.

Author: Steven Blogg (bloggster) from Birmingham, England
6 April 2004

I played this on the PC, not the XBOX and I can honestly say this game is amazing. Its made by Bioware and works on a similar system to Neverwinter Nights but to be honest while i didnt like NWNs I love KOTOR. The story is extremely involving and it gives you an extrordinary amount of freedom.

Dark side or light I enjoyed every minute of it. As a hardcore gamer I can honestly state that this game ranks as one of the best games ever made. Challenging the greats like Half Life and Deus Ex.

As another reviewer stated the plot starts off very much like Episode 4, but it is so much more. If that dosnt pursuade you then how does the ability to make your own lightsaber sound?

Graphics: 8 - Nothing groundbreaking but certainly nice to look at Sound: 10 - Probably the best voice acting I have ever heard with great music and atmosphere to match Gameplay 10 - So much freedom, The Combat Plays out extremely well, your never left wondering what to do next (unlike NWNs), And the game length is phenominal, My first play through the game came to a total 75 Hours. More than double most other games on the market. Also it has high replayability due to the ability of playing dark and light side.

Overall - 10

You must play this game!

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24 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Purist Star Wars game ever...

Author: stephenjamesb-1 from Brampton, Ontario
9 August 2003

I love this game...

This has to be the purist connection to a Star Wars game than any that has been made before.. The Jedi Knight series is great but there are many many other games that you could say it resembles but doesnt distingush from...

Bioware out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is ver well known for their NeverWinter Nights and Baldurs Gate RPG's, people say that this game is esentially a PC Game being played on the Xbox, where may be true, it's still one of the best XBox 1 games that will ever be made.

It'd be hard to explain what the game's all about because you dont really know, it plays out alot like Star Wars:A New Hope in the way that you have to save a high ranking deligate that is in part Jedi and is vital to the Republic.. You assume a character that is in Luke Skywalker's shoes, not really realizing his/her place in the universe and is connected to the force, and yet not a Jedi...

The best part of the game is the ability to purposely make your character on the road of the darkside.. You do not have to make him/her a goody goody, you lie, you cheat and you steal and you can extort and kill.. The replay value is greater than most videogames, you choose your own path..

2001 gave us Halo, 2002 gave us Splinter Cell, 2003 has given us Star Wars..

My only question is... Why are the prequels not as good as Knights of the old Republic..

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16 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

A momentus gaming achievement!

Author: dhislop7 from United Kingdom
8 November 2006

This game is awesome. I'd just like to get that off my chest.

Let me tell you why. Firstly, Bioware have produced the greatest storyline ever achieved in video game history. Who would've imagined a star wars game to have a storyline instead of non-stop stormtrooper shooting like all the others? The story is dark, deep and has more twists than a virgin's knickers. You will become so damn engrossed with the story that you will forget real life, and for that i don't blame you. With this game, it comes as a right.

Secondly, the gameplay is the best i've ever encountered. I could spend the whole day walking around and talking with npcs. The npcs are so detailed and every one has a background story, or a task that they would like you to perform. The fight sequences are brilliant, mixing turn-based action and strategy together to form a perfect mold. You have to prepare yourself before each fight and choose your moves carefully, which is reminiscent of final fantasy. Also, the fact that one decision could change your path from light to dark side is a power to behold. Every decision matters.

And lastly, the graphics are consistently gorgeous. For such a huge game you may think that the graphics department would be lacking, but Bioware are perfectionists, and thank god they are! For never in this game you will want to look away from the screen, the beauty of it will grab hold of you and refuse to let go.

This game is a masterpiece. It is the most significant game since Doom and the best game ever made! Explore 10/10

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13 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

KotOR Is Awesome!

Author: acarms from United States
16 May 2006

A great video game worthy of the Star Wars title, Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR for short) brought us an RPG (Role-Playing Game) of astronomical proportions. It starts almost four thousand years before the events portrayed in the movies, when the threat of the Sith is more obvious. In fact, there is a apparently invincible Sith armada trying to destroy the Old Republic, led by the Dark Lord Malak.

This game starts with a traditional text crawl, and then the traditional space scene. In this scene, we watch as a Republic ship is being attacked by a Sith fleet. The main character (that's you) is a passenger and crew member aboard this Republic cruiser. As soon as this scene ends you are thrust into the action as you attempt to defend your vessel.

But it will not be so, and you soon find yourself crash landing on a Sith-occupied planet called Taris. Now you must meet up with with other party members and find a ship, while avoiding the detection of the Sith Guards. It will not be easy, and you must risk your life many a time to escape this planet. But what path will you take? Do you aid the Undercity Villagers and help them find what they believe to be the "Promised Land", or do you sell their only hope to the local merchant? Do you give money to a man with a bounty on his head or do you kill him and collect the bounty yourself? In this game it is your choice, and each action affects your affiliation with the Force. If you choose to collect that bounty, your Force Meter is pushed down toward the Dark Side. But if you give him the credits your Force Meter rises toward Light Side.

And after many, many hours of play that one would expect from an RPG, one notices that this is no ordinary video game. Time was spent wisely, as the graphics, storyline, dialogue, combat system, etc. of this non-linear game are superb. This game is truly worthy of it's Game of the Year stature, and then some. Check it out! And when you are done with it, play it's sequel, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, another superb Star Wars game.

