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The real Skip Engblom wanted Heath Ledger to play him.
To prepare for his role as young Jay Adams, Emile Hirsch flew to Hawaii to spend time with who had just been released from jail for assault and drug charges and had just gotten married.
While filming a scene in an empty pool, director Catherine Hardwicke fell and was knocked unconscious for two minutes. Many of the cast and crew thought she had died. When she came to, the pro-skaters there said "Now you know how it feels. Welcome to the club."
Heath Ledger wore some of Skip Engblom's old clothes. Skip's wife had saved them and they lent them to Ledger to help him get into character.
Emile Hirsch claims the hardest trick he performed for the film was bombing down Bicknell Hill in Venice because he had to do the trick fast, shirtless, and with the camera car alongside him.
The band playing during the fight scene is mainstream punk band, Rise Against.
The real makes a cameo appearance during the scene of the party at Jay Adams's mother's house.
During the scenes of Alva and Peralta traveling, the Astronaut who asks to try to ride the skateboard is skateboarding legend Tony Hawk
This Mitch Hedberg's final on screen appearance.
Emile Hirsch already had some experience as a street skater from Southern California prior to appearing in this film.
Many parts of the dilapidated pier set (e.g. the big dipper) were added using CGI to keep costs down. However, the derelict ferris wheel was real and had been purchased on eBay for a few thousand dollars.
Originally David Fincher and the other producers hired Fincher "protege" Fred Durst to direct "Dogtown," with Fincher helping out with the second unit skateboarding scenes. As Durst's participation came into doubt, Fincher then became the director, even going as far as having sets built, doing extensive pre-visualizations for the feature and hiring Roger Avary to rewrite the script. Fincher then left to take on another feature, paving the way for former Production Designer Catherine Hardwicke to sign on based on the success of her first feature Thirteen (2003).
Due to a busy shooting schedule and time constraints, the scene where Jay shaves his head had to be shot in director Catherine Hardwicke's own bathroom.
The cameraman-skater for the pool scenes was 1980s skateboarder Lance Mountain, a Powell Peralta rider.
Lindsay Lohan was originally set to have a supporting role in the film, playing a love interest for the character Tony Alva. She eventually had to drop out of the film shortly after being cast due to major scheduling conflicts. Her character was then written out of the script just before filming began.
Was shipped to theaters under the code name "Extreme".
Brian Vaughan was considered for the role of Sid.


Tony Alva:  The real Tony Alva is at the party in Jay Adams's house, telling his mother about Oregon.
Stacy Peralta:  The real Stacy Peralta plays the director of the Charlie's Angels (1976) episode during the montage of the boys rising to fame.
Skip Engblom:  The real Skip Engblom appears as a race starter at the Del Mar Event.
Tony Hawk:  has a cameo as the astronaut that falls off the skateboard.

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