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No extras, but you get great clips

Author: lost-in-limbo from the Mad Hatter's tea party.
18 August 2004

Being a fan of theirs I decided to purchase Radioheads 7 television commercials DVD and the video clips on it didn't disappoint.

With clips ranging from the artistic feel of Street spirit, the superb animated clip for Paranoid android, the bizarre circumstance surrounding the Just clip (my favourite) and the clip of Thom Yorke's head submerged in water in No Surprises. The other three clips included are karma Police, High and dry and Fake plastic trees. The 7 clips on the DVD run for just over half an hour.

Though it would've been great if there were extras like interviews about each clip, but otherwise you still get 7 outstanding video clips from their most influential albums, The Bends and OK computer.

I would've given it a 5 if there was extras added on, but it's a must for fans of the band, though others may be disappointed with the bare bones on the DVD.


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What can I say?

Author: TheOtherFool from The Netherlands
8 August 2004

As one of the most influential bands from the mid-90's until now, Radiohead also have a good eye for a good video. This movie contains 7 of them: Just, High and Dry, Street Spirit and Fake Plastic Trees from the 95 album The Bends, and Paranoid Android, No Surprises and Karma Police from 97 album OK Computer.

As product of 1979, one can't go around Radiohead, and why would you? Fascinating band, succesful but completely doing their own thing. The songs on this are all great (including my 2 favorites: Street Spirit and Paranoid Android) and this film provides 7 great videos, of which the aforementioned Paranoid Android and Street Spirit are highlights, only to be overshadowed by the incredible 'Just' video. It's the perfect 4-minute picture, really...

Love Radiohead, love the video, no surprises (lame pun intended) really. 9/10.

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Only seven?!

Author: sf_and_horror_freak from IMDb
2 March 2003

Very good, this. Worth buying. It has (in this order): Paranoid Android, Street Spirit, No Surprises, Just, High And Dry (US Version), Karma Police and Fake Plastic Trees. Make sure you see the video for Just - it's brilliant. Unfortunately, this video only includes the videos with cool stuff happening in them with special effects or a story in some. So that means no Pablo Honey vids or My Iron Lung.


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Continuity Error

Author: adamjobling from United Kingdom
20 December 2005

Alright, I think there's one continuity error in here.

Which is troublesome because my comment as to contain at least 10 lines of text! Gah! In the video for Just, if you look carefully you'll see a few signs that the video was shot in england. When the main guy is walking down the street, there's a sign for an underground station in the background, and double yellow lines on the road where he lies down.

However the cop in the video is clearly American, and has a bike not unlike the one in terminator 2.

Sheesh, I hate being such a nerd.

Love the collection of videos tho.

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