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Hilarious when i was a child, still pretty funny now
Aaron Hassard21 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this a lot when i was younger and always laughed so much at it, one of the fews shows that i did that to, i still watch it today (i watched it today in fact) and still enjoy it, can't wait till the new series starts (or has it already, i dunno!) because i'm sure there'll be some laughs and unexpected jokes and plot-twists that i'll be laughing as usual!

I don't understand why they got rid of Mr Stephen though, he was a great addition to the show, hilarious in every way!

I defiantly recommend this show to anyone, you'll love it, i promise you!

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A funny British comedy
atomius7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great comedy for many reasons. The characters are very amusing and the television references and in show references to the show itself are grand. The jokes are quite funny and the plots and scenarios hilarious and exaggerated. Mr Stephens, Molly and Dave all have their own unique look at life as do Madison the American, and together they all make for a rather catastrophic combination in the flat building they reside in. The odd scenario of Dave and Molly who are brother and sister and their uncle and a fox living in a flat is used rather well to make the situations more outrageous, and the guest characters for most episodes are equally amusing. A very good comedy. The setting is very colourful which reflects the comedic nature of the show. The scenes at Anil's Caf'e are especially funny, like the jokes about hygiene.
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That sly fox
studioAT1 January 2011
Nice to see Basil Brush back on TV albeit in this slightly watered down fake sitcom for kids.

The character remains by and large the same and gets all the best lines but it's pure pantomime stuff really with kids probably being more entertained than their parents.

It does make a nice change from animated kids programmes like the dreaded Pokemon and the like but its just a shame the show couldn't be a little bit smarter and not speak down to kids so much. The human characters are all average and the less said about Basils relatives the better. It's like Scrappy Doo all over again.
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