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11 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Simply a great RPG.

Author: newfiesailor from Canada
10 April 2006

Another fine product from Bioware. The people who brought you the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights have struck again. In fact the game is remarkably like Neverwinter Nights but excels in so many different areas than it's counterpart. And the fact that it is Star Wars, which has so much more appeal to the regular joe than a D&D game, just adds to the factor.

Let's talk about plot. Yessir, please. This is the greatest plot ever put into an RPG game. The major plot twist ranks up there with the Usual Suspects. To those readers out there who haven't played the game, I am not exaggerating. To you newbies, pay attention to the dialog in the game and the unfolding plot rather than concentrating on the action. You will smile at the coolness of it all when IT occurs.

Not to say the action won't keep you salivating. From the get go, you are thrown into battle with a whole series of choices for your character to make. The character creation is reminiscent of the third edition D&D game, but is still not too overwhelming for a newbie. Plus half the fun is juggling your choices on leveling to see what the outcome might be. This gives it major replay value. If you have a high end computer, sit back and watch in glee as the battles unfold especially aboard the bridge of an Imperial ship. Your character somersaults, twists, turns, ducks as sparks fly when lightsabers crash all while laser blasts criss cross in the background. Great stuff! Another advantage this game has over Neverwinter Nights is the choice of two henchman whom you can level as you please. There are a lot of choices for henchman, each with their own engaging story and quests. Play them all. I am sure you will.

The game has a variety of planets from the Star Wars world to visit on your Millennium Falcon like spaceship, the Ebon Hawk. Visit Kashykk, the jungle like planet of the wookies, the desert world of Dantooine, the waterworld of Manaan or the barren wasteland of Korriban, home of the Sith.It has mini games such as Pod Racing (great fun) and gambling in the cantinas with a game called Pazaak. It has a huge variety of armor, weapons and items. Then there's the lightsaber. You can find various crystals in the game that increase the power of your saber which I found very exciting as my character explored his surroundings. My choice to dual wield made the game that much more fun.

Play this game soon. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars world for at least 24 (maybe more) solid hours of game play. I am sure you will be swept away into the epic of it all and make you cry out for more.

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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

One epic game.

Author: Alex Brooks from United Kingdom
3 October 2006

One of the first games I ever got for my Xbox, and I still treasure it today. In my opinion, I find this KoToR better than its sequel, although some may disagree.

The game is set four thousand years before the rise of the Empire (which basically allows the developers to play around with the storyline, as it won't have any effect on the movie timeline). The Sith Lord known as Darth Malak is searching the Galaxy restlessly for the Jedi called Bastila, a young Jedi with a gift. Unlike many, she has a powerful connection to the Force, a gift which allows her to influence the outcome of many battles, wars even, via her Battle Meditation power. You star as a soldier/scout/scoundrel (you choose) stationed onboard the Endar Spire, the same ship that Bastila is aboard. A sudden attack by the evil Sith prompts you to escape planetward, towards the world of Taris, where you must find Bastila immediately, lest the enemy capture her first.

This game receives my eight out of ten for several reasons: its excellent and breathtaking graphics, its original, involving gameplay style, its deep, intriguing plot, its strange, very different characters and its underlying premise of (once again) good versus evil. The other two marks were lost mainly because of its long but necessary prologue, to fill you in on the background of the game, and to get you accustomed to the controls, and how the game operates.

This is one RPG not to be sniffed at. Good or evil, hero or decide.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Possibly one of the best games I have played in a long time!

Author: mpanagiotis from United States
17 January 2007

This games was that great. It made me like Star Wars again. I have learned to hate Star Wars ever since I saw Episode II: Attack of the Clones. With that movie being nothing short of a soap opera, I had come to hate Star Wars. This game changed everything. I completely loved this game. It had the feel of the old Star Wars. You go to far away planets and explore around. You actually get to have a light saber in this, so thats one more thing Star Wars fans will love. I actually have to acknowlegde a friend who told me about this game. He told me that if I liked Jade Empire I would love KOTOR, and I did. I never wanted to play a Star Wars game ever since I saw the new Star Wars movies. The Storyline is addicting, it has some of the best voice acting in a game, some really difficult bosses. The only thing that could even be considered a problem is that the graphics are a bit outdated, if you could even call that a problem. Buy this game if you like video games, period! You are missing out on a very good game if you do not play this. Buy it and love it!!

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8 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Greatest game I have ever played!

Author: bluealightsaber from United States
23 May 2006

It is awesome! If your reading this and don't have the game go get it! I recommend it to all gamers! The story line was great! The dialog was awesome! The combat system was good not great. The alignment,The dialog options, the storyline, the combat system, the characters , the graphic, the wide selection from your player character's face, force powers, feats, skills, the weapons, and of course the attributes!, were major +s in the game! I suggest you march you legs up to a game shop and buy SW KOTOR 1! Because it's awesome! You know that's true! Go buy it today! Or face the dire consequences! I was not much into Star Wars when I started this game but know I am a major fan thanks to SW KOTOR. It's just a great thing to be a fan to! So go let the Force guide you,young padawan! Buy SW KOTOR ! today! Thanks,:)



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