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Chicago Sun-Times
Never Die Alone is [Dickerson's] best work to date, with the complexity of serious fiction and the nerve to start dark and stay dark, to follow the logic of its story right down to its inevitable end.
San Francisco Chronicle
That the film finds its own groove is due largely to the eye of director Ernest Dickerson. Not surprisingly, he began his career as a cinematographer, working on Spike Lee's early films.
Entertainment Weekly
Almost everything that frames the drug dealer's tale is facile and second-rate. Simply put, you don't believe it. What you do believe is DMX's cruel charisma.
Pulpy, fairly speedy but just the same old urban thing by its wrap-up.
Invites us to both hate King David and admire his style, and there will probably be some hand-wringing about that.
Chicago Tribune
Purports to be literate film noir but comes off more like the overwritten project of a film school kid who just memorized his textbook on the style.
This throwback to the outmoded blaxploitation genre is skillfully filmed by Dickerson, but has little else to offer besides cheap, violent thrills.
Philadelphia Inquirer
What Never Die Alone is is a hackneyed tale of vengeance set in the 'hood, teeming with stock characters, slo-mo gunplay, and rampant misogyny.
New York Post
What dooms Never Die Alone even as amoral pulp entertainment is the screenplay by neophyte James Gibson, which combines clichéd characters and a contrived plot with stale dialogue.
The Hollywood Reporter
Alas, this is just film ugly.
New York Daily News
Racist, misogynistic and breath­takingly cynical, Ernest Dickerson's clichéd crime drama Never Die Alone shamelessly exploits the degrada­tion of its irredeemable characters.

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