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Dallas Observer
Unlike some other soccer movies, there's no fancy editing -- excitement is generated strictly by the actual choreography and the commentary of an English announcer.
Entertainment Weekly
Coaching from the same playbook with which they made "Rudy" and "Hoosiers," director David Anspaugh and screenwriter Angelo Pizzo create a reverent fable.
Despite strong performances by Gerard Butler and Wes Bentley as the leaders of the two factions and crisply directed soccer action, the movie lacks a powerful central presence to carry the drama.
L.A. Weekly
The final match stirs briefly, but when it's over, the movie's energy crashes right back down again. Disappointing.
But Game really isn't a performer's movie. And the climactic contest (in which the Americans amazingly eked out a 1-0 win against England, considered by many to be the world's finest team at the time) is only serviceably staged.
The Game of Their Lives has a great sports story to tell, yet the filmmakers fumble it away.
Picturesque pic, however, lacks even a penalty kick's worth of tension and is paradoxically inert for a movie about guys running up and down the pitch for the glory of the U.S.
Chicago Sun-Times
Obviously made with all of the best will in the world, its heart in the right place, this is a sluggish and dutiful film that plays more like a eulogy than an adventure.
The dialogue and acting are flatter than a punctured ball.
It is flat-footed, uninspired and disjointed from start to finish, a glaring disservice to the men who played the game.

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