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at last here it comes original international masterpiece.
amr salama20 August 2003
to start i have to mention one thing my favourite movie of all time a movie called abre los ojos it's a spanish movie remade as vanilla sky which was very bad relatively . when i saw that movie i was wondering can't we (in egypt) do something like that?!!! then i saw that movie which is the best movie for this writer and the best one for this director . it's original dramatic psychological thriller movie which almost has no defaults . i wish we can support this movie on imdb.
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WOW! More than outstanding
joe_poc12 June 2003
This film is about an ambiguous person who gets into the position of minister by mistake! But will he leave his chair? No sir. After he became so powerful he starts having nightmare like revealing his corrupted political behavior, and another time he is a magician killed by his wife and daughter and another time when he leaved his position, and many other dreams. By this he decided to go to Alexandria with his assistant ''Ateya" -played by the brilliant "Hesham Abd El-hameed"- to change the atmosphere and he starts telling him everything and the plot twists. Magnificent performances especially Ahmed Zaki who deserves the award he took in Cairo international film festival. Music helped a lot in this film. Appealing direction, but less than appealing editing. The greatest thing about this movie is definitely the screenplay written by the genius "Waheed Hamed". The problem in this movie that it the concepts and the messages can not be understood by everyone due to the use of metaphysical metaphors which contains not only messages about the Egyptian politicians' corruption, but also about philosophical points relating to humanity. Simply great, and try not to miss it if you can watch it.
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